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Stuart Little is a 1999 family film, based on the novel of the same name by E. B. White. It combines live-action and computer animation. It was directed by Rob Minkoff and written by M. Night Shyamalan and Greg Brooker.

Michael J. Fox is the voice of Stuart Little. Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie star as Eleanor and Frederick Little, with Jonathan Lipnicki as Stuart's big brother George Little and Nathan Lane as the voice of the family cat Snowbell.

The film was released on December 17, 1999.

Stuart Little[edit]

  • Hey, Smokey! His name is Snowbell!


  • Maybe "family" is too strong a word.


  • This water's damn cold! I can't believe this! Beaten by a mouse and his pet cat! What could be worse?! [Smokey runs off into the distance when a pack of wild dogs begin to chase him] Nice doggie! NO! NOOO!


[Snowbell tries to eat Stuart.]
Eleanor: WHOA! Snowbell!! Drop him right now!
Frederick: You spit Stuart out this instant, Snowbell! Spit him right out!
[Snowbell spits out Stuart.]
Eleanor: [to Stuart] Stuart? Are you okay?
Stuart: Wait...! (checking his tail, which is in one piece, and sighed in relief) I am fine.
[Mr. Frederick Little picks up Snowbell.]
Frederick: You must never harm Stuart. Do you understand?
Eleanor: Never or out you go, Mr. Snow!
Frederick: Stuart is one of the family now, and we do not eat family members.

Stuart: [to Snowbell] Can I scratch your ears? I could rub your tummy.
Snowbell: (threateningly) How would you like to rub it from the inside, mouse boy?

Mrs. Keeper: Mr. and Mrs. Little, we try to discourage couples from adopting outside of their own... species. It rarely works out.

Stuart: Snow, where are you going?
Snowbell: Oh. I got to stare at traffic, yawn, lick myself. And believe me, that could take hours if you do it right. Ciao.

Eleanor: Is he going to be alright?
Dr. Beechwood: Well, a lad that size swallowing all that (laundry) detergent. Amazingly, I think he's going to be fine. Also, he's very clean.

George: Are you all nuts?? Bicycles and bowling balls? How's he gonna toss a baseball? How's he gonna be able to do any of those things? He's not my brother. He's a mouse.

George: Maybe we should go home.
Frederick: Why?
George: I'm not wearing my lucky underwear.
Frederick: You don't have lucky underwear.
George: Well, maybe we should get some and come back for another race.

Monty: Aren't you gonna run?
Stuart: Why?
Monty: Because you're a mouse.
Stuart: I'm not just a mouse. I'm a member of this family.
Snowbell: [groaning]
Monty: (confused) A mouse with a pet cat? (rolls over and laughs out loud, repeating that line over again) A MOUSE WITH A PET CAT!!! (continued laughing)
Stuart: I guess that is pretty funny!
Monty: Pretty funny? I'm gonna wet my fur! [laughs hard more, and Stuart laughed along with him. He looks down at Snowbell, who is embarrassed] Your new little master? Wait until the boys hear all about this!
Snowbell: [embarrassed] Oh, the humiliation... [to Stuart] I'm gonna kill you!
Stuart: Oh, dear!
Snowbell: Come back here! [after a few chases, and ending up in the garbage can] Alright, no more Mr. Nice Kitty. You!
Stuart: Aaah! [runs off into George's basement]

[After it is revealed that the Stouts lied about being Stuart's real parents]
Snowbell: They know about the Stouts! They know about the Stouts! The jig is up! What're we gonna do?!
Monty: Hey, get ahold of yourself. What are you talking about?
Snowbell: This is very-- I'm in big--! I'm in DEEP POOPY-DOO!
Monty: Calm down, calm down. Don't get your fur in a bunch. All we need is a new plan.
Smokey: We do what we should've done in the first place; We scratch him out.
Monty: Scratch him out?
Snowbell: But Smokey, the police are involved! I don't wanna get kicked out of my house! I'm not a street cat, I'm a house cat! I don't wanna lose my furry basket or my tinkle-ball that I push along the floor with my nose!
Monty: Snow, buddy, pull yourself together.
Smokey: It's settled. Stuart Little get scratched tonight.

[At the golf course house, Reginald wakes Stuart up]
Reginald: Stuart, wake up.
Stuart: Huh?
Reginald: Get dressed.
Stuart: Why?
Reginald: Uh, we’re taking you for a ride.
Stuart: Where we’re going?
Reginald: Some friends of ours have gathered just to meet you.
Stuart: A gathering? What should I wear?
Reginald: It doesn’t matter. Wear anything.
Stuart: Is it formal?
Reginald: Just put something on!
Camille: [starts crying]
Stuart: Why's Mom crying? Mom? I'm not angry at you for putting me up for adoption.
Camille: [still crying]
Stuart: And now that I'm a Stout again, I'll always be here to take care of you. Because that's what families do. Mom, they, they take care of each other.
[Camille finishes crying as she passes Reginald, who's holding her purse. She snatches the purse from her husband's hands, then smacks it on his side.]
Reginald: Ow!
Camille: [shouts] TELL HIM THE TRUTH!!

Lucky: Bad news! The Stouts squealed.
Smokey: I knew those mice were rats.
Lucky: The kid's on his way home. What do we do?
Smokey: No problem. He's gotta go through the park, right? Let's meet him there and have ourselves a little "picnic".
Lucky: [starts to leave] Great! I'll bring herring!
Smokey: Hey, hey, moron! The mouse is the picnic!
Lucky: Oh...

[Smokey meets Stuart in Central Park]

Smokey: How you doin'? You must be Stuart.
Stuart: Actually, I must be going. [gets into his car]
Lucky: What's your hurry, Murray?
Red: Yeah, where ya goin', Murray-- uh, Stuart? What's his name?

[Stuart speeds off]

Snowbell: Didn't your mothers warn you not to go into Central Park at night?
Smokey: My mother was the reason you didn't go into Central Park at night!
Red: Yeah, you tell 'em, Smokey!

[Snowbell sits Stuart down on a branch]
Stuart: Snowbell, you saved me?
Snowbell: Yeah, yeah. Look, let's get one thing straight. I'm doing this for the Littles. They love you. George loves you. They're all miserable without you.
Stuart: But, Snowbell, you said--
Snowbell: I know what I said, I... I lied, okay? Welcome to Manhattan. I'm the one that hates you.
Stuart: Oh, Snowbell. You do care! [hugs his front leg]
Snowbell: Ugh. Yeah, yeah, okay. Okay, that's enough.
Monty: [arriving with the other cats] Snow, what's he doin' to your leg? I can't help but think this is wrong.
Smokey: What the hell's goin' on here?
Snowbell: Uh, look, Smokey, uh, call me fickle, but... I want to call this whole thing off, okay?
Smokey: Too late.
Snowbell: Come on, Smokey, can't we talk it over? See, Stuart's not so bad once you get to know him, and he's got his own car.
Smokey: Careful, house cat. You're askin' for it.
Monty: Snow, what are you doin'? Come on, he's just a mouse.
Snowbelll: He's not just a mouse. He's-- He's-- He's family.
Smokey: Oh, yeah! [laughing hysterically] I could see the resemblance! [he and the other cats laugh hysterically]
Stuart: [angrily] Is that what you think? You have to look alike to be family? [the cats abruptly stop laughing] You don't have to look alike. You don't even have to like each other. Look at Snowbell: he hates me. And still, he's tryin' to save me. Sure, you'll probably scratch him up pretty bad, you'd tear him to shreds; you may even kill him... [Snowbell gulps] ...but Snowbell will not run away, and that is what family is all about. Right...Snow?
Snowbell: [chuckles nervously] Maybe "family"'s too strong a word.
Smokey: Scratch 'em both!
Snowbell: Both?!
[Stuart unbuckles Snowbell's collar]
Stuart: Hey, it's me you want. Come and get me.

Smokey: Say good night...Tinkerbell.
[Snowbell gulps]
Queen of Hearts: [laughs evilly] And, uh, what were you saying, my dear?
Snowbell: [laughing] Tinkerbell! He called me Tinkerbell!
Queen of Hearts: [yelling] OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!! [Smacks him off the tree with a branch]

[Stuart rides Snowbell home]
Stuart: You know, Snow, I don't know how to thank you.
Snowbell: How about not kicking me in the sides? I'm beginning to bruise.
Stuart: Sorry. I was getting excited, I've never ridden a cat bareback before.
Snowbell: Well, don't get used to it.


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