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Strapped is a 1993 film about (...A Convicted felon's struggle in the inner city and his actions to sacrifice his freedom in order to save his pregnant girlfriend who sells crack to an undercover officer...).

Directed by Forest Whitaker . Written by Dena Kleiman .
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This is an HBO Original Film produced by Osiris Films for HBO. It marks the directoral debut of actor Forest Whitaker.

The film has a number of cameo appearance (s) by rappers such as Monie Love, Yolanda Whittaker (Yo-Yo) , Fredro Starr , Busta Rhymes , Chi Ali and Mohandas Dewese (Kool Moe Dee).

The film starts with Diquan Mitchell, (Woodbine) a convicted felon who has been recently released from prision and tries to stay out of trouble, at least for the time being. His girlfriend Latisha, (Goodwin) who is eight months pregnant with his child, is busted by a undercover cop for dealing crack. Since she isn't a first time offender, she most likely will receive a lengthy prison term. Mitchell who is determined to keep her out of jail, resorts to selling guns to 10 year - old kids and utimately takes the rap for a shooting that happened in his building even though he is innocent.

Matthew McRea[edit]

  • (...Diquan, you don't have to do this...)

Diquan Mitchell[edit]

  • (...Man, what do you know about it? You don't live in my world. My grandma cleans your apartment...)


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