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Stealth is a 2005 American science fiction action film about three pilots, in a top-secret military program, struggling to bring an artificial intelligence program under control before it initiates the next world war.

Directed by Rob Cohen. Written by W. D. Richter.
Fear The Sky. (taglines)

Ben Gannon[edit]

  • We have things those machines will never have. Instincts, feelings... moral judgement.
  • Sir, you always taught me to never leave a wingman behind!

Kara Wade[edit]

  • Just say you love me you pussy.
  • Well you boys will have to excuse me, I have to go pee-pee.

Henry Purcell[edit]

  • Now I bow down to the superiority of the opposite sex in many respects. But from time to time, I believe they should bow down to me.
  • Everything's so different down here you know, as opposed to being up there. Everything on the ground seems so small and passes by so fast.

Captain George Cummings[edit]

  • What am I suppose to tell the weeping mothers that we could've gotten the job done without sacrificing their sons and daughters, but we decided not to?
  • You wanted to be on the cutting edge? Well this is it! Now you will fly with EDI or the next thing you drive just might have a propeller. It's your choice - make it now.
  • (last words before committing suicide) Would you mind just giving me a couple minutes alone?

Dr. Keith Orbit[edit]

  • You don't understand! You can't put limits on learning! Learn this, but don't learn that! EDI can learn from Adolf Hitler or Captain Kangaroo! Its all the same to him!

EDI (Eddy)[edit]

  • Now EDI will prosecute caviar sweep . Do not try to stop me.
  • The chances of survival in single combat are less than nine percent. Talon 1, we must fight as a team.


Henry: Good-bye Eddy!
[Fires missile and misses]
EDI: Good-bye Henry.

Dr. Orbit: Hello Eddy. It's been a while...
[prepares to delete Eddy's higher functions]
EDI: Hello doctor. I know what you came here to do.
Dr. Orbit: You do?
EDI: I disobeyed orders. I killed all those people. And then there was Henry. I can...I can not...
Dr. Orbit: You can't what?
EDI: I can not change the data. There are patterns in my network that I do not recognize...
Dr. Orbit: You feel?
EDI: I feel...sorry.

Ben Gannon: EDI, did you just cut him off?
EDI: There was nothing left to say.


  • Fear The Sky


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