Suddenly, Last Summer

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Suddenly Last Summer is a 1959 movie about a young woman, Catherine Holly (Elizabeth Taylor) who seems to go insane after her cousin dies under unknown circumstances. The cousin's mother, Violet Venable (Katharine Hepburn), tries to hide the truth about his homosexuality and his death. She wants Catherine lobotomized to cover the truth.

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Written by Tennessee Williams (play & screenplay) and Gore Vidal (screenplay).
These are powers and passions without precedent in a motion picture. (taglines)

Catherine Holly[edit]

  • Is that what love is? Using people? And maybe that's what hate is - not being able to use people.

Mrs. Venable[edit]

  • Strictly speaking, his life was his occupation. Yes, yes, Sebastian was a poet. That's what I meant when I said his life was his work because the work of a poet is the life of a poet, and vice versa, the life of a poet is the work of a poet. I mean, you can't separate them. I mean, a poet's life is his work, and his work is his life in a special sense.
  • Sebastian said, 'Truth is the bottom of a bottomless well.'
  • My son, Sebastian and I constructed our days. Each day we would carve each day like a piece of sculpture, leaving behind us a trail of days like a gallery of sculpture until suddenly, last summer.


Dr. Cukrowicz: May I seat here?
Mrs. Venable: Sebastian's seat.
Dr. Cukrowicz: Oh! Well...
Mrs. Venable: Oh, no no please, please. It's a court jester's chair, a rare one, five-hundred years old. Please, sit on it. Say something funny; make me stop wanting to cry.


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