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Stiff Upper Lips is a 1998 British comedy film.

I want my sexual awakening and I want it now! (taglines)


Edward and Cedric disembark from a train; the conductor asks them for their tickets. They both ignore him.
Edward (petulantly, to Cedric): I do so hate ordinary people.
Cedric: You mustn't hate them; they have smaller brains.

Cedric is writing in his diary, recording his first impressions of Emily
Cedric (writing): There is something about her slim, elegant figure that rather reminds me of Edward....hmmmmmm.

The Butler, Hudson, bids farewell to his last remaining fellow-servant (Aunt Agnes has fired them all). Hudson has previously been seen serving tea, carrying mountains of luggage, and rolling the lawn; now he is in the kitchen, cooking the entire dinner singlehandedly.
Servant Girl: Can you manage on your own?
Hudson (proudly): I am a Hudson.
Servant Girl: Do you never get bitter?
Hudson doesn't reply, but stands there looking inscrutable; then several bells summoning service begin to ring, and his upper lip trembles slightly.
Servant Girl (awed): Never?
She leaves; when she's gone, Hudson
removes a pot from the stove, sets it on the floor, and urinates into the soup.

Emily and Cedric sit at an outdoor table having tea and discussing their impending marriage.
Emily: Soon we will be man and wife.
Cedric (pompously): Or, as the poet Homer says...
Before he can finish his sentence, Emily snatches up a butter knife and buries it in his skull. Cedric squints at the hilt sticking out of his temple and scowls. Emily then awakes from her nightmare.


  • I want my sexual awakening and I want it now!


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