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Strange World is a 2022 American computer-animated science-fiction adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures as well as the studio's 61st feature-length film. It follows the Clades, a legendary family of explorers who must set aside their differences as they embark on a journey to a mysterious planet named Avalonia, inhabited by surreal lifeforms.

Directed by Don Hall. Written by Qui Nguyen.
Journey to a place where nothing is as it appears!taglines



  • You gave me a machete for my birthday.
  • Are you okay? [Splat squeals a response] I'm talking to my son!
  • How are you my dad?
  • My whole life, I worked so hard to be the exact opposite of my dad... And, uh, looks like I ended up just like him. I just wanted so badly to build you a legacy you could be proud of. But I might’ve got a little bit caught up in it.


  • The cliffs are alive, and the water won't dissolve the flesh off your bones.
  • Come on, Searcher, stop embarrassing me out here!
  • You ain't seen nothing yet, child.
  • You're a Clade! We love danger.


  • Oh, by the way, do you mind if I call you Splat? I just came up with it, You just kind of give me Splat vibes, so I just thought...
  • They're basically the same person.
  • He just wants to help.
  • I'm so lucky I ran into you! By the way, you're not dangerous, right? I mean, you don't look dangerous, I just, you know...
  • Just be brave! You can do this.
  • It’s inspiring to see how resilient people can be. We can be resourceful. We can surprise. The world’s clearly changed. And it continues to change. And though we can’t live like we did in the past, we’ve now given ourselves a better stance at a future. We’re not quite there yet, but we won't be. Because the best legacy we can leave is making a present worth opening tomorrow. Thank you for everything you’ve given me. I’ll do my best to live up to your legacy. I owe I make you proud. Love always, your son.


  • What is the leader of Avalonia doing in our front yard?
  • I don't know what you said, but I'm pretty sure it was inappropriate.
  • Hold up. You all have eyeballs, right? We're all seeing the same thing, yeah? That's acid! No one can fly through that!
  • I've been trying to flag you down for the last four hours! OUR SON IS ON YOUR SHIP!

Callisto Mal[edit]

  • Our entire world is in grave danger. I want you to come with me on an expedition.
  • We are clearly in uncharted territory.


Jaeger: Searcher, we're explorers, not gardeners. Conquering those mountains is our legacy!
Searcher: No, Dad. It's yours!
Jaeger: [furiously] ENOUGH! YOU'RE MY SON!
Searcher: But I'm not you! [Jaeger shocked at Searcher's words] I'm not you.
Callisto: I don't mean to interrupt, but I actually think Baby Clade's right.
Jaeger: Callisto?
Callisto: Jaeger, we don't actually know what's past the mountains. But these plants here are real. We owe it to Avalonia to see what they can do.
[Jaeger looks at his path to the mountains, then back at Searcher]
Jaeger: Here. [gives Searcher his compass] You'll need this to find your way home.
Searcher: What?
[Jaeger then angrily starts storming off leaving Searcher alone]
Callisto: Jaeger?
Searcher: Dad...
Callisto: Jaeger, come back!
Searcher: Dad, wait. Dad!
Callisto: Jaeger, you can't survive out there alone!
Searcher: Dad, stop!

Ethan: [as he sees his parents kissing] Ew. This is the first image that has to be imprinted on my brain this morning?
Meridian: Oh, Ethan, does this bother you?
Searcher: Impossible. I mean, what sixteen year-old boy doesn’t like seeing their parents smooch? [starts kissing again much to Ethan's disgust]
Ethan: Okay, okay! Ugh! [eating his breakfast] You know, I hope you know that you're emotionally scarring Legend.
Meridian: Yeah. He looks real upset.
[Searcher sighs and looks at the weeds outside from the window]
Searcher: Looks like someone forgot to weed the north field.
Ethan: [still eating his food while Legend eats the two] Father, what is a weed... other than a plant growing somewhere that you find inconvenient?
Searcher: [sighs happily] I appreciate how clever you are! But you know what I'd appreciate more?
Ethan: If I weeded the north field?
Searcher: You see? So clever! [Searcher starts kissing Meridian]

Caspian: Mr. Clade, I'm a huge fan…
Searcher: Oh, thank you.
Caspian: Of your dad. [Searcher sighs] Could you please forge his signature?

[after Jaeger saved Searcher and Legend from reapers]
Searcher: Hey. Uh, hello. I'm a human being from the top world. You probably don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?
Jaeger: Of course I understand you. What do you think I am? One of those mindless monsters?
Searcher: Huh?
Jaeger: That's right, bub. You're in the presence of the one, the only, Jaeger… [takes off his cloak]
Searcher: Dad?
Jaeger: Dad!?

[As they get attacked by reapers]
Searcher: Stay behind me!
Ethan: Who's he?
Searcher: Ethan, meet your grandpa.
Ethan: That's Jaeger Clade.
Jaeger: The one and only.

Ethan: No monster, no Pando!
Searcher: And no bad guys? What kind of game has no bad guys?
Jaeger: That’s just poor storytelling.
Ethan: Okay. You know what?! You want bad guys?! Fine. You two are the bad guys! BECAUSE YOU'RE BOTH ARE ANNOYING ME!
[Ethan walks in frustration and opens the door but Splat removes the cards and squeaks in frustration while walking and slams the door]
Searcher: Ha! Teenagers, right?
Jaeger: [flicks the card away] I win!

Meridian: You're doing great. Yeah, just... [gasps] WATCH OUT FOR THE WALKING LANDMASS! [rushes to Ethan and steers the Venture Ship to avoid]
Ethan: And I got it! See? [sees Searcher and Jaeger holding the bars clingly] Sorry, sorry. My bad. We're all good.

[after Ethan jumps off the Venture Ship to leave, Searcher follows him on his vehicle]
Searcher: Are you crazy? Hey, get on this skiff, now!
Ethan: Leave me alone!
[He tries to leave, but Searcher catches up]
Searcher: Hey, what is this all about?!
Ethan: You, Dad. You.
Searcher: Me?!
Ethan: You just assume I’ll follow in your footsteps, but you never asked me what I wanted!
Searcher: You're a kid! [grabs Ethan to his vehicle] You don't know what you want!
Ethan: I know I DON'T WANNA BE YOU!

Searcher: That's an eye, right?
Ethan: Yeah.
Searcher: A… A really, really big eye.
Ethan: Yeah.
Searcher: And it's looking right at us.
Ethan: [gasps] You… You know what this means, right?
Searcher: It's judging me?
Ethan: No, no. If this place has an eye, it has to be attached to a head. And if this place has a head, that means what we've been travelling through this entire time was its insides.
Searcher: Like, its guts and stuff?
Ethan: Okay, yes. Hear me out. The winding forests that we were in, that's the lungs, and… and the acid lake? That's the stomach!
Searcher: And this giant eye must be its eye.
Ethan: The Reapers aren't monsters. They're an immune system.
Searcher: What?
Ethan: That's what Splat was trying to tell me. This place is alive. It's a living thing. We didn't find the heart of Pando, we found an actual heart.
Searcher: So, all this time, we've been living on the back of this giant creature?
Ethan: Yeah, and Pando is killing it.

[As Searcher walks into the Venture Ship, one of Callisto's crew grab him]
Searcher: Callisto?!
Ethan: [off-screen] Dad?!
[Searcher sees Meridian, Ethan and Splat are captured by Caspian and Pulk]
Meridian: Get your hands off me!
Callisto: [reveals her true identity] Emotions are running really high right now, and I don't know what you think you saw, but we came down here to save Pando. That plan hasn't changed.
Searcher: [getting taken away by her crew] You have no idea what you're doing! You are going to destroy Avalonia!
Meridian: No, let me go!
Searcher: Please, you gotta listen to me!
Ethan: Get off me!
[Callisto's crew put Meridian, Ethan, Searcher and Splat into a storage closet and locks them up inside the room]
Searcher: You're making a big mistake! You gotta get us outta here! Unlock this door! No, you can't do this! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME!

Ethan: Can you not yell at my dog?!
Searcher: Well, I wouldn't yell if he were actually trained!
Ethan: He is trained. He hasn't peed in the house for the last two days.
Meridian: We've been on this ship for the last two days.
[Splat continues to guide Legend and sees the switch and plays it]
Searcher: You still have to unlock it. There's a switch right beside the handle! Legend, do you see the switch? Legend, you see the switch?
[Legend spots the switch and playfully licks it]
Searcher: What is that sound? Is he licking the switch?! Legend, stop licking the switch. [Meridian chuckles to searcher as Legend licks it] Legend, stop! Legend, stop licking the switch! STOP LICKING THE SWITCH!
[Splat squeaks to Searcher and slides down to the door outside and switches the door lever and pats him but he slides down to the door back inside and Legend opens it revealing the Clades and gives a thumbs up as they struggle to go out at the storage room]
Ethan: Okay, what's the plan?
Searcher: Let's get back control of this ship!


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