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Painting is a harmony which runs parallel to nature.

Stefan Szczesny (born 9 April 1951) is a German painter, draughtsman, and sculptor. He is one of the most recognized figures in Twenty First-century art, co-founding the "Junge Wilde" movement. Among his most famous works are the Mainau Island (2007) and his The Living Planet for the Expo 2000.



Mustique (2002)


ISBN 3-8238-5591-3

A painting grows....
  • A painting grows like a plant. Use all colours, all shapes. Everything that attracts and excites me is a part of me. Painting is about proportions, relationships which breathe life. "Painting is a harmony which runs parallel to nature".
Everything is love....
  • Everything is love. "HEAVEN ON EARTH" our idea of heaven has been formed by painting and nothing else. I love pure, bright colours, their intellectual clarity of expression conveying nothing but feeling. Painting - the inspired animation of the surface.
Light, colour, love....
  • Light, colour, love - let me come under your spell. Life can be represented only by a lively kind of painting. There is clarity in passion.
The power of memory....
  • The power of memory - magic- myth - abstract beauty. I paint pictures that have never been seen before. Visions of another world. At once sensuous and intellectual.
  • As a means of expression, painting must deliver universally valid statements, make allegorical reflections on life, and create new mythologies.
  • Paintings are complex puzzles in the twilight world between abstraction and figuration. I use the medium in a simple, unsophisticated way to express what I don't see expressed anywhere else.
  • What is the secret behind the emotional effect of great works of painting? What laws govern their beauty? Delacroix said that being a feast for the eyes is the prime merit of a good painting. I seek the timeless, the quintessential in painting.
  • My garden, by the sea

oh, would you like to come with me, down to my garden, by the sea, far, far away in Caribbee?

Where the sun beats down from a turquoise sky and hammerhead clouds go sailing by; where the and humming birds flash to and fro Through the lily ponds and the waterfalls, and lizards bask on sun-baked walls under the giant ficus tree- here in my garden by the sea.

Where fireflies dance in whirling flights beneath the palms on moonlit nights, in the scent of the frangipani flowers; where tree-frogs whistle in the ww-wee hours to the hiss of the waves as they come and go, and the boats rock, moored, in the bay below, rocking, rocking, silently- beneath my garden, by the sea.

Let's run away, just you and me, down to my garden by the sea, far, far away in Caribbee!

Felix Dennis, January 6, 2001

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