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Stripperella was a short-lived adult-oriented American animated television series shown on Spike TV. It lasted one season from June 2003 to April 2004. It is rated TV-MA in the United States.

Season 1[edit]

Beauty and the Obese[edit]

Stripperella: Evil-Doers, prepare to become Evil-Don'ters.

Stripperella:Why do you hate models so much?

Dr Caesarian:My mother was a model, when I was six years old she left and I vowed to make all models pay!

Stripperella So just becau-

Dr Caesarian: Also, I was once in love with a model, but she spurned my advances and humiliated me. From that day I vowed to make them all pay!

Stripperella: Well, okay but that still.

Dr Caesarian: Also, I once had a promising career as a model, but I was disfigured in a modelling accident, and I vowed to make them all pay!

Stripperella: Okay, I'll admit you do have several, rather valid, reasons for hating models-

Dr Caesarian: Oh, also my grandparents were killed by models

Crime Doesn't Pay...Seriously, It Doesn't [1.3][edit]

Cheapo: Congratulate me boys, I'm a hundredaire.

Stripperella: (In a museam of the worlds biggest objects)Time to deliver the world's biggest ass kicking.

Everybody Loves Pushy [1.4][edit]

(After Catt did her Exotic Dance)
Catt: My name is Catt and I'm an Irish Virgin. I want to let you know that I'm not interested in working, if there's gonna be any smoking, lesbian sex, Rudness and foul language.

Persephone: (Catt puts on her black shorts) Congratulations. I'm Persephone, it's nice to meet you.

Catt: Yeah, Yeah. Save it, bitch. (She lights a Cigarette and blows smoke at Persephone) You just make sure you stay outta my way, got it?. (Then she left)

Catt: (She tells the customer after she got paid) Oops, I think it's time for you to go to the ATM Machine again. I'll be right here, tiger. (After he left, she counted the money) Suckers, if a fuckin girl looks like me, they'll be interested in a pathetic piece of crap like you.

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