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Stefano Casiraghi

Stefano Casiraghi (8 September 1960 – 3 October 1990) was the second husband of Caroline, Princess of Hanover and father to three of her four children: Andrea, Charlotte, and Pierre Casiraghi. He was famous for having set a speed record in speedboat racing and was, at the time of his death in a racing accident, the world champion of offshore powerboat racing.


  • I am what they call a throttle man. You must not be scared of going too fast.
  • In fact, I knew Princess Caroline by eye for two years [before March 1984.] We had mutual friends and I met her at various times during evening parties. Nothing more. At the end of the month of June, we both understood that we wanted to see each other every day, [and] we were invited by mutual friends for a cruise in Corsica, and at the end of this cruise we spent ten days together in Sardinia alone and we returned to Monte Carlo where we never left each other.
    • Telling reporters how he met his wife, as translated from the original French quote in Un Homme Libre

Quotes about Stefano[edit]

  • Stefano was a humble guy. He would always step back when the rest of them were having their picture taken. He never forced himself into that world.
    • Gary Pudney, as quoted in Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier, by J. Randy Taraborrelli (Grand Central Publishing, 2003)
  • He had confessed that he was a little superstitious, but it was to calm down with the number 3, and "the multiple numbers of 3, 6, 9, 12." He died on October 3, after six years of marriage, the year of his thirty years! He had three children, and the ring he had offered to Caroline had three sapphires, one yellow, a green and a blue!

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