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Stephanie Coker

Stephanie Coker (born Stephanie Omowunmi Eniafe Coker; 28 November 1988), is a Nigerian on-air personality and a television presenter for MTV Base Africa and EbonyLife TV.


  • Yes, you can get that job, get married, but at the end of the day, that is not happiness. It is the people around you that make you happy...
  • I think Nigerian women are amazing, they are strong, they are so hardworking. I would tell them to keep pushing. We have been suppressed as Nigerian women; we are told to be a good wife. They should try more to celebrate each other and not pitch themselves against each other.
  • Hit the ground running. You have to network in Nigeria, there is no online structure or platform where you can find presenting jobs and opportunities, it’s really about recommendations and who you know.
  • A lot of young women are compromising their peace and state-of-mind everyday because of societal pressures, but it’s important to keep your integrity in everything you do.
  • Another tip is to be nice to everyone! You can’t be rude to someone on set because you’re the star of the show. It costs nothing to be nice, and that also helps you to build long term relationships with key figures and decision markers within the industry.

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