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Don't make me laugh, eh?

The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie : Strange Brew (1983) is a comedy film starring the popular SCTV characters Bob & Doug McKenzie, played by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis.

Doug McKenzie[edit]

Let me try, I'm a genius.
  • Take off, you hoser.
  • Let me try, I'm a genius.
  • No way, eh?
  • Hey, we found a dead mouse in our beer, eh? That means you owe us a free case.
  • Lawyers are for sucks.
  • Don't make me laugh, eh?
  • I gotta take a leak so bad, I can taste it.
  • If I didn't have puke breath, I'd kiss you.
  • The power of The Force stopped you, you hosers.

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