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Storm Hawks is an animated television series created by Asaph Fipke of Nerd Corps Entertainment. It premiered on Cartoon Network on May 25, 2007.

Season 1[edit]

Age of Heroes (Part 1) [1.01][edit]

[Aerrow is riding his skimmer through a forest.]
Aerrow: Just hold on buddy. We're almost there
[Junko appears behind Aerrow.]
Aerrow: Yeah, I see him. But not for long.

[Aerrow has been surrounded by the other Storm Hawks]
Stork: Got ya, Sky Knight.
Piper: Face it, Sky Knight; you've been caught! You're surrounded! The only way out is if you were crazy enough to...
[Aerrow dives down towards the Wastelands]
Piper: ...dive into the Wastelands.

[Finn reaches a tree and touches it]
Finn: Ha! Yes! I did it! I'm the winner!
[Aerrow is already up the tree]
Aerrow: Actually, that would be me.
[Finn groans]
Aerrow: Which means last one to the tree has to do all the dishes on the Condor for a month.
[Stork comes running down the main pathway toward the tree, panting heavily as he comes to a stop]
Stork: See? This is why I never leave the ship.

Boy: Hey, look, Dad! It's the Storm Hawks!
Man: Those aren't the Storm Hawks. Not the real ones.

[The Storm Hawks are registering to be an official squadron]
Registrar: I'll need your names and positions for the registering.
Aerrow: Aerrow. Sky Knight and leader.
Finn: Finn. Wingman and sharpshooter.
Junko: Junko. Flight engineer and... um... heavy ballistics.
Piper: Piper. Navigation and tactics.
Stork: Um... Stork... [sneezes, then sniffles] ...carrier pilot.
[Radarr performs some fighting moves]
Registrar: What is that? Some kind of pet?
[Radarr growls]
Aerrow: He prefers "mission specialist". We just call him "Radarr".
Registrar: Hmm. The Council will be most pleased to learn the new Storm Hawks squadron has formed. Your predecessors were greatly admired. You have much to live up to, Aerrow.
Aerrow: We're ready.
Registrar: Sign here, please.
[Aerrow prepares to sign the book]
Registrar: Wait just a minute! How old are you?

Piper: I just wish people would take us seriously. We're not just kids. We have the skills, we have the gear...
Finn: We have Finn.

Aerrow: [to Carver of the Red Eagles] I'm Aerrow of the Storm Hawks. It's a real honour to meet you.
Carver: Aren't you a little short to be a Sky Knight, kid?

Master Cyclonis: Once upon a time, Cyclonia controlled the entire Atmos. Then along came the Sky Knights, and all that got messed up. I want things back the way they used to be. And as soon as our Talon squadrons clip the wings of the Sky Knights, they will.

Repton: I couldn't care less about your plan, Cyclonis! What's in it for the Raptors?
Master Cyclonis: Untold riches to start.
[Cyclonis zaps Repton]
Master Cyclonis: And I'll promise not to crush your measly little Terra Bogaton.
Repton: I believe something can be arranged.
Master Cyclonis: Good. Then let it begin. It's time to send a message. The future of the Atmos belongs to Cyclonia. It belongs to me.

Junko: The beacon tower! It's stopped... uh...beaconing!

Carver: [to Aerrow] You fancy yourself a Sky Knight. Sorry to disappoint you, but you're just a bunch of kids.
[Aerrow performs the Lightning Claw on Carver]
Piper: [to Carver] When was the last time you saw a kid do that?

Stork: In light of my imminent demise, I, Stork, hereby bequeath all my worldly possessions to... [throws will away with a gloomy expression] What's the point? They're all going to be destroyed anyway.

Aerrow: This is the real deal! So, whatever you do, up.
Finn: Dude, worst motivational speech ever.

[The Storm Hawks are preparing to fight some Talons, including the Dark Ace]
Finn: Aerrow, that's the Dark Ace. As in the Dark Ace.
Piper: As in "never lost a sky duel", and is single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the old Storm Hawks! Aerrow, get out of there now!
Aerrow: I'm not running away.

Piper: [to Stork] Here they come! Open fire! Just don't hit anyone we know.

Dark Ace: [to Aerrow] You're a young one. Since you're new at this, allow me to explain the ground rules. There are none. If you live, you win. And, just so you know, I never lose.

[A Cyclonian cruiser is blasting the Condor. Piper and Stork are the only ones inside]
Stork: We're getting clobbered by that cruiser's cannons! Piper, if we don't run now, we're gonna lose the Condor.
Piper: Stork, what about the others?
Stork: Um... They should run, too.

Dark Ace: [to Aerrow] So, you call yourself a Sky Knight. Well, where's your fancy move?
Aerrow: It's right here.
[Aerrow performs the Lightning Claw, but he lands in Dark Ace's vehicle]
Dark Ace: Good form, but you need to work on the landing.

[Cyclonians have stolen the Aurora Stone]
Registrar: The future of the entire Atmos rests in that crystal.
Aerrow: We're going to Cyclonia to get it back.
Finn, Piper and Stork: We are?
[Aerrow nods]
Stork: We're doomed.

Age of Heroes (Part 2) [1.02][edit]

[Dark Ace has used the Aurora Stone to defeat the Sky Knights preparing to attack Cyclonia]
Dark Ace: I've never seen such power.
Master Cyclonis: That, Dark Ace, was nothing. We're about to see the full power of the Aurora Stone unleashed!

[After the other Sky Knights have been defeated by the Dark Ace]
Aerrow: The Storm Hawks are all that's left. But we're not gonna make the same mistakes. We're doing this our way. And that means the most dangerous stealth mission Atmos has ever seen. This is gonna be fun.

[Finn and Junko have found the Aurora Stone]
Finn: Let's just grab it and split.
Junko: I don't know, Finn. That's not part of Piper's plan.
Finn: She's always making things too complicated. Just think of all the time and danger we'll skip.
Junko: Let's do it!

[Finn is standing on Junko's shoulders, trying to reach the Aurora Stone]
Master Cyclonis: Might want to rethink that.
[Junko turns around to see Cyclonis and two guards standing in the doorway]
Master Cyclonis: And you are...?
Finn: Busted.

Piper: Cyclonia. It looks just as ugly below.
Stork: It does have a certain dark charm. I wonder how they decorate the dungeons...

Snipe: Sky Knight, Snipe's gonna smash you like a bug!

[Piper and Stork are flying through a tunnel on Cyclonia]
Piper: This place is really giving me the creeps.
Stork: I think it's kinda homey.

[Raptors are chasing the Condor through a tunnel]
Piper: We've gotta outrun them!
Stork: Any faster and the Condor will most definitely get scratched.
Piper: Any slower and we're gonna get blasted!
Stork: I'm just saying...

[Raptors are still behind the Condor, despite Stork's efforts to evade them]
Stork: I hate tailgaters.
[Pulls a lever near the controls, and the Condor stops suddenly, causing the Raptors to crash into the rear of the ship]
Piper: Good flying, Stork.
Stork: Yeah, well...

Dark Ace: This time, no mercy.

[Finn and Junko are trapped inside Cyclonis' storm engine]
Junko: Finn, I just want you to know; you're my best friend.
Finn: Thanks, buddy. And I want you to know that it was me who broke your favourite bunny lamp.
Junko: You said it was the wind!
Finn: Well, it was kinda windy when I tripped over it.

Master Cyclonis: Storms made us. Storms tore us apart. And now, storms will help us rebuild... my way.
[Aerrow bursts in]
Aerrow: Or we could do it my way!
Master Cyclonis: This is getting annoying.
Aerrow: Shut down the machine and give me back what you stole... [surprised] Master... Cyclonis?
Master Cyclonis: Let me guess; you're that pesky Sky Knight. Aren't you a little young?
Aerrow: I was gonna say the same thing about you.

Master Cyclonis: [to Aerrow] You can't win, Sky Knight. You'll do your moves and jump around, but the end result will be the same. I unleash the full fury of nature, and you... Well, actually, I don't really care what happens to you.

[Aerrow has destroyed the Aurora Stone]
Master Cyclonis: Do you have any idea what you’ve just done, Sky Knight?!
Aerrow: Yeah. I just saved the Atmos from you! And the name's Aerrow, of the Storm Hawks!

[Aerrow has returned to the Condor with Starling]
Aerrow: Piper, guys, this is-
Piper: Starling! Oh, my gosh! You're, like, my most favourite Sky Knight ever!

[Piper looks at Aerrow]

Piper: Um... I mean second favourite.

Registrar: Good luck, Sky Knight.

[Aerrow has stopped Cyclonis' storm engine by destroying the Aurora Stone]
Master Cyclonis: Atmos is going to learn soon enough that I've got much more in store for it. And as for the Storm Hawks, they'll pay for what they've done!

Gale Force Winds [1.03][edit]

Piper: It's perfect! Absolutely positively 100% the best plan ever!
Stork: Um... I'm not gonna like this, am I?
Piper: The storms building in the southwest should give us perfect cover to monitor the new Cyclonian supply lines.
Stork: I was right. I don't like it.

Finn: You know what's southwest, don't you?
Junko: Oh, let me guess! Terra Neon's 24-hour gravy buffet!
Finn: Well, there is that, but think warmer.
Finn and Junko: Tropica!
Finn: Surfboards!
Junko: Snorkelling!
Finn: Umbrella drinks!
Finn and Junko: Sign me up!
Piper: Don't forget your swimsuits.
[We see Finn and Junko in speedos. Cut back to the Condor]
Finn: Hey! Thanks, Piper. I really didn't need to see that.

[Aerrow, Finn and Piper are under attack from Talons]
Finn: SOP, ASAP! Niner, niner, engage, engage!
Junko: I have no idea what he just said.
Stork: We're under attack.

[Wren has hit one of the Cyclonians with a mattress fired from a catapult]

Wren: Ha, ha! Take that, you Cyclonian dog!
Finn: Was that a mattress?

[The Storm Hawks are searching Terra Gale for Wren]
Aerrow: Where do you think he went?
Finn: Probably in the kitchen, looking for more ammo.

[The Cyclonians have kidnapped Wren's granddaughter, Dove]
Wren: Two weeks ago, they took my precious Dove.
[Aerrow looks at a photo of Dove. He looks angry]
Finn: Yep, there it is. That's the "we're going on a dangerous mission" look.
Aerrow: We'll get her back, Wren.
[Finn looks at the photo of Dove]
Finn: I'm in!

Aerrow: Most people would say this mission is dangerous, reckless, and pretty much impossible.
Piper: In other words, just our style.

[Aerrow is going over the mission plan]
Aerrow: Guards will be everywhere. [cut to prison]]
Guard: Who goes there?
Finn: [frame freezes] Oh, great. Then we get caught. [cut back to the Condor]
Aerrow: No. That's when we borrow a page from your book and lie.
Finn: I like it.

[Radarr is trying to free the Rebel Ducks. A guard has spotted him]
Guard: You're in for a world of hurt!

Dark Ace: Well, well. If it isn't the notorious Storm Hawks!

[The Storm Hawks try to lose the Dark Ace in some clouds]
Dark Ace: Hide and seek? I'll play.

Dark Ace: (to Aerrow) With a little more training you'd make an excellent Talon.
Aerrow: I'd rather eat dirt!
Dark Ace: That can be arranged!

[Finn and Junko are in Junko's Skimmer, which is close to crashing. Dark Ace is chasing]
Finn: Junko, we got a problem here!
Junko: The crashing problem or the him problem?!

[Finn and Junko are in Junko's Skimmer. Junko is trying to pull up to prevent it from crashing]
Finn: We're gonna make it. We're gonna make it.
[Junko accidentally breaks the controls]
Finn and Junko: We're gonna die!

The Code [1.04][edit]

[Aerrow, Piper and Radarr are in a phoenix nest. Radarr steps on a bone, which makes a snapping sound]
Piper: [whispering] Radarr, quiet.
Aerrow: Piper, why are we whispering?
Piper: Aerrow, this is a phoenix nest. You know what a phoenix is, right?
Aerrow: Sure. It's a birdie.
Piper: It's more than just a bird. It's a very big bird, and it's usually on fire.

Harrier: From your unkempt appearances and appalling sky rides, you must be the children now calling themselves "the Storm Hawks."

[Harrier has taken the Phoenix Crystal that the Storm Hawks acquired]
Aerrow: Well, if you really are a Sky Knight, you'll give back our crystal. We nearly got burnt to a crisp for that thing.
Harrier: Then it's clearly much too dangerous to be kept by children.

[The Storm Hawks are following the Rex Guardians to their terra]
Aerrow: What do these guys have that we don't?
Finn: How about a landing strip full of screaming fans?

[At the Rex Guardians' feast, Finn is drinking his soup straight from the bowl]
Piper: Finn, wouldn't you like to use a spoon?
Finn: Which one?

[At the Rex Guardians' feast, Radarr's lack of table manners embarrasses everyone]
Aerrow: Yeah, Radarr's a handful sometimes, but what are you gonna do?
Piper: Die of embarrassment.

[The Storm Hawks are losing the contest. Stork appears to have won the vehicle-construction event]
Judge: The Storm Hawk clearly assembled the vehicle in the faster time.
Aerrow: Finally!
Finn: Wait for it.
Judge: [to Stork] But your modifications are completely unauthorised, and you failed to wash your hands before and after the job! [Stork looks at his hands with a concerned grimace]

[Harrier has given the Phoenix Crystal to the Dark Ace]
Aerrow: [to Harrier] You made a deal with the Dark Ace? Are you out of your mind?
Harrier: I know exactly what I'm doing! I'm ensuring that the Cyclonians will never threaten Terra Rex.
Piper: [to Harrier] That's the Dark Ace! He doesn't do deals!
Harrier: He gave his word. He is honour bound.
Dark Ace: Honour is overrated. The Cyclonian invasion force is preparing as we speak.

[The Rex Guardians are preparing to fight the Dark Ace]
Dark Ace: Only five of you? I'd better go easy.

[When fighting the Dark Ace]
Harrier: Those who fight with honour will always prevail!
Dark Ace: Times have changed.

Tranquility Now [1.05][edit]

[The Condor is being pulled down by another ship that has crashed into it]
Aerrow: OK, what's our best-case scenario?
Stork: I'm hoping to pass out before we go "splat".
Finn: Let's review the definition of "best-case scenario".

[After the timepulse has been shut down]
Master Cyclonis: This should help remind our resistors who really holds the power on Atmos.

[Junko is telling Finn about his childhood and how he received the Knuckle Busters]
Junko: My Aunt Eunice was just about the toughest old brawler I ever saw, but one day she let me in on our family secret.
Finn: The Knuckle Busters.
Junko: I was a whole 'nother Wallop! But I never forgot the way they treated me.

[Finn wants to try out Junko's Knuckle Busters]
Finn: Can I try 'em?
Junko: These Busters aren't toys, Finn.
Finn: Please? I won't break anything.
Junko: Oh, all right. Just be careful.
Finn: Careful is my middle name.

[Finn has lost Junko's Knuckle Busters. Junko is looking sad]
Aerrow: [to Finn] What's with Junko?
Finn: He's fine. Just lost three games of Splunk in a row.

[After losing Junko's Knuckle Busters]
Finn: [to Junko] You know, in a lot of ways, those Busters were just a crutch.
Junko: You're right, 'cause without them I'm lame.
Finn: No, I mean, you're Junko! Meanest, toughest Wallop in the Atmos!
Junko: If you say so...

[The Cyclonians have found the Storm Hawks]
Finn: It's only fair I warn you; this is the meanest, strongest, toughest Wallop of them all!
[Snipe smashes a chair with his mace]
Finn: Show this clod what you can do, Junko!
Junko: I give up!

Ravess: [to Finn and Junko] Thought maybe we take a little trip to Cyclonia. A one-way trip!
Snipe: Or we could just smush 'em!

[Snipe has picked up Junko]
Junko: Can't we just talk this out?
Snipe: Snipe doesn't talk. Snipe only smashes!

[Junko is beating up Snipe for calling him a gleep]
Junko: I need to thank you.
Snipe: For what?
Junko: I really learned something today. I like gleeps. You, not so much.

[The Cyclonians have retreated]
Piper: What happened?
Finn: What else? They got Walloped!

Master Cyclonis: [to Ravess and Snipe] Failure has consequences. Terrible consequences.
[Cyclonis zaps Ravess and Snipe]
Master Cyclonis: Am I clear?
Ravess: Yes, Master Cyclonis.
Master Cyclonis: These Storm Hawks are becoming a problem.
Ravess: Give us another chance.
Master Cyclonis: No. The Dark Ace will deal with them later. For now, they merit closer observation... One of them in particular. I see promise here. Great promise.

Best Friends Forever [1.06][edit]

[Aerrow, Finn and Junko are flying through a storm]
Aerrow: We need to ride like the wind!
Finn: No, we need to ride faster!

[The storm blows Aerrow back inside the Condor]
Aerrow: [sighs] Batten down the hatches.
[The storm is blowing things into the Condor's bridge]
Stork: Batten down everything!

[Aerrow and Finn have found Piper's Heliscooter, trashed]
Aerrow: [calling Stork] Aerrow to Condor, Piper's Heliscooter's trashed. We don't see her anywhere.
Stork: [on radio] Um... You'd better get back here. Piper just showed up. She's acting...strange.

[Piper and Lark are laughing on the Condor]
Stork: I've seen it before. Hazzarian laughing fever. Goes on like this until their brains explode.

[Piper is explaining how Lark pulled her out of the storm]
Piper: Lark actually created a force field that protected us from the storm! We didn't even get hit by a single raindrop! We almost forgot about the storm!
Lark: Until that really loud thunder!
Piper and Lark: Kaboom!

[Piper and Lark are laughing on the Condor]
Junko: It's like a whole other language.

[Piper is showing Lark her crystal lab]
Lark: You've got quite a collection! [of crystals]
Piper: It's my favourite spot on the ship. The only place I can really just relax and be me.
Lark: Where are your books?
Piper: I don't really have any.
Lark: You mean you taught yourself all of this?

[At Terra Tundras, Piper has discovered that Lark is Master Cyclonis in disguise]
Lark: Well, I've just gotta know...
[Lark transforms into Master Cyclonis]
Master Cyclonis: How'd you figure it out?
Piper: Wasn't like it was that hard. The only Cyclonian who knows that much about crystals is the Master herself. Why the disguise?
Master Cyclonis: Like you'd ever invite me over to hang out.

Piper: [to Cyclonis] So you pulled me from that storm just so you could destroy me?
Master Cyclonis: Oh, I didn't come to destroy you. I came to ask you to join me. See, we're a lot alike, you and me... More than you'd like to admit.

[Cyclonis is about to send some Talons to attack the other Storm Hawks]
Master Cyclonis: [to Piper] You'll have the best seat in the house...for your friends' destruction.

Piper: [to Cyclonis] You can act all tough and destroy the world, but you can't hide who you really are: a lonely girl who desperately wants a friend.

Finn: [to Piper] Well, I was wondering, seeing as you're a girl and all, you wanna braid each other's hair or something?
[Piper laughs]
Finn: What?
Piper: Thanks, Finn. I really needed that.
Finn: [to Aerrow] I will never understand girls.

The Black Gorge [1.07][edit]

[The Condor has dropped into the Black Gorge after losing crystal power]
Stork: I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that I told you a shortcut over the Black Gorge would have catastrophic results!

Aerrow: Everybody OK?
Finn: [sarcastically] We're terrific. Crashing into the Black Gorge suits us just fine.

[Stork takes out some goggles]
Stork: The light-enhancing glass on these peepers will let us actually see our slow and painful demise.

Piper: [to Finn and Junko] You used my only Solaris Crystal for a barbecue?
Junko: It was pretty tasty.

[The Storm Hawks are using metal to distract the Vulca Bats]
Junko: Wait! What are you doing?
Aerrow: Creating a distraction.
Junko: But that's my extra-special piece of... silvery metal!
Piper: What does it do?
Junko: I don't know. I just like it!

[The Storm Hawks are walking through the Gorge, with Stork leading the way]
Stork: Ahead is Meat Trap Marsh, the first of the ever-increasing Gorge horrors that all lead to the Giant Poison-Toothed Spiny Gorge Sloth... and our inevitable demise.

Finn: Ah, this doesn't look so bad.
[Finn falls in the marsh]
Finn: OK, it's bad.

[Mr. Cheepers, Junko's new pet, is pointing at a shortcut]
Junko: Hey, maybe he knows a shortcut!
Stork: There are no shortcuts. Straying from this map means certain doom at the hands of the Giant Gorge Sloth... Unless, of course, that's what you want.
Junko: No, thank you.

[The Vulca Bats are still eating Junko's metal]
Junko: Oh, no! I think I just lost a rare left-handed... ratchet thing... forever!

[Finn is licking himself]
Finn: It's me! I taste good! My flavour's irresistible!
Aerrow: [to Stork] What's gotten into Finn?
Stork: Well, let's see. Darting eyes, shortness of breath, paranoia directed towards inanimate objects...
Finn: [to a rock] I'm onto you, you little rock!
Stork: A sure sign of Gorge Madness.
Piper: Are you sure? He's like that when he skips lunch, too.

[Stork appears to have been wrong about the Gorge Sloths]
Stork: Oh, doom, why have you forsaken me?

[Mr. Cheepers has turned into a Gorge Sloth]
Junko: Don't you remember me, Mr. Cheepers? I cared for you! You were my friend!
[Mr. Cheepers roars at Junko]
Junko: Mr. Cheepers! No!
[A meat-eating plant eats Mr. Cheepers]
Junko: Oh yeah? Well, you were a lousy pet, Mr. Cheepers!

Aerrow: [to Stork] Exactly how irreversible is this Gorge Madness?
Stork: Well, it could be more of a 24-hour thing. Give or take a couple of years.

Aerrow: Anyone know a shortcut to Terra Ray?
Stork: [scared] Shortcut?

Absolute Power [1.08][edit]

[Piper and Finn are fighting over the songs that are to be played on the record player]
Piper: Excuse me, that was my favourite song.
Finn: Why would you want to listen to that stuff when you can have the solid styles of Finn instead? [puts on his rock music]
Piper: I'd rather eat nails, which is exactly what that sounds like... on a chalkboard.

[Finn wants to know why Piper is always left in charge if Aerrow's not around. Aerrow needs to go on a mission]
Piper: Finn can be in charge.
Aerrow: What?
Finn: Really?
Piper: Yeah. How else can he get the experience? Besides, when he realises how much work it really is, maybe he'll stop asking.

[Aerrow and Starling must save some scientists from Terra Bogaton]
Aerrow: No one's ever gotten past the energy cannons of Bogaton.
Starling: That a problem?
Aerrow: Nope. If we come in low, they'll never spot us.
Starling: My thoughts exactly.

[Finn is in charge and has ordered a "high alert party". Stork starts walking away from the cooker]
Finn: [to Stork] As acting team leader, I ordered you to grill.
Stork: Um... I've got more important things to do, like flying the ship.
Finn: You are dissenting. Punishment for dissent is... uh... banishment!
Piper: [to Finn] You can't be serious.
Finn: Junko, would you please see Stork to his quarters?
Stork: Don't bother. I know the way.

[Hoerk, Lugey and Spitz have been shot down by their own cannons]
Repton: Remind me why I shouldn't use you for target practice!
Lugey: Because mother made you promise not to.
Repton: Sometimes I can't believe we came out of the same nest.

[Repton has captured Starling]
Repton: I'm sure it won't be long before your friend comes for you, then I'll have two Sky Knights this evening.
Starling: Don't count on it. He's got more important things to do.
Repton: I don't suppose you'll want to tell me what those things are?
Starling: Not a chance.
Repton: Perhaps you'll change your mind when it's time for dinner.

[Starling has explained that she is an Interceptor. The other Interceptors were wiped out by Repton]
Starling: You didn't get all of us that day, Repton! And that was your biggest mistake!

[Starling has defeated Repton]
Repton: Go ahead. Take your prize.
Starling: Thank you. I will.
[Starling takes the Interceptors' shield]
Repton: All this for a shield?
Starling: Yep, all this for a shield. And your ride; I believe you owe me one.

Velocity [1.09][edit]

[While practicing for the Great Atmos Race, Aerrow's ride starts playing up]
Aerrow: [to Radarr] Don't worry. Like I always say - it's the rider, not the ride.

Finn: [to Aerrow] The Storm Hawks always win the Great Race.
[Burner appears behind Finn]
Burner: [to Finn] Always won. The race hasn't been run in ten years. I bet your new pups aren't half as good as the old Storm Hawks.

Finn: [to Burner] I'd be willing to bet anything on Aerrow.
Burner: Really? Then how about this? If your boy doesn't leave Saharr wearing the Crystal Amulet, you wash our carrier... for a year.
Piper: A year of Finn doing all the cleaning? That's gonna be one dirty carrier.

[Stork is repairing Aerrow's ride]
Stork: There's no way he can win.
Finn: What do you mean?
Stork: It's a simple matter of gimbal rotation and gyroscopic procession.
Finn: Um... Once again, what do you mean?
Piper: Aerrow's ride isn't fast enough.

[Finn has bought himself some food in a tavern]
Burner: [to Finn] I'd save your money 'cause you're gonna need it to buy yourself some soap and sponges when your boy loses!
[The Third Degree Burners laugh]
Finn: Ha, ha. Laugh it up. You'll be singing a different tune when the race is over.
Burner: Well, it might sound different because I'll be singing it in my freshly cleaned cruiser!

[Finn, Junko and Stork have modified Aerrow's ride]
Piper: [looking at a large part] Is this part of the Condor‘s engine?
Finn: Of course not; it's the whole thing!

[After hearing an announcement during the race]
Finn: Sounds like Aerrow's winning!
Junko: Really? Sounds more like static to me.
Finn: I'll wash your underwear for a month if Aerrow doesn't leave Saharr with the Amulet.

[During the race, the "Knight of Exerxes" is cheating]
Aerrow: [to "Knight"] Guess you've forgotten - Sky Knights don't cheat!
[The "Knight" turns out to be the Dark Ace]
Dark Ace: Good for you, Aerrow... but I'm not a Sky Knight.

[Aerrow has acquired the Crystal Amulet]
Dark Ace: You thought that's what this was about? A little trinket?
Aerrow: Uh... Yeah.
Dark Ace: Think. The racing Skimmers have all crashed, and all the other fighters on Saharr have been cannibalised for parts.
Aerrow: Which means we're all sitting ducks!
Dark Ace: Very good.
[Dark Ace attaches a Wind Crystal to his weapon]
Dark Ace: And as I bury you in the sand here, my Talons are doing the same to your friends in the camp!

[Aerrow has escaped from the storm that Dark Ace made]
Dark Ace: You? But...
Aerrow: Next time you try to finish off a Storm Hawk, you might want to try something different than a storm!

[Aerrow destroys the Crystal Amulet, allowing everyone to get a piece of it]
Finn: [to Burner] OK, so, technically, he's not going to leave Saharr with the Amulet, but...
[Burner grins at Finn]
Finn: OK, fine. You better have your own soap.

[Burner pats Finn on the back. Everyone laughs]

Fire and Ice [1.10][edit]

[The Storm Hawks are watching the Absolute Zeroes racing on Terra Blizzaris]
Piper: I know this is supposed to be a festival and all, but these guys are seriously out of control.
Aerrow: I know. Isn't it great?

Piper: Stork, check it out! This is what I really wanted to see. It's a Blizzard Crystal!
Absolute Zero: Thanks to it, we's got a new home, eh.
Stork: And I've got a case of extreme thermal paralysis.
[Stork's arm is numb]
Stork: Oh yeah. Already numb. Only a matter of time before I lose the whole arm.

[Stork is freezing, and the heat coils on the Condor are broken]
Stork: (as he is banging a wrench on the heat coils) Heat coils.. are meant.. to heat! Is that so hard... to understand!?
[The heat coils turn on, but then turn off again]
Stork: That's fine. I'll just die.

[Stork is looking for a warm place on the terra. He sees some steam in an ice cave]
Stork: Steam... Oh, that's good. Ice cave... Oh, that's bad.

Suzi-Lu: [to Piper] When we're finished here, there's a couple of dusty old nothing terras nearby we're gonna do up right! Just like this one here.
Piper: I guess, if nobody minds.
Suzi-Lu: 'Course not. Who needs all that rock and dirt when you can have nice, cold snow, eh?

[Stork is walking through the ice cave, looking for the source of the steam]

Stork: Ohh, beautiful warm. Hands love warm, feet love warm, lizards love war- ...lizards?

[The Condor won't start]
Stork: Just my luck. A frozen starter spring will be the end of me. Although it does beat Bog Fever.

[The Raptors have managed to get on board the Condor]
Stork: They found a way on board! Oh, this is really bad news... for them.

[The Storm Hawks' rides have nearly been buried by snow in an avalanche]
Finn: [to Junko] If I ever say "Yes" to snow sports again, promise to wallop me.

[The Raptors have cornered Stork on the Condor]
Repton: Any last requests?
[Stork notices that they are standing on a catapult]
Stork: Um... yeah. Get off my ship.

[The Blizzard Crystal has saved Terra Blizzaris from a volcanic eruption]
Piper: [to Suzi-Lu] I just spoke with the Sky Knight of Terra Nord. He said you'd be welcome to live there if you wanna move.
Suzi-Lu: Hmmm... It is cold there.
Billy Rex: Yeah, but those guys are hosers. Seriously, I've had fleas that rock out better than them.

King For a Day [1.11][edit]

[After seeing Finn]
Vapos Soldier: It's... It's him!
Finn: Yeah, you better believe it's me! Wait, what have you heard?

Man: [to Finn] You appear to be our Great Domo, the legendary saviour of Vapos.
Finn: Legendary? I like this sound of this.

[Finn has retrieved a golden ring from a tree branch]
King Agar: The Great Domo has arrived!
Piper: We're in trouble.

[Stork is a minstrel]
Stork: [singing] Robbed of all my dignity, forced to sing this song. What did I do to deserve this, where did it all go wrong?

Stork: [singing] Our story is almost finished, and the end is coming soon. I'm here to spoil the finish - doom, doom, doom, doom, doom.

[Finn has repelled a Verroc attack]
Finn: That's right! Nobody tangles with the Great Gomo!
Stork: Domo!
Finn: Whatever.

Stork: [singing] Doom, doom, suffering and doom.
Finn: Does your music have to be so depressing?
[Stork jingles the bells on his hat and feet]
Stork: Yes.

[Finn has been swallowed by the Verroc king]
Finn: OK, this prophecy just went from stupid to just plain gross!

[Aerrow has left to save Finn]
Stork: [singing] We'll never see Finn again, and that part is sad enough. But now Aerrow is history, too. I get to have all their stuff.

Terra Deep [1.12][edit]

[The Storm Hawks are being pursued by Cyclonians]
Aerrow: Can't this thing go any faster?
Stork: Not... unless you want the engines to melt through the hull!
Aerrow: I'll take that chance. Full speed!

[The Storm Hawks have gone through some fog to lose the Cyclonians]
Cyclonian Commander: We'll wait for them here, if they come back out at all.

[Aerrow, Finn, Junko and Radarr are investigating the remains of a wrecked ship]
Piper: [over radio] I know who did this!
Junko: So do I! [sneezes] Murk Raiders!
Aerrow and Finn: Murk Raiders?
Piper: [over radio] He's right! We need to go!
Finn: [to Junko] Wait. You know this because...
Junko: Oh, I'm allergic to them.
Finn: You're allergic to Murk Raiders and you're just remembering this now?
Junko: Sorry! It's not like you're gonna run into them every day!
Finn: That's 'cause when you run into Murk Raiders, you don't usually walk away!

Aerrow: Piper, where exactly are we?
Piper: Terra Deep; favourite hiding place of the Murk Raiders. This is where they drag airships to steal their crystals, supplies and their crews!
Finn: They steal crews?

[The Storm Hawks are trying to get away from the Murk Raiders]
Captain Scabulous: They want a chase, do they? We'll give them a chase!

[The Storm Hawks are diving down a cavern]
Aerrow: Piper, how far down does this cavern go?
Piper: So deep it's not even on the map. Aerrow, those aren't just any clouds down there.
Stork: The deeper we go, the denser they get, until finally... crunch.

Murk Raiders: [singing] Deeps, deeps, they'll crush your tiny hulls. Deeps, deeps...
Murk Raider: Leave nothing but your skulls.

[The Storm Hawks are diving down a cavern]
Piper: Crossing 1,500!
Stork: I bet at 2,000 we'll be flat as a flapjack!
Piper: 2,000!
[The Condor starts imploding due to pressure. Stork looks worried]
Aerrow: Come on, Stork, where's your sense of adventure?
Piper: 2,500!
Stork: (sarcastically) This is the most fun I've ever had.

Captain Scabulous:Permission to come aboard?
Aerrow:(takes out weapons) Permission denied!

[The Murk Raiders are onboard the Condor. Captain Scabulous is fighting Aerrow]
Captain Scabulous: You're about to find out why Murk Raiders are feared across the Atmos!
Aerrow: You‘re about to find out why I‘m a Sky Knight!

Storm Warning [1.13][edit]

Cyclonian: [to Junko] You're toast, Sky Hog!
Junko: [bangs knucle busters together and hits the Cyclonian's skimmer engine] Ha, sky hog... thats a good one.

[After losing the Cyclonians]
Aerrow: Well, Stork, what's our status?
Stork: Well, we're nearly out of crystal fuel, our bulkhead is torn, and I've got this strange rash.
Aerrow: I mean the Cyclonians. Did we lose them?
Stork: No sign... for now.

Piper: Preparing is spending six hours coming up with a perfect reconnaissance plan, a plan all of you decided to ignore.
Aerrow: I know you worked hard on that, but sometimes you... Um... Details are good. I like details, but when you have too many details...
Finn: What he's trying to say is: your plan was kinda lame.

Junko: You guys are gonna be so glad that you let me cook.
[Stork puts a piece of paper in front of Finn]
Stork: My will.

[Piper appears to have quit the Storm Hawks]
Junko: I miss Piper. Can't we just go get her?
Finn: Guys, snap out of it, OK? This is exactly what she wants you to think. It's a mind game, and we're gonna win!

[Aerrow has just seen Piper join them in battle after she supposedly left)
Aerrow: PIPER! (looks down) I mean...hey.

[The Leech Crystals have blown a hole in the wall in Piper's room]
Piper: Well, I did always say I wanted a better view.

A Little Trouble [1.14][edit]

[Junko has to look after Tynki, a baby Wallop]
Junko: My second nephew's third uncle's first cousin needed my help. And when a Wallop asks you to look after their young, it's a mark of real honour and trust.
Finn: Also known as, "Can't find a real babysitter".

[Snipe is building a battle airship]
Snipe: I want more blasters!
Project commander: But sir, we have so many now if we had more, the ship would be too heavy to fly.
Snipe: Then I'll lighten the load... starting with you!
Project commander: More blasters, sir. Coming right up, sir.

[On the Condor, Junko is looking for Tynki]
Stork: Maybe he was snatched by owl-flies, or accidentally dumped out of the garbage chute, or caught in a wormhole and happily destroying a Condor in an alternate universe.

[Junko can't find Tynki]
Junko: Tynki? Where are you?
[Junko rummages a box of spare parts]
Stork: Not the important stuff! Can't you look for him in the toaster?

[Junko has ripped open the Condor's radio, looking for Tynki]
Stork: He's not inside the radio. Imagine that.

[Snipe is showing Dark Ace the battle airship]
Dark Ace: Nice of you to invite the Storm Hawks onboard to witness your crowning achievement.
Snipe: The Storm Hawks? Here?
Dark Ace: That's right. You probably can't see the Condor in that enormous blind spot behind your bloated ship!

[Dark Ace has confronted the Storm Hawks on the ship. They are wearing Cyclonian worker clothes]
Dark Ace: I've never fought a janitor before. Mua ha ha ha-- [gets hit in the face with a worker suit]

[The battle airship is chasing the Condor and firing at it. Tynki is on the battle airship]
Junko: Tynki's on the battleship! I gotta save him!
Stork: But who's gonna save me?

Thunder Run [1.15][edit]

[The Colonel has Junko tied up]
Piper: Squadron log - in all the Atmos, there's one guy you definitely don't wanna mess with: the mega gangster they call "The Colonel". We found this out the hard way.

[To save Junko, the Storm Hawks must bring the Colonel some "rozen yoga"]
Piper: [to Aerrow] But we don't even know what this "rozen yoga" is. We could be putting something dangerous in the hands of a very bad guy.
Aerrow: Maybe. The only thing we know for sure is that Junko's in real trouble if we don't.

[The Condor has been pulled into a cyclone]
Piper: A blizzicane! We have to go around!
Finn: And lose all the time we gained?
Stork: It's either lose the time or lose the Condor! Not being a fan of icy crashing doom, I know which one I'd choose!

[Junko has eaten some of the Colonel's food]
Colonel: Not bad. But I'm curious to see how much guts your belly really has.

[The Storm Hawks have acquired some frozen yoghurt, which is what the Colonel wants]
Aerrow: "Rozen yoga" is frozen yoghurt?
Piper: I can't believe we went through all that for something so dumb!
Finn: [eating some frozen yoghurt] Dumb? This is awesome!

[The Storm Hawks are heading through Cyclonian territory]
Aerrow: At least no Cyclonian border troopers have found us yet.

[The alarm goes off]

Stork: You had to say it.

[Junko and the Colonel are having an eating contest]
Junko: I can't eat any more.
Colonel: Yes! You quit! Once again, the Colonel reigns supreme!
Junko: Well, actually, I just ran out of stuff to eat.

[The Raptors are after the "rozen yoga." Repton realises that it is actually frozen yoghurt]
Piper: No! We're so close!
Repton: Give me my prize! [Hoerk snatches the yoghurt from Stork's hands] What kind of treasure is this?
Finn: Um... the creamy, low-fat kind.
Repton: [licks the yoghurt and spits it out after discovering that it was frozen] Rosen yoga is FROZEN YOGHURT??!! [Leuegy, Spitz and Hoerk all whimper as Repton attempts to slap them]
Colonel: I believe that is mine.

[The Colonel is too full to want the frozen yoghurt]
Piper: You ungrateful eight-legged toad! After all we went through to get you your stupid ice cream!

Escape! [1.16][edit]

[Aerrow and Radarr have escaped from a Cyclonian prison. They are heading through the terra's forest]
Aerrow: I'm beginning to think that tunnelling out of the prison was the easy part.

Mr. Moss: Ain't nobody ever escaped from Zartacla Prison. Now I know a few folks that disappeared trying. But not today. No, sons. Today, I'm looking forward to bringing in some live ones. Today, I want me a chase!

[Mr. Moss sniffs Aerrow's prison hat that he found outside the prison]
Mr. Moss: [to guards] I want y'all on high alert today! Terradon Forest is choc full of treachery!

[The guards have cornered Aerrow at a waterfall]
Mr. Moss: Now, son, there's no way out of Widow's Peak. It's time to go home. If you're nice from here on, maybe I'll even let up on your escape punishment... Just a bit.

[The guards are seaching for Aerrow]
Aerrow: [imitating Mr. Moss] Be careful, now! This forest is choc full of ol' treachery!

[Mr. Moss has found Aerrow using his Skyride]
Mr. Moss: I got you now, boy!
[Hamish and the other guards appear]
Hamish: We got him surrounded, boss!
Mr. Moss: That's what I just said.

[The guards have surrounded Aerrow]
Mr. Moss: Now, son, you come quietly and in ten years or so, after you get out of solitary, I might let you rejoin the rest of the political prisoners.
Hamish: Maybe... Maybe he could clean the Occucrow cages!
Mr. Moss: [to Aerrow] That's right. You owe my birds an apology.
[Earlier in the episode, Aerrow knocked the Occucrows out of the sky]
Hamish: And... And he could feed the Trackbeasts, too!
Mr. Moss: [hits Hamish] Shut up, son. You're about to give away the only reason I keep you around.

Forbidden City [1.17][edit]

[The Storm Hawks are going to meet I.J. Domiwick]
Aerrow: What's so great about this guy anyway?
Piper: He's only the most famous explorer in all of Atmos. He's smart, he's brave...
[Cut to the Storm Hawks meeting Domiwick]
Piper: [to Domiwick] You're adventurous! You're scientific!
Domiwick: Don't forget handsome, charming and successful.
Aerrow: And humble. Don't forget humble.

Piper: [to Domiwick] I've read all your books. I even wrote you a fan letter once! But I'm just babbling now.

[The Storm Hawks get away from the Cyclonians, who are working for Domiwick. Snipe is angry]
Domiwick: Let them go, Snipe.
Snipe: But Master Cyclonis-
Domiwick: Master Cyclonis has instructed you to take orders from me. You're here to dig, so dig. Dig, dig, dig.

[Domiwick is trying to get into the Forbidden City, with the help of the Cyclonians]
Piper: He's after the Oracle Crystal. It has the power to see the future.
Finn: Future, huh? Oh, I know what I'd ask!
Junko: Whoa! Me too! I think.
Piper: We have to beat them into the Forbidden city and find it before Domiwick does.
Stork: Ooh ooh wait. Did you say into the Forbidden City? The deathtraps in that place are legendary, Jagged spikes, walls that... crush. I could learn so much.

[Junko is eating Gloopy Fruit]
Finn: Gloopy Fruit? How can you stomach that stuff?
Junko: Well, sure, they look nasty and they smell nasty, but they taste... Well, OK, they're chewy.

[Stork has built a safety buggy called the Storkmobile]
Stork: I give you the Storkmobile! Booby trap detectors, indestructible tires, roll-bars, parachutes, anti-lock brakes, 52 independent external airbags, and an ejector seat.
Junko: Um... Why do you need an ejector seat?
Stork: You always need an ejector seat.

[The Storm Hawks have fallen down a trapdoor in the Forbidden City]
Junko: 'Least I landed on something squishy.
Finn: That would be me.

Piper: The Oracle Crystal will be in the treasure chamber.
Finn: Treasure chamber! That's what I'm talking about! Oh, we're in for some money!
[Domiwick and the Cyclonians drill into the City]
Aerrow: We're also in for some competition.

[Snipe is fighting with Stork on the Storkmobile]
Snipe: When I'm finished with you, Cyclonis will give me a medal! A promotion! A reward!
Stork: How about a free trip?
[Stork activates the ejector seat, which knocks Snipe up to the ceiling]
Stork: And that is why you need an ejector seat.

[Piper is fighting Domiwick]
Piper: Why are you working for the Cyclonians?
Domiwick: You have no idea how the world works! Expeditions are costly.
Piper: And that makes it OK? You betrayed all of Atmos! And you know what else? You're a real snob!

Aerrow: [to Oracle] Finn wants to know if he gets rich, Piper wants to know what she's meant to do with her life, Junko wants to know if he ever finds his missing lucky shovel, Stork wants to know if the cure for Bog Measles is discovered.
Oracle: And you?
Aerrow: I just wanna know one thing; do we win?
Oracle: Ah. See for yourself.
[The Oracle shows Aerrow the future; the Cyclonians win]
Aerrow: I can't let that happen.
Oracle: Set me free and a different path begins.

Domiwick: [to Snipe] Can I have a... a lift?
Snipe: You're the smart one. Find your own way out.

Aerrow: [to Piper] I grabbed something for you on the way out.
[Aerrow gives Piper a shiny crystal]
Piper: It's beautiful. I wish I could rub it in Domiwick's face.
Aerrow: That guy was a slimeball.
Piper: When I saw what he was really like, I felt so stupid. Then I just felt sorry for him.

Leviathan [1.18][edit]

Stork: The crystal heat dissipater's completely shot. It'll need to be replaced.
Aerrow: No problem. We passed a supply depot a while ago. I'll take a Skimmer.
Stork: Um, Aerrow, a heat dissipater's the size of a house.
Aerrow: So, make that four Skimmers.

Aerrow: [to Stork] Where's the Condor? Where's Radarr?
Stork: It... It ate them.
Aerrow, Piper and Junko: What did?
Stork: The terra...

[In the Skyside Shanty, Junko is eating a Skyfood Combo Platter with vinegar]
Finn: [reading bottle] "Skyside Shanty's Signature Extra-Potent Quadruple-Malt Vinegar"?
Junko: Kinda sour, but I like it.

Waitress: Lost your ship, eh?
Finn: And our buddy. Got eaten by a terra.
Waitress: That wasn't no terra. That was... the Leviathan!

[After the Storm Hawks fail to stop the Leviathan]
Aerrow: We're gonna need bigger weapons.
Finn: We're gonna need bigger rides!

Finn: Without the Condor, are we even the Storm Hawks anymore?

[When looking at the Skyquod, Stork gets delusions of grandeur]
Stork: Dual-action tiller, omni-directional jib! It be perfect!
Aerrow: Stork, you OK? We were pretty worried about-
Stork: I be more than OK! I be on a quest for the beastie that took me ship and me home!
Aerrow: So stage three is delusions then?
Piper: Of grandeur.

[Junko points to the Leviathan]
Junko: (muffled by the food in his mouth) Thar she blows!
[Stork smacks him on the back of the head and takes away the bottle of vinegar]
Stork: A sailor ne'er speaks with his mouth full!
Junko: (now his mouth is empty) Uh, thar she blows?

Stork: From a Merb's heart, I strike at thee!
[Stork throws the bottle of vinegar at the Leviathan's uvula]

Finn: Stork, that was totally amazing! You just dove right into a Leviathan's mouth!
Stork: I... did what?
Piper: Stage four: memory loss.
[Throughout the episode, Stork was suffering from post-traumatic Sky Shock. He has reached stage four of it]
Stork: Where are we?

InFinnity [1.19][edit]

[Piper and Junko are disguised as Ravess and Snipe]
Junko: Piper, I'm sweating like a pig in this mask, and the thing smells like cheese!

[Stork is disguised as a musician]
Stork: [to Snipe] What's your favourite song? I'll... I'll play it!
[Snipe growls]
Stork: Don't know that tune.
   stork      oh that's just rude

[Aerrow is disguised as an accordionist and Radarr is his monkey]
Snipe: That is really creepy.
Aerrow: A dancing monkey?
Snipe: No, that outfit you're wearing.

[Snipe has come into the tent where Piper and Junko are disguised as Ravess and himself]
Snipe: Ravess? What are we doing here?

[Finn has used a Cloning Crystal to create clones of himself]
Piper: They're not holograms, not pods, not made of metal or paper-maché. They're real-live exact duplicates.
Finn: [looking at a clone] Hey, is my left nostril really bigger than my right? And why didn't someone tell me I had a hairy mole on the back of my neck?
Finn clone: At least I'm a fresher, newer you, old-timer!
Finn: Hey, do not mess with the master copy, clone boy!
Piper: Same exact personality, too.

[Snipe is confronting two Finn clones, and has grabbed one of them]
Snipe: Where's that box?
Finn clone #3: Better let go of him!
[Snipe turns around and sees a third clone]
Snipe: Triplets?
[A fourth clone taps him on the shoulder]
Snipe: What do they call it after triplets?
[Ten clones have surrounded him]
Snipe: I hate math!

Piper: Guys, I think I've got the solution!
[Piper lowers a disco ball, which makes the Finn clones dance]
Finn: The solution is a disco?
Piper: No. But this disco ball is powered by a Lunar Crystal, with properties the exact opposite of a Solaris Crystal. Emitting light back into the prism may just cancel out our clone problem!
Finn: Translation, please?
Piper: [sighs] The shiny ball may just fix you.
Finn: Ooohhh, shiny!

[Snipe has boarded the Condor and taken the Cloning Crystal]
Snipe: Now I've got the gizmo... and a chance to look at where you guys live! Pretty lame, if you ask me.
Junko: Nobody asked you!

[Piper is about to reverse the process on Finn, which will get rid of the clones]
Finn: This better work 'cause I've really gotten sick and tired of myself.

[The real Finn has just been released from a safe]
Finn: That rotten clone knocked me out and dumped me in here! I can't believe I did that to myself! The nerve of me!

Terra Neon [1.20][edit]

Aerrow: OK, looks like we're spending the weekend on Terra Neon!
Finn: Yes!
[Junko gives Finn a rough high-five, and Radarr turns to Aerrow with an angry look as he growls]
Aerrow: Sorry, Radarr, we'll visit the Terra Of Giant Bananas next time.

[The Storm Hawks are on Terra Neon, an amusement park-style terra. But no one else is there]
Finn: (nudging Junko‘s shoulder) Oh, you know what this means?
Junko: No lines for us!

[The Storm Hawks are on the stage in the Constellation Theatre. Tentacles are coming towards them]
Finn: Um... I don't think those are stagehands.
Piper: (annoyed) What tipped you off?
Finn: No hands.

[The Storm Hawks have been grabbed by the tentacles]
Aerrow: [to Producers] Look, whatever it is you want, if you don't let everyone go right now, I promise you, this won't end well!
[Aerrow is given an electric shock]
Stork: Yeah, for us.

[Finn is failing to be funny on stage]
Staldorf: [Producer #2] I got more funny in my feet!
Walder: [Producer #1] It's true, especially if you count the funny smell.

Staldorf: I'll tell you why it's been so long since we heard a folk roar. They're awful!
Walder: Hey, the last time I heard a scream that loud was after I saw you with your shirt off. Back hair.

[Stork has been saved from the Producers. He has landed in Aerrow's Skimmer]
Aerrow: Nice of such a big star to drop in on us little people.

Staldorf: [to Walder] We should have gone to Toledos, like I wanted. At least there, they have wrestling!

Aerrow: Well, Stork, you became a star and saved a whole terra. Not bad for one day.
Stork: Yeah, you're right. It wasn't bad. It was terrifyingly, gut-squeezingly, poke a hole in your head and pour flame corn in it, awful!

Aerrow: Okay, you two! Show’s over!
Staldorf: How dramatic!
Wadler: The kid’s got style!
Aerrow: (takes out blades) Call off that tentacle monster, or whatever that thing is!
Staldorf: (laughs) The first rule of performing, kid, is know your audience!
Wadler: Right. That, thing, as you call it…
(Both rise up):
Together: IS US! (both connected to monster by waist down)
Aerrow: Oh! That's... really... kind of creepy.

The Storm Hawks Seven [1.21][edit]

Ravess: I love surprise inspections. It's fun watching fools sweat.

Starling: Storm Hawks, meet me on Amazonia. I need backup for a mission. A big one.

[The Storm Hawks are doing a Merbian crazy face test]
Starling: STOP!
[They stop and look at her]
Starling: And how, exactly, does this help?
Aerrow: Merbian crazy face is a tactic Stork's people use to ward off enemies.
Junko: Besides, it's fun!
Piper: You try!
Starling: I don't think so.
[Everyone wants Starling to make a funny face]
Starling: [feebly] Grr.
Stork: Um, ya, I suppose it's a start.

Aerrow: Pound that target fast and we'll be gone before Ravess even knows she was hit by the Storm Hawks Seven!
Starling: Um... There are only six of you.
Aerrow: Not today.

Finn: [singing and playing guitar badly] We tried to knock down Polaris Point, but it knocked us down instead! We tried to knock down-
Piper: Finn, please stop.
Finn: Someday, you'll all be begging for the musical stylings of Finn.
Piper: [rolls her eyes]

Starling: With Finn's guitar and some creative wiring, maybe...
Finn: (holding his guitar protectively against his chest) You're not gonna hurt the rock machine, are you?
Starling: Hardly. We need you to play your, um... lovely music.

Finn: Stork, what exactly am I doing again?
Stork: Well, sound waves of certain frequency and volume level cancel each other out.
Finn: Right. What exactly am I doing again?
Stork: [slaps his face] Saving the world with your... rock.
Finn: Sweet!

[Finn's guitar music is stopping Ravess' energy blaster from destroying the Condor]
Stork: It's working! Finn's music is actually saving lives!

Ravess: [to Starling] You‘re not a Storm Hawk!
Starling: I am today.

Talon Academy [1.22][edit]

Piper: They're putting up posters to make it look like Cyclonia's cool, and tricking kids into joining the Talons.
[Finn looks at a poster]
Finn: Sweet! Oh, no way! They have a rollercoaster, too?

[Aerrow, Piper and Radarr have arrived at the Academy, disguised as new students]
Aerrow: So how long will these Chroma Crystals keep us disguised?
Piper: Long enough. I'd just feel better if the whole team was here.
Aerrow: We have to keep this low profile. Junko and Stork would stick out too much. And Finn...
[Two new students are looking at Skimmers]
Student: Whoa, cool! This is gonna be awesome!
Aerrow: Actually, he'd blend right in.

[Snipe is the cadets' 'Sergeant']
Snipe: [to Garrett] You, what's your name?
Garrett: Um, Garrett, sir.
Snipe: Now, you're "Pork Chop". [laughs]
[Snipe walks down the line of cadets, giving them all nicknames]
Snipe: Floptop, Mousy, Digger, Little Pete, Big Pete... [to Radarr] And what are you? Some kind of sky monkey?
[Radarr tries to bite him]
Aerrow: Er, he's with me.
Snipe: Yeah? And who are you?
Aerrow: Aerrow... Oh... Harold... My name's Harold.
Snipe: Yeah, well, now you're "Barrel". Like a barrel of monkeys! [laughs] Get it? Barrel and Monkey!
Aerrow: Yeah, I get it.
[Piper laughs]
Snipe: [to Piper] And I'm calling you "Giggles".

[In the kitchen, Piper has met Lynn, whom Piper saved at the start of the episode]
Piper: It's you!
Lynn: Heard of me, huh? The hotshot that was busted back to basic for chickening out against the Storm Hawks.
Piper: I'm here to help...
Lynn: Obviously. These spiny spuds aren't peeling themselves. If you really wanna help, give me a rematch with those stinking Storm Hawks!

Top Dog: [to Aerrow] I'm the best here, newbie! Better not forget it!

[Aerrow, Piper and Radarr have revealed their true identity]
Snipe: Gather 'round, class! You're about to learn how to... smash a Sky Knight!

[Aerrow, Piper, Radarr and the cadets are fighting Talons. Garrett defeats one with spiny spuds]
Garrett: Ha! Spuds one, Talons none!

Finn: Dude, what's with the hair?
Piper: That's nothing. Wait 'til you hear his nickname.
Finn: They gave you guys nicknames? Aw, I should have gone, too. Always wanted a nickname. Slick! No, no; Hotshot! Master Blaster! Chica-Cha Dude!

Siren's Song [1.23][edit]

[The Storm Hawks are stranded in the Great Expanse]
Stork: Stork's log - yep, we're doomed.

[Finn is trying to use the radio]
Aerrow: It's OK. I know you're trying.
Finn: OK? OK!? The Nimbus Nimrods are playing for the championship, man, and I'm missing it!
Aerrow: Finn, you‘re supposed to be calling for help!
Finn: The Nimrods don't need any help. They're on a winning streak. What do you say about that? (points his shaking finger at Aerrow)
Aerrow: (half-heartedly) Go, Nimrods.

[Junko thinks it was his fault that the Storm Hawks are stranded]
Aerrow: Er, Junko, this place must be messing with you. That's not the way it happened. I'm the one who got us lost, remember?
Piper: No, it was me!
Finn: What? No, I was the one who got us in here!
Stork: Um, excuse me, it was all me, man!
[Radarr points at himself]
Piper: But... we can't all be responsible... can we?

[After Finn has given a story about how the Storm Hawks are lost]
Stork: Didn't happen to see an air truck in there, did you?
Finn: Air truck?
Stork: Yeah. The one from Tinhatco.
Junko: "What" co?
Stork: You know... Tinhatco! Protecting brains like yours for over 25 years! It was carrying a shipment of the AM-3000 state-of-the-art Anti-MindWorm Helmet. I had to get one! I've been starting to notice that tell-tale tickle in my lower medulla!

[The Condor is being pulled down a vortex]
Aerrow: Stork, head straight for the centre; full thrust!
Stork: I like your thinking - let's get it over with.

[Junko dumped Stork's Merb Cabbage overboard to get the Condor out of the vortex]
Stork: My cabbage. You dumped the whole load.
Junko: Yeah, well, sometimes, you know, the tough choices have to be, um... you know, chosen.

[While the Storm Hawks were in the Expanse, they were being preyed upon by a Sky Siren, a creature that conjures illusions from a person's deepest desires. The Storm Hawks are now out of the Expanse]
Aerrow: Someone must have outlasted the Siren.
Piper: But that would take someone with major brain power.
[Radarr is piloting the Condor]
Finn: Well, say "Hello" to our mental giant!
Aerrow: [to Radarr] Wait. So that‘s your greatest desire? You just wanted to drive?
[Radarr nods]
Stork: Works for me.

Calling All Domos [1.24][edit]

[The Condor is rocking violently]
Finn: Are we under attack? Is it the Cyclonians?
Aerrow: It's worse! Much worse!
[Junko is screaming and banging the floor and walls]
Aerrow: Junko has a toothache.
Stork: This won't end well...

[Junko is still screaming and banging the floor and walls]
Finn: I can't stand to see Junko like this, so if anyone needs me, I'll be in my room.

[Stork is reading a book]
Finn: What you reading?
Stork: My new book. "1001 Terrible Afflictions And The Hopeless Means Of Fighting Them".

[The people of Terra Vapos need Finn to help them again]
Finn: We gotta go to Vapos. They need their Domo.
Stork: Uh-huh. And while you get the royal treatment, they'll make me sing songs. No, thank you! I am staying right here.
Finn: Stork, you can either come with me to Vapos, or you can stay here evading Cyclonians... by yourself.
Stork: [sighs] I'm going to regret this.

Stork: [singing] All the people of Vapos, an epic poem about Finn. You think he knows what he's doing, but who are we really kidding?

[Finn and Stork have disguised themselves as Murk Raiders, and are attempting to convince Eyeball]
Eyeball: Never seen you two before.
Finn: We're new!
Stork: Uh, really new!
Finn: From another ship.
Stork: Yeah, far away.
Finn: Really far.
Stork: Probably haven't heard of it.
Eyeball: You don't even look like Murk Raiders.
Stork: [impatiently] Oh, and is your job to give people fashion tips? Now, quit wasting time, and put us up to some back-breaking work!
Eyeball: You got a big mouth! [hits Stork hard on the back, knocking him to the floor, and grabs his hat, which is left floating in mid-air] You'll fit in fine...

[Finn and Stork, disguised as pirates, are doing chores on the Murk Raiders' ship]
Stork: [singing] The Domo became a pirate, not as smooth as he could be. While looking for the Serpegris, he ended up doing the laundry.

[The Murk Raiders have stolen the Serpegris, which is what the people of Vapos need. The Serpegris is around Captain Scabulous' neck]
Finn: I'm gonna swipe it.
Stork: You're gonna die.

[Finn has failed to retrieve the Serpegris]

Finn: Time to go to plan "B".
Stork: Do we even have a plan "B"?

[The Murk Raiders are dancing. Finn is dancing with the Captain, and Stork is dancing with Eyeball]
Stork: (looking at the camera) I would have preferred the trip to Wallop.

[Finn and Stork have taken the Serpegris]
Captain Scabulous: Whoever gets them first, extra chocolate pudding rations for a month!

[Finn and Stork have successfully returned the Serpegris]
Stork: [singing] The Raiders left with nothing, they got their just dessert. And despite the terrifying mortal danger, the Domo never got hurt. And once again Vapos is safe, the Domo saved the day. And in the words of this humble poet, Great Domo did OK.

[Junko no longer has a toothache]
Junko: Now I got an earache!
[Everyone groans]
Stork: We're doomed.

The Lesson [1.25][edit]

[Dark Ace is showing an Ravess, Snipe and Repton an Enhancer Stone]
Snipe: A crystal?
Dark Ace: An Enhancer Stone, Mr. Snipe, forged by Master Cyclonis herself to amplify our skills 100 fold.
[Dark Ace puts the Stone in his Energy Sword and tests it on a rock mountain, making it crumble]
Repton: I'll take four.

[Ayrgyn the Skeelur is on the Condor. Junko is trying to find him]
Ayrgyn: Somebody needs to work on their finesse, and that somebody is you. And by the way, a manicure wouldn't kill you either.

[Ayrgyn has taken the Storm Hawks to Terra Neon for training. Finn is at the shooting range]
Aerrow: Ayrgyn, I don't mean to be rude, but I thought we were supposed to be training?
Ayrgyn: Lesson one: trust me. Oh, and do something about that hair.

[Arygyn has forced Stork to ride a mechanical bull as part of his "training"]
Stork: [as he's riding] Why... am... I... doing... this!?
Ayrgyn: [with the same labored tone] Be... cause... it's... fun! [laughs then whispers quietly to Aerrow next to him] And I'm a cruel, cruel man.

[The Storm Hawks have managed to complete the challenges that Ayrgyn gave them]
Ayrgyn: Anyone up for a snack?
Junko: Am I?
Aerrow: Now hold on just a minute! This has gone on long enough. You’re supposed to be this great warrior trainer, but you haven’t taught us a thing! The Talons are out there going after our friends, and we’re on Terra Neon wasting time! So what’s it gonna be?
Ayrgyn: Well, I hear flame corn here's excellent.

[The Storm Hawks are back on the Condor]
Aerrow: Piper, put out an all-channels call. Find out who’s left. If we join forces, it might not be too late for the rest of us.
[The alarm goes off. Dark Ace, Ravess, Snipe and the Raptors are approaching]
Stork: Ooh, yeah, it's too late.

[Remembering his "training", Aerrow has used a Nitro Crystal to catch up with Dark Ace's speeding Switchblade]
Dark Ace: Just one question: how?
Aerrow: How else? We've been training.

Dude, Where's My Condor? [1.26][edit]

[The Condor has broken down, and the Storm Hawks are trying console Stork]'
Aerrow: Stork, I'm sure we can find a way to patch up the impellor.
Stork: [yells in frustration] It's already been patched! A thousand times, just like everything on this flying deathtrap! The emergency sprinkles are full of slime... when you flush the toilet, it sends a hundred volts through the seat... [they hear Junko yell in pain off-screen]
Finn: Uh, yeah, it would be good to get that fixed...

[The Storm Hawks are being shown a new ship]
Junko: [looking at a magazine] Guys, it comes with an air freshener!

[The Storm Hawks have traded the Condor for a new ship, which is literally falling apart as they attempt to battle Cyclonians]
Piper I can't pilot our way out of this! We need Stork! [Radarr jumps over to remove Stork's Trance Helmet and wake him up]
Finn: Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, he's probably gonna be a little upset at me for [as Radarr suceeds in getting the helmet off, Finn's voice lowers to a whisper] trading the Condor for this ship!
Stork: [as he wakes up, he looks around, then turns to glare at Finn angrily] You what? I'm out of it for a few minutes, and you WHAT!? [he jumps on Finn, rocking the ship as fight sounds are heard from the outside. As the Cyclonians draw closer, Aerrow manages to separate them]
Aerrow: Stork, I know this maybe isn't the best time for you [Stork flails toward Finn, trying to hit him with his feet], but we've got impending doom at 11 o'clock!
[The Cyclonians open fire]
Stork: My beloved is gone! What's the point!?
[The ship gets blasted more forcefully, making Stork fall over. A large metal object falls from the ceiling and lands very close to his head]
Stork: OK, I get the point.

Piper: But Stork, you complain about the Condor all the time.
Stork: That's because I love to complain! Just drop me off at the Black Gorge.

Piper: There might be a way to find the Condor using its timepulse code.
Aerrow: Great! What's the code?
Piper: Who knows? It's a 46-digit number and it's only written on the ship's ownership card, which is still on the Condor.
Stork: Oh, you mean "19837657289478274673892837584736 [takes a deep breath] 7436573875643 [takes a deep breath] 8"?

[The Colonel has acquired the Condor. It is starting to rip apart because it is going too fast]
Stork: Oh, no. My ship. My ship!
Colonel: Your ship? This is my ship now, remember?
Stork: Then maybe you oughta try saving it!
Colonel: It's just a ship. I have plenty of ships.
Stork: "Just a ship"?! The Condor demands an apology!

[The Storm Hawks now have the Condor back]
Stork: After our little high speed joyride of doom, she's in worse shape than ever! And I wouldn't have you any other way.

Season 2[edit]

The Masked Masher [2.01][edit]

[Finn has bought tickets for the Ultimate Extreme Mighty Mega Warrior Championship]
Finn: Did I mention I had to trade ten Power Crystals and our toaster oven so we could all go?
Piper: That's almost our entire power supply!
Junko: What? No toast?

[Junko, disguised as the Masked Masher, is up against Clowniac]
Junko: Uh... Nice, friendly clown...
[Junko shakes hands with Clowniac, only to get shocked by Clowniac's joy buzzer]
Junko: Bad, mean clown!

[Finn uses a Hypnosis Crystal to give Junko self-confidence]
Finn: You're braver, stronger, and invincible-er!

[Finn has overdone the hypnosis, making Junko wild]
Finn: Maybe I overdid it a little...
[Junko throws a warrior across the cage]
Stork: I'd say... yeah.

[Junko has been unmasked and is now fighting Aerrow]
Aerrow: Come on, Junko! It's me, Aerrow!
Junko: Nobody calls me junk! I am the Ultimate Mighty Mega Warrior and you are about to be crushed!

[Finn can't remember the anti-hypnosis words: "Cyclonia help bad news"]
Finn: Uh... Cyclonis wears bad shoes!
[Everyone gasps]
Piper: [sighs] Finn...
Finn: Uh... Cyclonis, uh, never shampoos!
Master Cyclonis: [to guard] Throw the rude one into the cage!

[Piper and Cyclonis are ready to fight. Piper has a towel over her shoulders]
Announcer: Look at this, ladies and gents! It's Master Cyclonis versus...towel girl.

[Piper and Cyclonis are fighting]
Piper: You shouldn't leave a paper trail on your desk. Now, I can make a Regenerating Crystal, too.
Master Cyclonis: You're not even close to having skills for something that complex.
Piper: Closer than you think. [punches Cyclonis] And speaking of skills, you fight like a girl.

Atmos' Most Wanted [2.02][edit]

The Rebel Ducks think the Storm Hawks stole their Cheese Stone]
Wren: We found this at the scene of the crime!
[Wren takes out a fake Storm Hawks patch]
Wren: This is your insignia, is it not?
Piper: It's a fake! You see, this emblem is stitched. All of ours are painted.
Finn: Yeah. Like any of us know how to sew.

Stork: Um, I still think we should stay on the Condor... where it's safe...
Aerrow: If we hide, we're never gonna find out who's framing us.
Stork: My hands are too soft for hard labor... I'd never make it on the inside...

[The Storm Hawks are on a wanted poster on a bulletin board]
Piper: Guys, this is bad...
[Junko looks at the wrong flyer]
Junko: [scoffs] They want how much for a one-bedroom apartment?

[After reading wanted poster]
Finn: That's the best picture of me they could find? Hey, why is my bounty less than Stork's?!

Leugey: [wearing the Aerrow Mask] Ooh! Ooh! Hey! Look at me. I'm a sky knight. [gets hit with a snowball] Owey! Owey! Owey!
Spitz: [with snowblaster] Ha! Ha! I never knew snowballs were this much fun. [snorts]

[Finn's Skimmer has been turned into cheese]
Finn: [sniffs] Is that me or is that the cheese?

[Finn knocks Leugey off his skimmer]
Finn: [chuckles] And my bounty was less than Stork's.

Stratosphere [2.03][edit]

[Stork walks onto the bridge with only a bath towel on]
Stork: Oh, sure... I make a nice, relaxing swamp bath, and we just have to get attacked...

[Aerrow is shouting orders]
Aerrow: Stork, find some cover, fast!
[Referring to his lack of clothing, Radarr having pulled off his towel to plug up a steam leak]
Stork: Was getting kinda drafty... [reaches for his towel]
Aerrow: I meant for the ship...
Stork: Right...
Piper: Actually, if you could do both, that would be great.

[The Storm Hawks are preparing for a trip to the stratosphere. Stork walks in wearing a strange costume]
Piper: ...Stork?
Stork: [after removing helmet] My prototype strato-suit... for protection from the dangers of the upper atmosphere...
Finn: Are those... radishes?
Stork: Only known defense against... strato-elves... [begins pointing to varies doodads on the suit, from his left to his right] This wards off the warro-weasels; this drives away the dreaded mist bunnies... [makes a hand gesture that looks like a rabbit, then points to the helmet] Oh, and that’s the air supply.
Aerrow: Uh, that's great, Stork. But for the rest of us, just do the air part, okay?
Stork: Eh, it's your funeral, man...

[Ravess is up in the stratosphere]
Master Cyclonis: So, you've been using my platform for sneak attacks?
Ravess: Indeed, Master. With the Storm Hawks out of the way-
Master Cyclonis: The Storm Hawks had no clue we were up there until you started taking potshots at them.
Ravess: But Master, it's the perfect opportunity-
Master Cyclonis: This project is all the opportunity we need. Focus on completing it, or I'll start taking potshots at you.

[Ravess has sent an "exopod" into the exosphere. Aerrow and Radarr must destroy it]
Piper: Your path will directly intercept the exopod. Once you've destroyed it, the Condor will move in position to catch you. Don't miss your re-entry window.
Stork: Or... you'll drift off into... the point of no return...

[Aerrow and Radarr missed the exopod due to Piper's miscalculation]
Aerrow: Piper, I'm going to need a new calculation, this time with me going around the far side of the Atmos.
Piper: Aerrow, that's never been done before.
Stork: I really don't think that's gonna stop him.

[On the deck of the Condor]
Piper: Well, you did it, Aerrow. You really did it!
Aerrow: I did.
Piper: [leans closer to Aerrow] What was it like?
Aerrow: I don't have the words.
Piper: Pfft. Who needs words? At least you got pictures! [Aerrow had taken horrible blurry pictures for Piper]

The Last Stand [2.04][edit]

[Referring to Lava Lake in the Wastelands]
Stork: Fire scorpions, constant earthquakes, total doom. Never gonna make it!

[Junko is wearing an unusual outfit]
Finn: Is that a skirt?
Junko: It's traditional Wallop greeting attire. I wanna look good for B.A.R.F.
Finn: "B.A.R.F."?
Junko: The Brotherhood of Atmosian high-Risk Fuel workers; the toughest Wallops ever!

Junko: [to Wallop miners] By the crystal peaks of Terra Wallopia, I, Junko, welcome you!
Dag: So what's with the getup?
Urgi: Haven't you noticed that this here is the Wasteland?
Dag: Heh. Must not get out much.

[After hearing Mr. Moss on the radio]
Dag: Now, who is that?
Aerrow: Mr. Moss, warden of Zartacla Prison. Last time we ran into him, well, let's just say we left his Skyride pretty banged up and his prison a little... empty.

Mr. Moss: Aerrow, my boy, you got what I call "tenacity", but it's time to come on out and face the music!
[Aerrow flies past Mr. Moss]
Aerrow: Alright, then you'd better start playing.

Mr. Moss: [while fighting Aerrow] I'm not going down easily this time, son! I left me a little reminder of our last adventure, just to keep me motivated!
[Aerrow flies past Mr. Moss, giving his Skyride another scratch]
Aerrow: Now, you've got another!

[The miners are taking a break at an inopportune time]
Junko: What are you doing?!
Urgi: Lunch break.
Junko: No more breaks!
[Junko kicks the table]
Dag: Hey! Watch the doughnuts!

[After activating the Condor''s defence relay]
Stork: Warning. Impending doom for anyone touching the outside of the ship.

[Aerrow damages Mr. Moss' Skyride yet again]
Mr. Moss: Stop beating on my Bessie!

Life with Leugey [2.05][edit]

[Stork is trying to stop Lugey from getting a Gravitron Crystal]
Stork: Stop, or I'll [takes out a toothbrush] brush?
Leugey: Uh-oh. I have something in my teeth?

[Stork has swallowed the Gravitron Crystal, causing Lugey to get stuck to him]
Stork: Get off me, you overgrown, underdeveloped oaf!
Leugey: No, you get off me, you... you... what you said.
Stork: I can't. It's the Gravitron Crystal. Swallowing it must have activated it, increasing my gravitational field a thousand fold!
Stork: [clears throat] We're stuck together.

[Leugey has fallen over, squashing Stork]
Stork: OK, this stinks. [discovers that Leugey is smelly] I mean, really stinks!

[Leugey is walking into a room that contains a Sky Shark]
Stork: Oh, for the love of all that's sane, don't!

[Before Leugey enters the bathroom]
Leugey: Boy, oh, boy! What a day! I never get to use the inside bathroom!
Stork: Please, somebody end my miserable existence.

Piper: I've figured out a way to deactivate the crystal. It involves a combination of incredibly rare crystals, and there's only one person who has them all.
Aerrow: Let me guess - Gundstaff. This isn't gonna be easy.
Junko: Ooh, what does he have? Advanced retinal armour? Viral incinerators?
Piper: Worse. He's really tall.

[Piper is collecting crystals to separate Stork and Leugey]
Piper: Just a couple more and I'll have all the crystals we need to separate you.
Leugey: Yeah! [turns to Stork uncertainly] Separate us? I don't wanna be separated!
Stork: You mean, you like sharing the same stale air with somebody else's smelly, germ-ridden body?
Leugey: Well, sure, who wouldn't? But mostly, I like being an honorary Stork Hawk!

[While trying to hit Finn with his mace, Gundstaff accidentally breaks his table]
Gundstaff: You'll pay for that!
Finn: Me? You smashed it! I don't think it's fair that you...
[Gundstaff tries to hit Finn, but Junko saves him]
Finn: I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

[Gundstaff is about to smash Stork and Leugey]
Leugey: [to Stork] OK, so what do we do?
Stork: You're asking me? You‘re the one who jumped out here, you meat-headed salamander!
Leugey: Hey! That hurts my feelings!
[Gundstaff raises his mace]
Stork: I am so sorry; by all means, let's discuss your feelings when an enormous giant is about to smush us!
Gundstaff: I don't know which to mash first! They're both so annoying!

[The other Raptors have arrived at Gundstaff's hut]
Leugey: She [Piper] did it, boss! She can deactivate the Gravamatron Crystal!
Repton: Why would I want to deactivate it? [to Stork] No. I'll get it out of you... another way.
Stork: Leugey, no! You can't! You... You're a Storm Hawk!
Leugey: Uh, but you said I was a Raptor. And Raptors should do what Repton wants.
Repton: Repton wants you to stop being an idiot and hold still!
Stork: Leugey, no! Forget what I said. Forget what he says. Just think for yourself.
Leugey: Oh, OK. If that's what you think I should do.

Repton: How could you be so foolish?! Do you know how hard it was to track you and this crystal?!

[Leugey says nothing]

Repton: Well! Say something!
Leugey: [hugs Repton] I missed you too, Boss!
Repton: What did I tell you about the hugging?
Leugey: Oops! He! [lets go of Repton] Sorry, Boss.

[Stork, now separated from Leugey, is taking a bath]
Stork: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in here for the rest of the week.

What Got into Finn? [2.06][edit]

[Finn and Junko opened a canister that they weren't supposed to open]
Aerrow: We searched every inch of the ship for the monster.
Finn and Junko: Monster?
Piper: Must have come from the canister. The only question is, how'd it get out?
[Finn and Junko chuckle sheepishly]
Aerrow: You didn't.
Stork: Ooh... they did.

[Stork is examining slobber from the monster, which Finn has turned into]
Stork: Ooh...
Piper: What is it, Stork?
Stork: Well, on a scale of horrible to catastrophic, I'd say this is a complete disaster.

[The Storm Hawks have found Finn in monster form]
Aerrow: That's really Finn?
[Finn throws a fruit at Aerrow]
Aerrow: It's not like him to share.

[Stork has been working on a cure for Finn and Junko's infection, caught by opening the canister]
Stork: One of these wafers is probably the cure, one of these is kinda bad news, and one of these is seriously bad news.
Junko: Hmmm. I'd like the cure, please.
Stork: Without knowing what sub-species of Spore is inside you, we'll have to guess.
Junko: Uh... OK. Eeny, meeny, miny, that one.
[Junko eats the green wafer, causing him to turn into tentacles]
Stork: OK, that one would be the seriously bad news.

[Stork has set up a trap for Finn]
Junko: That's a pretty big log to hit Finn with.
Stork: Oh, but not too big for Monster Finn.

[Monster Finn has pushed Stork off a cliff and into a deep swampy pond]
Stork: Step two: SHOW NO MERCY. (puts his helmet on and pond water splashes on him)

Royal Twist [2.07][edit]

[Piper has met Princess "Perry" Peregrine, who looks exactly like her]
Piper: You're royalty? Wow, that must be a lot of responsibility.
Perry: You say that like it's a good thing. All I really want is some fun and adventure.
[Perry holds up a drawing of her fighting a dragon]
Perry: The only kind I ever see is what I can imagine. [starts playing with puppets] Lady Ursula and I spend a lot of time trying to outwit the evil Dr. Ogre. [deep voice] I'm gonna eat you! Muahahahahahaha! [high voice] Oh, yeah? Eat this! [hits Dr. Ogre with Lady Ursula]
Piper: Uh, yeah. You really do need to get out more.

Regent: [to Perry] Why don't we discuss your schedule for the day? First, the royal birdseed review at noon. Then the paint-drying tournament, followed by your trophy presentation at the royal dish-scrubbing contest.

Aerrow: She hasn't returned or even checked in. That's not Piper's style, Stork.
Stork: Oh, she's returning alright, Aerrow... but, er...
[Perry, disguised as Piper, is flying awkwardly towards the Condor]
Stork: ...not in style.

[A Nightcrawler has been captured by the guards on Terra Clockstoppia]
Regent: Outsiders are not welcome. What is your business here?
Nightcrawler: I have come for your crystals.
Regent: Well, you're wasting your time. We don't use crystals here. They are forbidden.
Nightcrawler: But you do have them. You just don't use them. Such a shame.
Regent: Oh? And why is that, pre-tell?
Nightcrawler: Because now I know. Your kingdom is defenceless!

[After a Nightcrawler attack on Clockstoppia]
Piper: [wearing Perry's clothes] They're an elite Cyclonian goon squad that answers only to Master Cyclonis herself!
Regent: [holds up Dr. Ogre] And would this be Master Cyclonis?
Piper: No, that's Dr. Ogre! But that's not the point!
[Piper opens one of the guard's cannons. Two oranges come out of it]
Piper: You're gonna stop them with oranges?
Regent: Obviously you've never taken citrus to the eye!

[Piper and Perry have made the Nightcrawlers retreat by exposing them to bright light]
Piper: They're dangerous, but only in the dark. Bright light cripples their armour.
Junko: That's why they call 'em "Nightcrawlers". Total giveaway.

Second Chances [2.08][edit]

Guy Skyly: [a news reporter] Remember disgraced Sky Knight Carver, who betrayed the people of Atmos? Guess where he is now.
[Carver is released from prison]
Guy Skyly: Say "Goodbye, slammer", and "Hello, freedom." He's out! New evidence has been discovered that proves behind a shadow of a doubt that bad boy Carver was a victim of Cyclonian mind control. Now that the mind control has worn off, Terra Atmosia has its hero back, and you're looking at one reporter who can't wait to see what the future holds for this superstar Sky Knight!
[The Storm Hawks are watching the news report]
Stork: See, this... is why I don't watch the news.

Finn: [to Guy Skyly] That's right. Domo. D-O-M-O. With a "D". I think.

[Aerrow is stuck on a ship heading down to the Wastelands]
Guy Skyly: This is horrible! Tragic! [to cameraman] You're getting this, right?

Carver: What do you have there?
Stork: Oh, it's my new pet. A Scarlet Maw Razor-Fang Arachnoid; the deadliest creature ever to walk the Atmos.
Carver: So, it's deadly?
Stork: One single, tiny half-bite from it causes body numbing, then brain melting! I sometimes get tingly just looking at it.

Finn: Aerrow? Our Aerrow? Under Cyclonian control?
Stork: Hmmm...
Junko: He has been acting weird.
Stork: I assumed he had mindworms. Then again, I assume everyone has mindworms.

[Aerrow is in jail, but the Storm Hawks have discovered that he is innocent]
Junko: We gotta go let him out!
Carver: You're a little late. It seems a Scarlet Maw Razor-Fang Arachnoid got loose in his cell. Oops.
Stork: Gah! If that's true, then Aerrow is doomed! Double-doomed!
[Aerrow and Radarr enter]
Aerrow: I wouldn't be so sure, Stork.
Carver: Impossible! But how did you...? He said it was...
Aerrow: I have Radarr to thank for springing me from prison. As for the spider - Stork, it turns out that this is a Scarlet Maw Tickle-Fang.
[Radarr gives the spider to Stork]
Stork: The non-poisonous kind. Ah, that's disappointing, in a glad-you're-alive sort of way.
Aerrow: [to Carver] Master Cyclonis'll be disappointed your big plan crashed and burned!
Carver: [laughs] Her? Cyclonis has nothing to do with this. It's all about you and me! It's about payback!

[Aerrow defeated carver with the Lightning Claw]
Aerrow: Aerrow two, Carver, zerah.

Stork: So, I traded in the Arachnoid for a new pet. This one is most assuredly the deadliest on Atmos. Wanna see?
[Stork shows the other Storm Hawks his new pet. They recoil in disgust]
Stork: [lovingly] I know. Isn't it great!? What should we name him!?

Radarr Love [2.09][edit]

[The Storm Hawks are making a quick stop at the Wayside]
Aerrow: OK, if we wanna make the concert, everybody's got five minutes to do what they need to do, and then we gotta go.
Piper: Great. I just need to grab another Turbo Crystal.
[Stork comes crashing out of the Condor in his Storkmobile]
Stork: I need a new proton impeller.
Junko: I need the bathroom.
Finn: Er, if you're wondering why he didn't go on the Condor, don't ask.

Cyclonian #2: Do you know what my greatest fear is? That when they make the movie about Master Cyclonis' conquest of the Atmos, my role will be so insignificant they'll refer to me in the credits as... [sniffs] "Cyclonian #2".

[Radarr is on Cyclonian #2's cruiser. He uses a radio to contact the Storm Hawks]
Aerrow: Radarr! Boy, are we glad to hear your voice!
[Radarr 'speaks', but the Storm Hawks can't understand him]
Aerrow: What? I-I can't understand what you're saying.
[Radarr chirrups again]
Finn: [taking a wild guess] Um... OK. You're stuck in a lava cave with rampaging magma beasts.

Aerrow: I don't like the way Radarr's signal suddenly went dead.
Piper: Don't worry. We tracked the transmission. We're headed right to him.
Stork: And thanks to that Turbo Crystal, we're going twice our max speed. Eh-heh. We couldn't slow down if we wanted to.

[Cyclonian #2 has been defeated by chickens]
Cyclonian: Sir, Ravess is on the line. If it's any consolation, it doesn't seem like she'll soon forget the name of, as she put it, "Commander Chicken Feather".

Scout's Honor [2.10][edit]

Finn: That's the last of Snipe's posse!
Aerrow: Great job, Finn! Now it's just Snipe and us!
Stork: Wow. Things might actually be looking... good.
Piper: [to Snipe] Think you can take us all on?
Snipe: Don't have to. I'll let my new friend do it! [laughs]
[Snipe presses a button on a remote control. A giant fan appears]
Stork: Eh, yeah. That's the last time I ever get optimistic.

[After Snipe's fan broke down]
Piper: One of these days, Snipe's gonna come up with a weapon that actually works and then we'll be in real danger.
[Stork is lying on the couch, a bag of ice on his head]
Stork: It was a close enough call for me. [whispering softly] I can still feel the breeze...
Aerrow: Uh, Stork... that's not the wind.
[As Stork opens one eye, he sees a Merbian carrier pigeon floating above him, a rolled-up piece of parchment held in its claws; naturally, he screams in panic]

[After reading the scroll, Finn wonders aloud what the "rites of Elp" is, asking, "Does it hurt?"]
Stork: More than you could ever imagine! For one day each year, every Merb, no matter where they are, must submit themselves for the most punishing task imaginable! [gasps dramatically] We must... [whispering menacingly] volunteer!
Finn: That's it? What's the big deal?
Stork: But it could be anything! Like cleaning hairy snoz-blat drains, or feeding the mouthless maggle-throps...
Aerrow: Does it have to be something terrible?
[A transport vessel arrives. A Merb in a red uniform steps out to hand Stork a form]
Merb: They're all yours. [he quickly detaches the trailer, and departs]
Stork: [after reading the aforementioned form] Um, it says I'm supposed to go camping at some place called Terra Fauna, with 3 young Sky Scouts!? As their...
[The door on the trailer opens loudly, and three young Merbs yell in excitement, then zip over in front of Stork]
Young Merbs: [in unison] Are you our new Sky Scout master!?
Stork: [dejectedly] Yes... no-no! Ehhhgh! [faints]

[Aerrow is standing over Stork, who fainted after seeing what he had "volunteered" for]
Aerrow: Everything's fine, Stork.
Stork: Oh... Aerrow, what a relief... I had a dream that I was- [hears the scouts chatting excitedly] Ugh... So, uh.. it wasn't a dream.
[After each name, the scene cuts to the kid who's named, starting with one boy wearing a red hankerchief and matching socks, jumping over the table then standing up triumphantly]
Aerrow: Uh, that's Griffin...
Griffin: Huh... oh, I could do lotsa cool moves if this place were bigger!
Aerrow: Owlsley...
[Cuts to a boy wearing an orange hankerchief and matching socks]
Owlsley: [points to random levers, then pulls them] Hey, what's this do? And this? Oh, I know a lot about machines and stuff...
[Piper begins chasing after him]
Owlsley: What's that thing? [tightens a bolt on one of the cannons] I could make this way better.
[The cannon springs forward, followed closely by a frustrated Piper who groans in protest]
Aerrow: And Pydge.
[Cuts to a boy wearing a blue hankerchief and matching socks]
Pydge: [hugging Radarr tightly] I love animals... I-I, I can talk to them... [imitates Radarr's growls]
[Radarr looks horrified, then runs away, with Pydge chasing after him excitedly]
Pydge: Oh, hey, where ya goin'? Come back, I wanna talk to ya...
Aerrow: [to Stork] You should get going... now...

Pydge: [to Stork] The manual says you're supposed to teach us.
Owlsley: Don't you know anything?
Stork: [points to a tree Griffin is climbing] Well, I know that that type of tree is where the poisonous bark-snark usually lives.
[Griffin jumps down. Pydge makes an animal call]
Stork: Go ahead, make that sound again, and see what happens when a Bog Howler answers you...
[Owlsley is drilling into a tree trunk]
Stork: And that could be a tree trunk, but it also might be a giant galumpous foot...
[Owlsley stops drilling]
Pydge: [holds up a brown paper bag, shaking it menacingly] And what's this?
Stork: That's my lunch! Gimme that! [takes it from him]
Griffin: A harmless tree snake? [motions to a purple snake climbing a tree]
Stork: Yes, but if it had a red spot on its head, it would be a venomous scapper serpent.
[A Bog Howler is up a tree]
Owlsley: And is that ugly thing harmless, or is it something scary like a Bog Howler?
Stork: [calmly] Um, no, that is a Bog Howler.

Owlsley: [referring to a Bog Howler ready to attack them] How do we stop it?
Stork: I'm going with throwing stuff at it!
Pydge: I could talk to it...
Stork: Here's a little conversation starter.
[Stork throws a rock at the Bog Howler. The Sky Scouts join in, picking up random things to lob at it]
Stork: Not my lunch! Not my radio!

[The Condor is flying upside-down]
Junko: This is seriously scary!
Finn: Not nearly as scary as what I'm gonna do to that kid for messing up our controls!

Griffin: Well, I think we lost the Howler.
Pydge: Aww, I never got to talk to it!
Stork: Yeah, I think that's one voice you never need to hear again.
[Snipe laughs somewhere offscreen]
Stork: Goik! That's another...

Pydge: The scout's manual says you always have a plan.
Stork: [groans] I really hate that manual...

Sky's End [2.11][edit]

Aerrow: Now, any idea where we are?
Piper: Way off course. [points at a section of a map] Here. We're at the very edge of the charted Atmos, Aerrow. A place called "Sky's End".
Stork: Yeah, our end, more likely.

[The Storm Hawks are fighting a "dragon"]
Aerrow: I think I've found a chink in its armour! I'm gonna aim for that... belly button-looking thing.
Piper: Aerrow, dragons hatch from eggs! Even if it was real, it can't have a belly button!
Aerrow: Well then, Finn, Junko, you distract it while I aim for its imaginary belly button.

[After Eyeball saw the baby dragons that the Storm Hawks need to protect]
Junko: I think Radarr's trying to tell us something.
Radarr: The sentence I said has four words. [Radarr holds up four fingers]
Aerrow: OK, four words.
Radarr: First word. [Radarr holds up one finger]
Piper: First word.
Radarr: Eyeball. [Radarr points at his eye]
Aerrow: Look?
Radarr: [Radarr shakes his head "No"] No.
Stork: Uh-uh. See!
Junko: Saw!
Finn: Seesaw!
Radarr: Nah. EYEBALL. [Radarr points at his eye again]
Piper: Eye?
Radarr: Two syllables.
Piper: Eyeball!
Radarr: [Radarr nods his head "Yes"] Yes. Second word. [Radarr holds up two fingers]
Finn: Second word!
Radarr: Saw. [Radarr waves his finger near his eye]
Junko: Eyeball!
Radarr: [Radarr shakes his head "No"] Uh-uh.
Junko: But you just... OK.
Radarr: Saw. [Radarr pretends use a saw]
Aerrow: Piston! Eyeball piston?
Stork: Oh, oh, oh - the death throes of a three-armed swamp gobbler?
Radarr: [Radarr shakes his head "No"] No, No, No, No! SAW. [Radarr pretends to use a saw again]
Piper: Reaching? Grabbing?
Finn: Sawing?
Radarr: [Radarr makes a positive gesture] Absolutely!
Finn: Seesaw!
Aerrow: Saw! Eyeball saw!
Stork: Eyeball saw? Is that some kind of torture device?
Radarr: [Radarr shakes his head "No"] Certainly not. Fourth word. [Radarr holds up four fingers]
Piper: Straight to the fourth word.
Radarr: Dragons. [Radarr points at the baby dragons]
Junko: Um, dragons?
Radarr: [Radarr gives Junko a thumbs-up] Definitely!
Junko: Yes! This is fun!
Finn: Eyeball saw dragons!
Stork: Eyeball saw dragons?
Piper: Eyeball saw the dragons! That means this place is about to be swarming with Murk Raiders!

[After being defeated by the dragons and losing their pants]
Captain Scabulous: That's enough for today! Call retreat, Eyeball! We'll get a bigger fleet and come back for the dragons!
Eyeball: And our pants, Captain?
Captain Scabulous: No, Eyeball. We'll never see our pants again.

Five Days [2.12][edit]

[Radarr runs in, chattering excitedly]
Piper: What's up, Radarr?
[Radarr points toward Aerrow and scratches wildly]
Stork: [gasps] Radarr has fleas!
[Radarr growls and points at Aerrow more forcefully]
Stork: Aerrow has fleas!?

[Aerrow has an itch, but he is not allowed to move to scratch it]
Finn: We're here for ya, buddy! Where does it itch?
Aerrow: [hesitantly] Well, uh...
Junko: Your knee? Uh, foot? Uh, elbow?
Aerrow: Uhh, not exactly...
[Radarr demonstrates its location by patting himself on the butt]
Junko: Ohhh...
Finn: Ooh, sorry, dude... I can't help you there...
Piper: [handing Finn an extendable grabber] You've got the best aim...
Finn: Aww, man!
Aerrow: Finn, more than ever, don't miss!

[Stork is reading from his poetry book to help Aerrow pass the time]
Stork: Now, for the next verse from "Darkness, Total Darkness, Purest Black"...
[Just as he is about to begin, Junko and Piper come in with Aerrow's meal, much to Stork's dismay]
Junko: Uh, guys... Fresh plate of Numby-Numby Scrool Bugs!
Aerrow: [disliking the look of the bugs] You know, guys, I've got a better idea. I've been noticing a slight knock developing in the left engine pod. Junko, could you check on that?
Junko: I don't hear anything.
Aerrow: And Stork, I think the Condor is listing about a tenth of a degree to the port side.
Stork: [noticably saddened] Fine... I'll read to myself...

Aerrow: Junko, I'm still hearing the engine click.
[Junko growls and hits a pipe with a spanner]
Aerrow: Now I call it more of a "clack".
[Junko growls]
Aerrow: And Stork, we're on keel now, but maybe, like, two degrees of yaw.
Stork: [feeling a draught] What was that? [closes an air hole]
Aerrow: Stork, are you letting in a draught?
Stork: You know, I'll be really glad when Captain Notice Everything has better things to do than notice everything.

Master Cyclonis: [to Piper] Well, if it isn't my "best friend forever".

Energy Crisis [2.13][edit]

Junko: Stork, do you really need to buy another venomous cricket?
Stork: Um... I need the venom to make anti-venom, which is important since the first cricket is still loose somewhere on the ship.
Junko: Uh, maybe we better buy two.

[Talking about the Suit of Untold Vengeance]
Piper: But legend said it was cursed.
Stork: Ah! Cursed! I like the sound of that...

Finn: Mountain climbing isn't so bad, except for all the climbing.

[Dark Ace is in the Suit of Untold Vengeance]
Dark Ace: Cursed? Nothing cursed about this. I feel fine. I feel great. The entire Atmos is mine now!
Cyclonian: Um, sir, there's an incoming call from Master Cyclonis.
Dark Ace: Take a message!

Piper: ...assuming a diminished capacity on a part of the Dark Ace.
Finn: A what-inished?
Piper: It means he won't be himself.
[Piper rolls down a drawing of the Dark Ace with ghosts around him]
Piper: The best way to find a weakness is to try and confuse him.
[Junko laughs]
Stork: By... dressing up as ghosts. [slaps his face]

[After crashing the Condor into the Suit of Untold Vengeance]
Stork: So much for the new paint job...

[Storm Hawks are confronting the Dark Ace for the second time]
Piper: [Encouraging the team] Aerrow knows what he's doing... [hesitates] Right, Aerrow?
Aerrow: Get out there and let the Dark Ace hit you. [Hits himself on the head]
[Storm Hawks look at him incredulously, Radarr faints]

[Stork is melting down the parts of the Suit]
Stork: Never wanna see this again... never wanna see this again... [picks up Finn's annoying puzzle game] and never wanna see this... ever again.

Dark Waters [2.14][edit]

Domiwick: I am on a great journey of exploration, to the Other Side. Encountering those Domiwick Beasts was just a minor setback.
Stork: Domiwick Beasts?
Domiwick: I discovered them. Why not take credit for it?
Piper: Well, they are totally thoughtless and highly destructive. I'd say the name fits.

[Domiwick has blown open an underwater entrance, releasing vicious shark-like creatures]
Tritonn: Had to ram me ship into the hole to keep more from coming up. Our very lives depended on these safe waters. We'd have swum for it, if not for him. Wouldn't be right to leave him behind, even if he does deserve it.

Piper: The way I see it, we've got three objectives: haul this ship outta the hole, round up the creatures, and drive them back down and then seal it up for good.
Finn: Sounds awesome! Awesomely impossible.

Stork: Stabilisers, check. Engines, check. Incredibly complicated plan with way too many variables, check.
Piper: I heard that.

[The Condor is flooding]
Aerrow: Grab your breathers! Abandon ship!
[The Storm Hawks, except Piper, put on their breathers]
Piper: My breather! Domiwick took it!
Aerrow: Hurry! Take mine!
Piper: No, Aerrow!
Aerrow: There's no time to argue! There's still two miles of water between us and any more air!
Finn: So, what? You're just gonna go down with the ship?
Aerrow: I'm not giving up on the Condor yet. There's still a chance we can save her if the engine room doesn't flood.
Junko: But you'd have to close it off from inside the access duct.
Aerrow: Which I won't be able to do in a bulky breather.
[Aerrow gives Piper his breather]
Piper: You'd better make it back.
Aerrow: Hey, it's me. I'll find a way.

Number One Fan [2.15][edit]

Finn: Besides, he hasn't got his picture taken with the Finnster yet! Am I right?
Noob: Uhhh, y-eah. Not a big Finn fan.
Finn: (huge gasp)

A Colonel of Truth [2.16][edit]

Finn: I want to squeegie!

[Junko cleaning kitchen]

Junko: Oh, yeah! (tosses spoon into tub)
Stork : (enters wearing a pink flowery apron) Oh good! You're done! That bathroom is a two man job!
(Junko stares at Stork's apron)
(whistling noise and romantic music in background)
Stork: What? I can't have nice things?

[Stork sprays air freshener at Mr. Fluffykins]

Piper: Well, whatever that thing is, now it smells lemony fresh.

Piper: (about cleaning the bathroom) I volunteer Finn!
Finn: Dream on! No way I'm touching that mess! And nothing you say can make me!
Piper: (hands him the squeegee) Squeegee?
Finn: (grins and grabs squeegee) Squeegee! You've got yourself a deal.

Shipwrecked [2.17][edit]

(Finn has grown a mustache)
Finn: I think it makes me look dignified.

[The Storm Hawks are trying to surf a tidal wave, on the same board]
Piper: WE'RE GONNA WIPE OUT!!!! (points to spikes)

Stork: There should be a law against me...

Power Grab [2.18][edit]

Home Movie Night [2.19][edit]


Origins [2.20][edit]

[Three guardians watch as the Storm Hawks group first enter the Condor]
Silver Guardian: Jubilation! The Condor is found, a mighty squadron rebuilt!
Dark Gray Masked Guardian: They're a bunch of orphans. What do they know about saving the Atmos?
Silver Guardian: They know courage! What say you, master?
Master Golden Guardian: The boy will be a Sky Knight.
Silver Guardian: And what of the girl? Is she the one?
Master Golden Guardian: Only time will tell...

The Ultra Dudes [2.21][edit]

A Wallop For All Seasons [2.22][edit]

Finn: Dude, this is an underwear store?!
Junko: We prefer the term 'Frilly, Delicate What-Nots'.
[Finn and Stork start sniggering]

Junko: I used to be ashamed because all the other wallops were bigger and stronger than me. I thought being strong was the most important thing, but strength means nothing unless you have the courage to use it for good.
[Chief Thragg growls angrily]
Chief Thragg: You dare mention courage after you didn't have the courage to finish the ritual?
Junko: Please, Chief Thragg, stop this treaty before it's too late.
[Chief Thragg growls and pushes Junko away]
Chief Thragg: YOU'RE NOT A WALLOP! You're a disgrace!
Junko: I am a wallop! And I'm also a Storm Hawk! The good guys!
[The rest of the Storm Hawks stare at Junko proudly]

Payback [2.23][edit]

The Key [2.24][edit]

Stork: Death by disco. [watches Finn being chased by the huge disco ball]

Cyclonia Rising Part 1 [2.25][edit]

Harrier:. .. well let's not forget the last time we followed a Storm Hawk into battle.
[Squadrons are talking amongst themselves]'
Starling: At least the Storm Hawks have tried, Harrier. The most dangerous place you've led your team, is a hair salon. [rolls eyes] [Harrier gasps]

Aerrow: This time will be different, because this time we have no other choice.

Stork: Brand-new Condor… nobody scratch her, nobody-- gah! No! No! You’re all going DOWN!!

Aerrow: We won the battle, now it's time to win the war! We fly off to Cyclonia!

Cyclonia Rising Part 2 [2.26][edit]

[Aerrow catches Piper before she falls]
Aerrow: If we gotta go down, at least we're going down together.
[Piper smiles]

Stork: It's allergic... to Radarr!
Finn: ... How can a crystal have allergies?
Stork: WHO CARES?!?

Cyclonis: Only perfect attunment can make the binding flow both ways!

Finn: Ready, aim, ...DUUUDE!

Aerrow: This is gonna be fun.

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