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Style Wars is an early 1980's documentary on hip hop culture, made by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant in New York City.


  • When you first against a train, it's like everything seems so big, like, wow! It's like you're in a yard of like metal giants; everything is so hard and so steel, like you're just there. You're like a little dude like in the midst of these metals and like you're here to produce something, well, like you're here to try to produce something.

Kase 2[edit]

  • People look at a person and like, 'What? You write on trains,' and, 'You vandalism,' and all that. Yeah, I vandalism alright, but still in general, I know what I'm doin'. I did somethin' to make your eyes open up, so why is you talkin'?


  • That's some "never forgive" action!


  • No, I ain't running the system, I'm bombing the system!


  • When you hold a can of Rust-Oleum™ in your hand, it’s like holding 3 other sh-t brands in your hand. It lasts, it covers, and it’s not aerosol like Krylon™, [where] it just comes out in mist. [Rust-Oleum] comes out like paint.
  • I'm on what they call a six-month probation. l ain't painting right now. To make a long story short, I'm on what they call a six-month probation. l call it a "six-month vacation," never mind probation.


  • They're saying that the kids run the system, that the system is out of control, that 15 or 16-year-old kids are running the system, and that graffiti is the symbol of that.

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