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Sublime was an American band from Long Beach, California that formed in 1988. The band members included Bradley Nowell (vocals, guitars, and songwriter on all songs), Eric Wilson (bass), and Bud Gaugh (drums).

Song lyrics


40 Oz. to Freedom (1992).

  • So let the lovin' take a hold over me
    let the lovin' take a hold over me (follow me, Long Beach posse)
    'cause all I see is your fussin' and fightin'
    1992, let us all start uniting
    put your heads together be the best you can be
    let this jam take us to 1993
    stay positive, the love will come back to me.
    • "Get Out!"
  • Life is one big question when you're staring at the clock
    and the answer's always waiting at the liquor store:
    40 ounces to freedom, so I'll take that walk.
    • "40 Oz. to Freedom"
  • 40 ounces to freedom is the only chance I have to feel good, even though I feel bad.
    • "40 Oz. to Freedom"
  • I smoke two joints in the morning
    I smoke two joints at night
    I smoke two joints in the afternoon
    it makes me feel alright.
    I smoke two joints in times of peace
    and two in time of war.
    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,
    and then I smoke two more.
  • If I had a shotgun, you know what I'd do? I'd point that shit straight at the sky and shoot heaven on down for you.
    • "Don't Push"
  • When you grab a hold of me,
    Tell me that ill never be set free
    • "Badfish"
  • Tell me, are you a bad fish too?
    • "Badfish"
  • I don't gamble, but I bet I'm gonna die if I don't get a cigarette.
    • "Let's Go Get Stoned"
  • The stone that the builder refuse shall be the head cornerstone.
    • "D.J.s"
  • I'm not a fool to hurt myself, but I was innocent to what they done to me
    • "54-46 That's My Number/Ball And Chain"
  • It's a crazy world to live alone, a ball and chain I call my own.
    • "54-46 That's My Number/Ball And Chain"
  • When the music hits you shall feel no pain
    • "Doin' Time (Eerie Splendor Remix)"
  • Oh well the bars are always open, and the time is always right.
    And if God's good word goes unspoken, the music goes all night.
    • "Don't Push"
  • If rhymes were valiums I'd be comfortably numb
    • "Don't Push"

Robbin' the Hood (1994)

  • One day I'm gonna lose the war.
    • "Pool Shark"
  • Still I got my yellow cat and my wooden baseball bat and my shiny silver gat and if my homies got my back then I got all that I need. Look at all the love we've found.
    • "S.T.P."

Sublime (1996)

  • Lovin' is what I got
    now remember that.
  • Life's too short so love the one you got
    'cuz you might get run over or you might get shot.
  • I don't cry when my dog runs away
    I don't get angry at the bills I have to pay
    I don't get angry when my mom smokes pot,
    hits that bottle and goes right to the rock.
  • I don't practice Santeria,
    I ain't got no crystal ball
    well, I had a million dollars but I,
    I spent it all.
  • Caress me down, that's the loving sound
    • "Caress Me Down"
  • Hola, mucho gusto. Me llamo Bradley
    I am hornier than Ron Jeremy
    • "Caress Me Down"
  • Me and my girl, we got this relationship
    I love her so bad but she treats me like shit
  • Take this veil from off my eyes
    My burning sun will someday rise
  • Evil, I've come to tell you that she's evil
    Most definitely.
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