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Starship Troopers is a 1997 film that tells the story of an interplanetary war between Earth and colonies of large insect-like aliens known as Bugs in the twenty-third century. It focuses on the experiences of Juan "Johnny" Rico, one of four friends who sign up to the military one year before Earth declares war on the aliens.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven. Written by Edward Neumeier. Based on the original novel by Robert A. Heinlein.
A new kind of enemy. A new kind of war.(taglines)

Johnny Rico[edit]

  • [eulogizing Dizzy Flores] Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race their personal responsibility. Dizzy was my friend. She was a soldier. But more than that, she was a citizen of the Federation.

Lieutenant Jean Rasczak[edit]

Hold here! Hold what you got!
  • [to Rico after he destroys a Flame Bug] I need a corporal. You're it until you're dead or I find someone better.
  • Listen up! I expect the best and I give the best. [opens pod and pulls out a beer keg] Here's the beer. [everybody cheers. opens another pod with sports gear and music equipment] Here's the entertainment. [throws football] Have fun. That's an order.
  • Hold here! Hold what you got!

Carl Jenkins[edit]

  • [to Rico and Carmen after the Brain Bug is finally captured] We've got one of their Brains now. Pretty soon we'll know how they think. One day it will all be over. And everyone will forget that this was the moment. This was when it turned. It wasn't the mighty fleet, it wasn't some fancy new weapon. [they see the now-Private Zim being carried by the soldiers] It was a drill instructor named Zim, who captured a Brain.


  • Sky Marshall Diennes: [addressing the UCF Federal Council as it agrees to declare war against the Bugs] We must meet this threat with our valor, our blood, indeed with our very lives to ensure that human civilization, not insect, dominates this galaxy now and always!


Jean Rasczak: All right, let's sum up. This year in history, we talked about the failure of democracy, how the social scientists of the 21st Century brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and imposed the stability that has lasted for generations since. We talked about the rights and privileges between those who served in the armed forces and those who haven't, therefore called citizens and civilians. [to a student] You. Why are only citizens allowed to vote?
Student: It's a reward. Something the Federation gives you for doing federal service.
Rasczak: No. Something given has no basis in value. When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you're using force. And force, my friends, is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.

Dizzy Flores: My mother always told me that violence doesn't solve anything.
Jean Rasczak: Really? I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that. [to Carmen] You.
Carmen Ibanez: They wouldn't say anything. Hiroshima was destroyed.
Rasczak: Correct. Naked force has resolved more issues throughout world history than any other factor. The contrary opinion that violence never solves anything is wishful thinking at its worst.

Ace Levy: Sir, I don't understand. What good's a knife in a nuke fight? All you have to do is press a button, sir.
Career Sergeant Zim: Put your hand on that wall, trooper. [Ace hesitates] PUT YOUR HAND ON THAT WALL! [Zim throws a knife and hits Ace's hand, pinning it to the wall] The enemy cannot press a button... if you have disabled his hand. Medic!

[After witnessing Dizzy trying to get Rico to dance with her after the day's action but he refuses and she dances with Watkins instead]
Lt Jean Rasczak: [taps him on the shoulder. Rico stands up] Rico, you once asked me for advice. You want some now?
Cpl John Rico: Yes, sir!
Soldier: [to Rasczak] Lieutenant, HQ's on the com. [Rasczak nods in acknowledgement and the soldier leaves]
Rasczak: Never pass up a good thing!

Newsreel Announcer: We have the ships. We have the weapons. We need soldiers. Soldiers like Lieutenant Stack Lumbreiser.
Lt. Stack Lumbreiser: [aboard a warship] We're over the target area now, Captain.
Newsreel Announcer: And Captain Carmen Ibanez.
Capt. Carmen Ibanez: This is the Captain speaking. All personnel prepare to drop.
Newsreel Announcer: Soldiers like Private Ace Levy and Lieutenant John Rico.
Lt. John Rico: [to soldiers as they prepare to board dropships] Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?!
Newsreel Announcer: We need you all. Service guarantees citizenship.

About Starship Troopers (film)[edit]

  • The layers that were there—especially with the most political movie, "Starship Troopers." It's never that we thought, We're going to do a representation of the United States as a metaphor. On the other hand, many elements of the movie came from American life ... it was all based on things that were vaguely there in American life. Especially in Texas and stuff like that ... but we never set out to do that. We needed something to put our point of view also there, you know? We don't think this is so great in anyway, this kind of, "let's go to war, let's kill."
  • If I tell the world that a right-wing, fascist way of doing things doesn't work, no one will listen to me. So I'm going to make a perfect fascist world: everyone is beautiful, everything is shiny, everything has big guns and fancy ships, but it's only good for killing fucking bugs!
  • Paul Verhoeven "Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth". (Interview). 2014-11-13.


  • Genocide doesn't compare to this.
  • Prepare for Battle
  • The paratroopers of the future are here... and their enemies aren't HUMAN
  • When you battle 6 trillion enemies that will eat you alive, there are only two rules... EVERYONE FIGHTS. NO ONE QUITS.
  • The only good bug is a dead bug
  • Mankind just became an endangered species
  • Forget the insecticide, bring on the nukes!
  • You can't step on these ones
  • In every age there is a cause worth fighting for, but in the future the greatest threat to our survival will not be man at all. Now the youth of tomorrow must travel across the stars to face an enemy more devastating than any ever imagined.
  • They came to our planet, they destroyed our cities. But on November 7, they'll learn, they messed with the wrong species.
  • This Fall, TriStar Pictures takes you to the front lines of the next frontier.


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