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Steve Forbert

Steve Forbert (born December 13, 1954) is an American pop music singer-songwriter. His song "Romeo's Tune" reached No. 11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and No. 13 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart. His other singles have all charted on Billboard. Forbert's first four albums all charted on Billboard Top 200 albums chart, with Jack Rabbit Slim certified gold. In 2003, his Any Old Time, album was nominated Grammy in the Best Traditional Folk category. All told, Forbert has released nineteen studio and three live albums.


Steve Forbert

Jackrabbit Slim (1979)

  • Meet me in the middle of the day
    Let me hear you say, "Everything's okay"
    Bring me southern kisses from your room
    Meet me in the middle of the night
    Let me hear you say, "Everything's alright"
    Let me smell the moon in your perfume
    ... Oh, Gods and years will rise and fall
    And there's always something more
    Lost in talk, I waste my time
    And it's all been said before...
    • Romeo's Tune

  • There's a light
    There's a fire shining
    Day and night
    It came burning through
    Shine on me
    Shine on down you keep me
    High and dry
    I'm in love with you
    • I'm in Love With You

  • Wait till the sidewalk shivers the beggars
    Robbed in their blankets they try to hang on
    Light from the street lane seems to shine better
    After the autumn has been here and gone
    ... God help the lost and lonely, God help the poor
    Cold days and ice nights only
    Hard times for sure, hard times for sure
    • Wait

  • You know you make your own decisions and you live the life you choose
    I watch it from the sidelines and it sure gives me the blues
    You know you're sure to find me waiting, should you ever come around
    • Sadly Sorta Like a Soap Opera

  • Waking up and trying to think, what went down, what'd we do?
    I rub my eyes and I shake my head and feel the sun
    Plane takes off on the old runway, snow fell light on the ground today
    Lost an hour that I gained before, headed back to my New York door.
    Fare thee well, adios, adieu and best of luck to all of you
    I ain't no saint and I don't pretend to be, but I hope you all found a friend in me
    City lights blink and shine, down below, let it change
    It's often said that life is strange, oh yes, but compared to what?
    • January 23-30, 1978

Little Stevie Orbit (1980)

  • You sure looked good, bound for Shilburn Town
    Tryin' to drive that car while the rain came down
    And you sure looked fine
    Oh yeah, readin' highway signs
    And you sure looked good up on Crystal Beach
    Reelin' in them fish, with your hair all bleached
    And you sure looked fine
    Hey, yeah, with your hooks and lines
    La, da, di, dumb, da, la, da, di, dumb, day
    Every move you make, everything you say
    Well, you sure are fine
    Oh yes and you blow my mind
    • Song for Katrina

  • It ain’t no big secret the trouble you're in
    You wear a thin mask and it smiles and it grins
    ..., it’s heard at the parties yes and over the phones
    Because it's cellophane city and everyone knows
    There's no secret, nothing, and that's how it goes
    Cellophane city, you try as you may
    There's no secret, nothing, it's all on display
    • Cellophane city

  • My problems are few
    If I don't stop to think
    The red golden leaves
    Scream the song of the sun
    The high rolling hills
    Give it all in the fall
    The hot days are gone... now
  • I'm traveling alone
    Up the highway of sight
    The blue shadows fall
    On the graveyard of stone
    The mild afternoon
    Puts the coffee cup down
    My eyes see the moon... rise
    And all I am is energy
    And now I'm in this form
    I came shooting down the universe at birth
    • A Visitor

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