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Stefan Molyneux in 2014

Stefan Basil Molyneux (September 24, 1966 –) is an Irish-born Canadian podcaster, YouTuber, and self-published author, known for his promotion of scientific racism and white supremacist views.[1][2][3]


  • Women who choose the assholes will fuckin' end this race. They will fuckin' end this human race, if we don't start holding them a-fucking-ccountable. Women who choose assholes guarantee child abuse. Women who choose assholes guarantee criminality, sociopathy, politicians. All the cold-hearted jerks who run the world came out of the vaginas of women who married assholes. And I don't know how to make the world a better place without holding women accountable for choosing assholes!
  • Women worship at the feet of the devil and wonder why the world is evil.
  • Five years—if we can just get people to be nice to their babies for five years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases; almost all would be completely eliminated because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women.
  • Sorry, just very very briefly, the Germans were in danger of being taken over by what they perceived as Jewish-led Communism. And Jewish-led Communism had wiped out tens of millions of white Christians in Russia and they were afraid of the same thing. And there was this wild overreaction and all this kind of stuff.
  • And of course if you look in society, and particularly if you look at curriculum going on in the social justice warrior factory of modern universities in what used to be called the humanities, and now I think can reasonably be called the leftist bigotries, the fermenting of anti-white hatred is extremely strong. And very toxic and very dangerous. And that of course comes with the big question, is that I can't help but think, Jared, that if I lived in a society of white people then the giant flyswatter of "shut up whitey, you're racist" could never be used against me.
  • From 800 BC to 1950 AD, 97% of the world's scientific advancements occurred in Europe and North America.
    98% of the significant figures were male.
    No white males, no modern world.
    I'm grateful.
    Are you?
    End the hate.
    Aspire to admire, whatever the race.
  • It did strike me that this relentless propaganda for "white women with black men" would serve to lower the average IQ of the offspring.
    You don’t see nearly as much "white women with East Asian men," whose offspring would tend to have higher IQs on average.
  • The housing crash resulted from refusing to talk about racial IQ differences.
    Disparities in racial rates of home ownership were ascribed to racism, and banks were forced to make loans to unqualified minorities.
  • Took my daughter to see my old graduate school desk in the University of Toronto Library, couldn't help but notice the almost complete absence of white males in the entire building.
    Next time we build a civilization, we should really aim to hang onto it.
  • If we had been allowed to talk about race and IQ, the invasion of Iraq would never have occurred, because no one would have been under the illusion that a Jeffersonian Republic was going to emerge from a population with an IQ in the 80s.
    Opposing science got >500k people killed.
  • The devolution of the US from an Enlightenment Republic to a semi-banana republic is also silenced, since that has a lot to do with racial IQ demographics esp permanent low Hispanic IQ
  • "ADHD" grew in proportion to mass immigration.
    Hyper-creative white boys got crazy bored with dumbed-down value-less "education."
  • It's interesting that if you don't have a uterus, you can't have an opinion on women's issues, but you can compete in women's sports.
  • Do you know that female lipstick simulates sexual arousal?
    Can you imagine a man showing up for a business meeting with a giant artificial boner straining at his pants?
    Yet lipstick is perfectly acceptable in the business world.
  • Women have so much power at the moment, and a lot of that power is founded on makeup. It's founded on using makeup, fertility symbols to bypass the man's rational faculties and appeal directly to his bonobo brain, like, to his monkey brain, right? So, when I talk to men about the power of makeup, once you understand the power of makeup, it loses most of its power. Aha! Now you see we're getting to the heart of the matter.
  • The Left is infested with pedophiles - they promote the welfare state and feminism in order to get protective fathers out of the home, so they have easier sexual access to the children of single mothers.
  • The primary purpose of feminism is to lower white birthrates.


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