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Staying Alive is the 1983 sequel to the 1977 hit film Saturday Night Fever. Brooklyn working-class youth Tony Manero is six years older, beyond disco, and ready for the modern dance productions on Broadway.

Directed by Sylvester Stallone. Written by Sylvester Stallone and Norman Wexter.
Tony Manero knows the old days are over - But nobody's gonna tell him he can't feel that good again. Taglines


Laura: Oh, don't take it personally.
Tony Manero: I've got to, there's no one else in the room!

Tony Manero: Did you hear the way she talked? All intelligent like.
Jackie: Tony, an accent doesn't make you intelligent, if it did, you'd be Einstein.

Doorman: Are you expected?
Tony Manero: To do what?

Joy: Hello, I'm Joy...
Tony Manero: ...And I'm happiness.

Tony Manero: Last time I came over, I almost got brain damaged. You guys party too hard, you ought to be a tag team.

Jackie: You know a woman's career as a dancer is as half as long as a man's? So that means I have as half as many chances of making it, right?

Laura: Who do you think you're dealing with? Some little groupie who jumps when you call, is this who you think I am? We met, we made it, what do you think it was, true love? And you say I used you but what about you using me? Everybody uses everybody, don't they?

Tony Manero: Don't worry. She's in good hands.
Carl: And what are you, Allstate, pal?
Tony Manero: Yeah, you want disability?

Jessie: You wanna dance? You follow my rules! This is not a democracy! You know, you're not the greatest dancer ever to hit Broadway.

Tony Manero: Everybody uses everbody, don't they?
Jessie: Go to hell, Manero!

Mrs. Manero: I don't believe it and don't get fresh with me. This, this attitude you're talking about, that's what got you out of this damn neighborhood.

[last lines]
Tony Manero: You know what I wanna do?
Jackie: What?
Tony Manero: Strut.


  • Tony Manero knows the old days are over - But nobody's gonna tell him he can't feel that good again.
  • It's five years later for Tony Manero. The fever still burns!

Main cast

Actor Role
John Travolta Tony Manero
Cynthia Rhodes Jackie
Finola Hughes Laura
Steve Inwood Jessie
Julie Bovasso Mrs. Manero
Kurtwood Smith Choreographer
Frank Stallone Carl
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