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Stella Wolfe Murray in 1920

Stella Wolfe Murray (7 October 1886 – August 1935) was a British journalist and writer. In 1924 she became the first woman Lobby correspondent.


  • It is the woman herself that matters rather than her covering.
  • I do not advocate neglecting your parents: honour and succour them, especially in their old age, but don’t stay at home and do housework when you long, body and soul, to fly to the uttermost ends of the earth, there to find your mission in life and your gift to the world.
  • I have arranged the poems by women in a separate section, irrespective of whether British or American; not in any sense of sexual rivalry, but merely from a natural desire to give them prominence and to show that despite their lack of opportunity, women feel all the poetry of flight and are fully alive to all that progress in aviation means to the world.
    • Taken from the Introduction of Stella Wolfe Murray's The Poetry of Flight (1925)

Quotes about Stella Wolfe Murray

  • The Leeds Mercury has always taken a pride in stating fairly all points of view in public life.
    • Quoted in The Leeds Mercury, 2 December 1924, with reference to the announcement of her employment with the newspaper.
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