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State of Grace is an American comedy-drama series that ran for two seasons on the Fox Network's Fox Family channel during 2001 and 2002.

Season 1[edit]

The Force of Fun[edit]

Adult Hannah (narrating): Even now, years later, I find myself dreaming about...wigwams. And my parents are inside one, buying souvenirs.

Evelyn: (to Hannah on first day of school) You sure you don't want me to come with you?

Evelyn: (handing Hannah various notes) Okay, this is for lunch, sharp objects, water, running, jumping--emergency phone numbers.

Adult Hannah: You remember those ads for Kraft Foods? Well, that was what we had for lunch that day. A perfectly balanced meal including ham...and shrimp...and milk. What can I say? It was a trayf still-life. (takes a note from her pocket; we hear Evelyn's voice) Hannah is not allowed to eat ham, shellfish, or any combination of milk and meat. Sincerely, Mrs. David Rayburn.

Adult Hannah: But let's focus on the big-ticket item. The thing with cloven hooves.

Grace: So, you gonna eat that ham or put it on a leash and keep it as pet?

Adult Hannah: So I picked up my fork and turned my back on 5,000 years of history.

Adult Hannah: Sister Bernice. Imagine Boris Karloff, in a skort.

Sister Bernice: Whatsa matter, Rayburn? You don't have a note, do you?

Adult Hannah: Oh, please. I had more notes than a piano. But every fiber of my being cried out, DON'T SHOW THEM TO BORIS!

Grace: (dueling with archery arrows) Ha! I challenge you to a duel!

Hannah: (whispering) Where are we?

Grace: Enemy territory. I'll go in first. The element of surprise! Cover me.

Grace and Hannah (on sneaking into the boys' locker room) AUUUUUGGGGGGH!

Grace: (after diving into the Pines' pool) Oh come on in, we're dead anyway!

Adult Hannah: Okay, this was bad. Why had I followed this girl? She was bossy, a troublemaker...but she did have a point. I was dead. And all the notes in the world couldn't save me.

Hannah: Oh, heck! (jumps into pool, fully clothed)

Adult Hannah: Did I mention I couldn't swim? As a matter of fact, I had a specific note for that. It was there, with all the others, floating up to the top--unlike me. Yes, the worst had happened. I was drowning. I guess death was the ultimate emergency. But as I floated downward, oddly, I felt no fear. I felt reborn. As if all my history, all of my family's restrictions, were floating up and away. And I was becoming something else, something free--and yet, something very important was missing. A little thing called AIR!

'Grace: (pointing to Hannah's necklace) What's that?

Hannah: It's a Jewish star. My Grandma Ida gave it to me.

Grace: Really? Look! (pulls out crucifix) I'm Catholic.

Hannah: (on Grace's room at school) This is like having your own apartment!

Grace: Not really.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Guest stars[edit]

  • Bryan Neal (Walker Adams, Grace's older half-brother)
  • Bonnie Bailey-Reed (Shirley, Rayburn's receptionist)
  • Carl M. Craig (Greer, the McKees' chauffeur)
  • Patricia Forte (Cookie, the McKees' maid)
  • Tom Varica (Tommy Austin, Tattie's fiancé)
  • Adrian Neil (Nigel Grenville III, Tattie's friend)

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