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Still Smokin is a 1983 American comedy film about an Amsterdam film festival devoted to Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. After the promoter finds out that neither Reynolds nor Parton will appear, threatening to cancel the festival, he turns to Cheech and Chong for help.

You can always smell the excitement in the air.taglines


  • [singing, as a Jamaican dope dealer in TV movie] Dope! Do-o-o-o-pe! How come nobody don't want to buy no dope? Dope, I say dope I say do-o-o-o-o-pe. Who wants to buy dope?
  • We should have a dope-a-thon. You know try to raise money for like all the people that lost their crops.
  • Now you know what I want you to do, don't you? And it ain't prayin', cop.


  • [sings] Got one leg on my shoulder. Two legs on my shoulder. [muffled singing continues]
  • [as Blind Melon Chitlin] I wanna sing a little tune I wrote one day while I was beatin' my old lady. It's called "GOING DOWNTOWN GONNA SEE MY GAL".


Chong: You know, I could be your daddy.
Cheech: You could be my daddy, man?
Chong: Yeah, I used to fuck buffalo.


  • You can always smell the excitement in the air.
  • They'll have you ROLLING in your seats!


  • Cheech Marin - Cheech
  • Tommy Chong - Chong "Man"
  • Hans Man in 't Veld - Promoter
  • Carol van Herwijnen - Hotel Manager
  • Shireen Strooker - Assistant Manager
  • Susan Hahn - Hotel Maid
  • Arjan Ederveen - Bellboy #1
  • Kees Prins - Bellboy #2
  • Mariette Bout - Barge Waitress
  • Fabiola - Barge Lady
  • Carla van Amstel - Queen Beatrix

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