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Suits (2011-19) is a USA Network drama about college drop-out Mike Ross, who accidentally lands a job with one of New York's best legal closers, Harvey Specter. They become a winning team with Mike's raw talent and photographic memory, and Mike soon reminds Harvey of why he went into the field of law in the first place. O seriado fez grande sucesso no Brasil, por seu conteúdo advocatício ser interessante à todos os públicos.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Harvey: Donna. We're gonna need to streamline this. Give each guy a hard time before you send them back. Give me a wink if they say something clever. Cool?
Donna: Okay. What are you looking for?
Harvey: Another me.

Donna: Rick Sorkin. [Louder] Rick Sorkin.
[Mike runs by and stops in the doorway, he coughs.]
Donna: [To Mike] Rick Sorkin? Excuse me, Mr. Sorkin, you are five minutes late, is there a reason why I should let you in?
Mike: Look-, look, I'm just trying to ditch the cops, okay? I don't-, I don't really care if you let me in or not.
[Donna looks through to Harvey and winks.]
Donna: Mr. Specter will be right with you.
Mike: What?

Harvey: Mike.
Mike: Hey. Who's ready for a great first day?
Harvey: I'm gonna have to let you go.
Mike: What?
Harvey: I just got reamed for lying to a client and if they find I out that I lied about you going to Harvard, they'll take away my license.
Donna: [Through intercom] You what?
Harvey: Not now, Donna! Look, I have to put my own interests above yours. It's nothing personal. You're fired.
Mike: Wait, so you're worried that if I stay, then they might find out that you lied about me and you'll lose your license, but if you fire me, then I could tell them that you lied about me and you'd definitely lose your license.
Harvey: Are you telling me that if I throw you under the bus, you're gonna drag me with you?
Mike: You put your interests above mine, I m-, I'm just putting mine back up next to yours.
Harvey: You're rehired.

Mike: Wire transfer from your account to Joanna Webster's. Phone records with Joanna Webster prior to her testimony. And, an affidavit stating you paid Ms. Webster to falsely testify. Mr. Hunt, harassment is a civil violation; the penalty is money. But witness tampering, that's a crime. And you will go to prison, where I guarantee you'll learn more about unwanted sexual advances than you can possibly imagine.
Mr. Hunt: Do you think this is going to intimidate me? Even if this evidence was credible, who you gonna get to prosecute a small time witness tampering charge, huh?
Mike: Harvey, didn't you graduate law school with the current US attorney in New York?
Harvey: In fact I did, and I think he might even be interested in pursuing a case like this.
Mike: Wait, are you two still close?
Harvey: Well, I was the best man at his wedding.
Mike: Wow.
Mr. Hunt: No you weren't. You're bluffing.
Harvey: No. I think I've got some pictures, of us at the ceremony. Let's see...yep! Here we are, must admit, I look very dashing. This is me and his mother; the woman adored me. Here we are at his bachelor party. There were no strippers. It was lame. But he can't put guys like you away for sexual harassment and go to strip clubs now, can he?

Harvey: Forget it. When I first started, Jessica rode me so hard I quit once a month. I just told you what you needed to hear.
[later that day]
Mike: Did you really quit when you first started?
Harvey: Of course not. I'm not a wuss.

Errors and Omissions [1.2][edit]

Inside Track [1.3][edit]

Dirty Little Secrets [1.4][edit]

Bail Out [1.5][edit]

Ray: You are so beautiful when you're forceful.
Donna: I know you meant that as a compliment, but I don’t appreciate limitations being placed on my beauty.

[after Louis wins a wager and tries to temporarily gain Donna as his secretary]
Donna: I'm not some token you win at a fair, Louis.
Louis: You're-. I know you're not. You're not a token.
Donna: I'm a human being and I-.
Louis: Yes, you are.
Donna: [fake sobs] I'm sorry, I just… You know that just made me feel really…cheap.
Louis: No, I'm just trying to tell you that you're really good at what you do, Donna. So I'm gonna ask you-.
Donna: It's like my soul…hurts now.
Louis: Noooo, Donna listen. Even if your soul hurts a little bit-.
Donna: [fake sobs and cries] I'm sorry.
Louis: It's okay. It's gonna be fine. Don't cry. Please don't cry, Donna. Oh shit. [flees]
Donna: I think I owe you one for that. That was fun.
Harvey: Wait a second…That time that…you cried and then I let your parents…stay in my condo?
Donna: Yup!

Tricks of the Trade [1.6][edit]

Mike: That woman with Rachel, I took the LSATs for her a couple years ago. If she saw me, she could blow my cover.
Harvey: Oh, really? And how would that go? 'Excuse me, when I was cheating for my LSATs, that was the guy who took the test for me'? Come on.

Play the Man [1.7][edit]

Harvey: Scottie.
Scottie: Harvey.
Jones: Oh, you two know each other.
Scottie: We went to Harvard Law together. Harvey was fifth in the class and I was- Oh, I forget. What was it?
Harvey: Married to the library?
Scottie: That's right. Number one.

Donna: How’d the negotiation go? You come out on top?
Harvey: Why didn’t you tell me Scottie was opposing counsel?
Donna: I didn’t want you to have performance anxiety. About the case. She’s tough.
Harvey: You’re obvious.
Donna: And your fly is unzipped.
Harvey: No, it isn’t.
Donna: But it was earlier today.
Harvey: You can do better.
Donna: Ooh, is that what Scottie said?

Identity Crisis [1.8][edit]

Undefeated [1.9][edit]

Mike: Nothing, you guys are like two sides of the same coin.
Harvey: What are you saying, he's another me? No one is another me.
Mike: I mean, you told Donna I was another you.
Harvey: I never said that.
Mike: You said you were looking for another you, and then you hired me, so see how that works? Logic.

Louis: Mike, let's go. In my office now.
Jimmy: Oh, damn, Mike. Tell me you didn't leak the documents, man. Are you our Benedict Arnold?
Mike: Benedict Arnold, nice reference. You helping your high school girlfriend with her homework again?
Jimmy: Okay, not cool, Mike. You know Darla's in community college.

Donna: Why would Louis betray the firm?
Mike: I don't know, maybe he's still upset that he got passed over for senior partner and he leaked the list before he jumped ship.
Donna: Mike, Louis is a lot of things, but he's not a traitor. That man bleeds Pearson Hardman. He's probably wearing Pearson Hardman underwear right now.
Mike: I went to the tennis club with him. Trust me, he doesn't wear underwear.

The Shelf Life [1.10][edit]

"Jessica: found out what?" "Harvey: That he [Mike] is still a virgin" "Jessica: That does not surprise me one bit"

Rules of the Game [1.11][edit]

Dog Fight [1.12][edit]

Season 2[edit]

She Knows [2.1][edit]

The Choice [2.2][edit]

Harvey: He's coming back, and people are going to have to choose sides.
Mike: Can I choose his side?
Harvey: Sure. Support a man you never met over a partner who knows you never went to Harvard, knows you're not really a lawyer, and is keeping you on anyway.
Mike: Jessica it is.

Jessica: Did you want something?
Louis: Yes. Chain of command is everything to me. If I don't know who to answer to, I might as well be living naked on a kibbutz in the middle of Africa.
Harvey: An option worth considering, though we'd miss you. [mouths silently] Not really.

Jessica: I need to make sure every department is happy. I can't do that alone.
Harvey: Well, that's where I come in. Everybody loves me.
Donna: [from outside office] Not real estate.
Harvey: There was a thing once...with a guy. With a couple of guys. But anywhere else-
Donna: No, contracts thinks you're a dick. Their word, not mine.
Jessica: Why don't you join us?
Donna: Oh, thanks. Love to.
Jessica: Taxes?
Jessica: Mergers?
Donna: Hate him.
Harvey: But I-
Donna: Didn't work.
Harvey: Really?
Donna: I am tied in, Harvey. There are a lot of underbelly things that I can tell you, but trust me, this is not one of them. Even Norma knows.
Jessica: What?
Donna: People just don't like that he's right all the time.
Harvey: You think I like it?
Jessica: What's his standing in bankruptcy?
Donna: Excellent. I think. We don't do a lot of work with bankruptcy.
Harvey: Remind me to fire you.
Jessica: Remind me to give you a raise.

Meet the New Boss [2.3][edit]

Jessica: Annual survey of associates came out. Pearson Hardman ranked second to last in quality of life.
Louis: Who beat us?
Jessica: Louis, I know you take great pride in making the associates' lives miserable-
Louis: Well, I did until the survey said that I was second best at it.

Discovery [2.4][edit]

Mike: Whoa! [pulls record off shelf] Come on. The Spinners? Really?
Harvey: For your information, The Spinners were one of the defining pop bands of their time.
Mike: Oh. Oh wow, sorry. Yeah, that's cool, like, like uh the Jonas Brothers, or Hanson, or NSync, or Selena Gomez. Yeah.
Harvey: C'mere lippy, I want to show you something.
Mike: Oh yeah, what? You got Bieber fever?

[knock at file room door]
Mike: Kevin, trusts and estates?
Donna: No, it's too meek. It's gotta be a woman. Who is it?
Harold: Harold. I need a stapler.
Donna: I was right.

Louis: And then I take the shuttle to Grand Central, and then I take the local from there. I think you'll find that...pleasurable, actually.
Mike: [enters conference room] Sorry, restroom.
Louis: No, that's okay. This is my associate, Mike Ross. He was busy, uh, drafting some pertinent documents. Motion to dismiss, motion to compel, motion to strike, motion to change venue, and we have another half dozen in the pipeline.
Mike: No, they're here.
Louis: Oh.
Durham Foods Attorney: What is this? This was supposed to be a settlement conference.
Louis: Oh, we're not here to settle. We're proceeding to trial.
Durham Foods Attorney: You want to take this case to trial?
Louis: Um, unless I can't hear the sound of my own voice, I believe that's what I just frickin' said.
Durham Foods Attorney: We're the little guy. Your parent company's a behemoth. A jury's gonna hate you.
Louis: Well, thanks to your disgusting smears in the media, that might be true, which is why we're also filing a countersuit for libel, slander, and anything else that might be appropriate in this case.
Mike: Tortious interference?
Durham Foods Attorney: This is - you got- this is not good faith, Mr. Litt.
Louis: Sir, you have besmirched the good name of Liquid Water, and if you think that we're here for a settlement conference, well, let me just correct that one for you right now. We are not settling. We will not be settling. In fact, the only thing that's settling here is the sediment at the bottom of your putrid water. Get me? Now be sure to take that Grand Central shuttle like I told you, okay? I think you're gonna love it.

Break Point [2.5][edit]

Alison: Do you think she gives a shit about whether or not you buried that document? If you go there, you're not just poking the bear, you're putting a cattle prod up its ass.
Harvey: Is that the same crack advice you gave Brockton Cosmetics and Drake Consulting and Nappi LLC? Because none of those companies exist anymore.
Alison: Congratulations, Harvey. You found the three cases that I've lost in 14 years. And do you know what else those cases have in common? Nothing. Because I learn from my mistakes.

Harvey: You know what, that's the difference between us, Alison. You want to lose small, I want to win big.

All In [2.6][edit]

Louis: I need a list of everything that's wrong with the rehearsal space. For example, the creaky floorboards, they're affecting certain dancers' attitudes.
Harold: Oh, they shouldn't let that get them down.
Rachel: "Attitude" is a pose.
Harold: Oh, yeah, like striking an attitude. Whatever, I do that all the time.
Louis: Okay. I also need a list of the ballet company principals.
Harold: Okay, um, integrity, fidelity, patriotism-
Rachel: Not that kind of principle.
Louis: Okay, we're done.
Harold: How am I supposed to know?
Louis: Rachel, you've just been drafted.
Harold: Oh, but she's not even a-
Louis: Not what? She's not what, Harold? Ms. Zane not only knows more about ballet than you do, she also knows more about law.

Harold: What is it about ballet? I just- I don't get it, you know? There's no words, there's no story, there's no action. It's just all [jumps in air] and [jumps] and like [jumping in air, arms flailing as Louis walks up]... I don't... [Rachel clears throat] Please tell me that Louis isn't behind me.
Louis: Louis isn't behind you. Hi.
Harold: Hi.
Louis: Penelope Cruz, Zoe Saldana, Audrey Hepburn, what do they all have in common?
Harold: They're all hot?
Louis: No, dumbass. They all owe their success to ballet because it gives them discipline and grace, it embodies our emotions, it's breathtaking in its beauty, and most importantly, it expresses what cannot be put into words. You want to get ahead here, Harold? Take ballet, because right now, the only thing that's breathtaking about you can easily be put into words: nothing. Now relevé your ass back to work.

Harvey: What happened with Judge Fullman?
Jessica: There might be a slight problem.
Harvey: What did you do?
Jessica: Why do you assume I did something?
Harvey: What did you do?
Jessica: There was a prank.
Harvey: How bad was it?
Jessica: We went to law school together, and I got her drunk.
Harvey: So?
Jessica: So she woke up in front of the entire con law class.
Harvey: It's recoverable.
Jessica: She might have been naked.
Harvey: Might have?
Jessica: Was.
Harvey: We're screwed.

Jessica: Come on, Harvey. She was uptight. I just straightened her out. It's what you do with uptight people.
Harvey: Well why don't you ever do that to Louis?
Jessica: I did. [smiles]
Harvey: That was you? He blamed me.
Jessica: You can be uptight sometimes too. That's why I let him think it was you.
Harvey: Told him it was me.
Jessica: That's what I said.
Harvey: It's okay, I deserved it.
Jessica: What?
Harvey: Do you remember when he was so mad when his cat peed in the corner of his office?
Jessica: Mm-hmm.
Harvey: That wasn't his cat.

Sucker Punch [2.7][edit]

Rewind [2.8][edit]

Asterisk [2.9][edit]

Harvey: Donna, I need you.
Donna: Need?
Harvey: Need.
Donna: Well, what about Jessica?
Harvey: Already signed off?
Donna: How did you get her do that?
Harvey: Because I told her I can't be me without you.
Donna: No you didn't.
Harvey: Well I thought it, and she knows it.
Donna: Ok, I will come back on two conditions. One is, you replace that check with a bigger one.
Harvey: [pulls out envelope] …and the other?

High Noon [2.10][edit]

Louis: (sitting at Harvey's computer) Okay. If you were a narcissist with great hair, what would your password be? [scoffs] Harvey. [computer beeps rejection] Specter. [computer beeps rejection] No. It's just way too easy. One of his favorite basketball players. [typing] Shaquille O'Bryant?

Blind-Sided [2.11][edit]

Harvey: Let's get one thing clear: I'm not Charlie Brown, you're not Lucy, and that's not a football.
Donna: Let's get two things clear. I don't remember ever placing a call to Zoe, but her message said she was calling back.
Harvey: I called her. For business.
Donna: What kind of business? A merger?
Harvey: Okay, what are you, twelve years old?
Donna: I'm not the one robbing the cradle here!
Harvey: I'm not robbing anything. Zoe and I are the same age.
Donna: So you admit it. You called to ask her on a date. Behind my back.
Harvey: It wasn't behind your back, you'd gone home already.
Donna: Because you waited for me to go home.
Harvey: Like I said, it was behind your back.

Blood in the Water [2.12][edit]

Mike: Wow, yeah, that is a tattoo.
Harold: It's cool, right?
Mike: Yeah. A manatee. The slow, gentle cow of the sea.
Harold: Uh uh no, it's a shark actually.
Mike: Totally. No, yes that is- that's a shark. That is a big wide fat shark.
Louis: [enters] You're fired.
Harold: Oh! You can't fire Mike!
Louis: You. You moron. You can't even get your firing right.

Zane vs. Zane [2.13][edit]

He's Back [2.14][edit]

Normandy [2.15][edit]

War [2.16][edit]

Season 3[edit]

The Arrangement [3.1][edit]

I Want You to Want Me [3.2][edit]

Unfinished Business [3.3][edit]

Conflict of Interest [3.4][edit]

Shadow of a Doubt [3.5][edit]

The Other Time [3.6][edit]

She's Mine [3.7][edit]

Endgame [3.8][edit]

Bad Faith [3.9][edit]

Harvey: We have breakfast at Nougatine and an excursion to Hermès that may or may not involve a new handbag.
Donna: You've been needing a new handbag.
Harvey: You can never have too many handbags.
Donna: You're a woman after my own heart.

Stay [3.10][edit]

Buried Secrets [3.11][edit]

Rachel: I figured out what we can bring.
Mike: What?
Rachel: You.
Mike: Panda, right here. That's my favorite piece of art.
Rachel: That is not art.
Mike: Granny gave that to me.
Rachel: Oh, I love it. Panda can come.
Mike: And the chair.
Rachel: Oh.
Mike: That was Grammy's favorite chair.
Rachel: I don't- I don't-
Mike: No, no, no, no, no, I'm telling you, Rachel, she used to sit in that chair every Sunday and drink her hot cup of Hershey's cocoa and tell me all about growing up on the mean streets of Philadelphia.
Rachel: When you lie, try less details.
Mike: Got it.

Louis: (speaking into dictaphone about Mike's lack of file in Harvard file room) Monday, 2:20 PM. This conundrum is burning a hole in my brain. Think. Logically. I mean, Sheila is professional and meticulous and wonderfully anal, and if she says that nothing gets misplaced in her inner sanctum then I believe her, which leaves the national security option. Is Mike Ross CIA? [scoffs] Please. There's a better chance that Esther's in the KGB. I mean, I can ask Sheila, if I'm no longer fond of my testicles, which- Wait a second. Missing testicles, missing file. It can't be missing if it doesn't exist. Holy shit. What if Mike Ross never went to Harvard at all? What if he just went to some crappy third-tier law school, like Fordham or Arizona State? 'Yeah, hey, bro. Yeah, no, I'll see you at the party. I'm not gonna study for the bar. Damn straight, that's right, bros before hos. Oh, yeah, you know-' All right, that's enough. He's been peeing directly into our pristine pool of eliteness. He's been- Oh, shoot, it's blinking out. Norma, really quickly, I need you to get a pack of rechargeable triple A- Shit, it's out. So I guess I'm just talking to myself.

Harvey: What about a hedge fund guy? It's big money.
Scottie: Think bigger.
Harvey: Obama.
Scottie: I'm not going to land the president as my first client.
Harvey: Fine, if you don't think you can.
Scottie: You're not going to manipulate me into trying to land Obama.
Harvey: Well, it better be somebody like that, or Jessica won't give up on her early buy-in bullshit.
Scottie: What if I got myself a sports guy?
Harvey: The very fact that you call it 'a sports guy' means it's a no.
Scottie: Harvey, just because I don't know sports doesn't mean I don't know you.
Harvey: What are you talking about?
Scottie: If I'm going to change Jessica's mind, I can't just land someone, I have to land someone you couldn't.
Harvey: There's no one I couldn't land.
Scottie: You think I don't know about Beijing?
Harvey: That's his word against mine.
Scottie: Oh, well, um I guess we can clear that up right now, because look who just walked in.
[Michael Phelps enters restaurant]
Harvey: You knew he was coming here tonight?
Scottie: You think I like Argentinean food? I just need you to stop him for a second.
Harvey: I get it. You got the idea from Working Girl, when they crash the wedding to get to Trask Radio.
Scottie: Harvey, I'm not a 14-year-old girl. I don't get my ideas from movies.

[Laying in bed]
Louis: That's never happened to me before.
Sheila: It's okay.
Louis: No it isn't. (lifts up blanket) Black Hawk Down.
Sheila: First of all, that's an amazing movie and you should be proud that you are associated with it. And second of all, I think I know what the problem is.
Louis: You do?
Sheila: It's about what happened in the file room.
Louis: Listen, Sheila, I can't tell you how that been weighing on my mind.
Sheila: No, I get it. Now that we've declared our love, you think of me as a good girl. And you need me to be bad.
Louis: What?
Sheila: It happens all the time. We're in a relationship now, and you think that changes the nature of our sexual relationship. But I am here to assure you...I can be bad.

Yesterday's Gone [3.12][edit]

Louis: I know what you want to do - you want to lobby me on behalf of someone who had the audacity to-
Rachel: I love him.
Louis: What?
Rachel: We're moving in together, and we're starting a life together.
Louis: Rachel-
Rachel: And I'm telling you this because I know what he did and I still love him.
Louis: Okay, here's the problem: I don't.

Moot Point [3.13][edit]

Mike: I need the perfect gift.
Donna: Hmm, who is it? Rachel? Something personal. Preferably, a picture from her father.
Mike: How could you possibly-
Donna: Jessica? Simple and elegant. Or wild and crazy, the choice is yours. Louis...ohhh. Doesn't matter, just get him anything, he'll cry for days.
Mike: What about Harvey?
Donna: There is no gift for Harvey. He gets what he wants and he doesn't want what he doesn't get. And my knowing that is the only gift he'll ever need from me.

Heartburn [3.14][edit]

Know When to Fold 'Em [3.15][edit]

No Way Out [3.16][edit]

Louis: Not so fast. I demand to see my client, and my client isn't Mike Ross, it's Harold Gunderson.
Eric: And you are?
Louis: Louis Litt, Pearson Spector.
Eric: You're telling me that a man who works at the law firm he's accused of colluding with just happens to be his attorney?
Louis: That's exactly what I'm saying.
Eric: Bullshit.
Louis: No. What's bullshit is you thinking it's up to you who gets to represent Harold Gunderson.
Eric: So if I walk in there right now and ask him who his attorney is, he's gonna say it's you?
Louis: Doesn't matter what he says. It's 4:07, and if you don't let me see my client, anything he says after this second will be inadmissible. And I will rain down Fourth Amendment claims on you for the rest of your goddamn life.

Season 4[edit]

One-Two-Three Go... [4.1][edit]

Lunch and Dinner [4.2][edit]

Two in the Knees [4.3][edit]

Leveraged [4.4][edit]

Pound of Flesh [4.5][edit]

Litt the Hell Up [4.6][edit]

We're Done [4.7][edit]

Exposure [4.8][edit]

Gone [4.9][edit]

This Is Rome [4.10][edit]

Enough Is Enough [4.11][edit]

Respect [4.12][edit]

Fork in the Road [4.13][edit]

Derailed [4.14][edit]

Intent [4.15][edit]

Not Just a Pretty Face [4.16][edit]

Season 5[edit]

Denial [5.1][edit]

Compensation [5.2][edit]

No Refills [5.3][edit]

No Puedo Hacerlo [5.4][edit]

Toe to Toe [5.5][edit]

Privilege [5.6][edit]

Hitting Home [5.7][edit]

Mea Culpa [5.8][edit]

Uninvited Guests [5.9][edit]

Faith [5.10][edit]

Blowback [5.11][edit]

Live to Fight... [5.12][edit]

God's Green Earth [5.13][edit]

Self Defense [5.14][edit]

Tick Tock [5.15][edit]

25th Hour [5.16][edit]

Season 6[edit]

To Trouble [6.1][edit]

Accounts Payable [6.2][edit]

Back on the Map [6.3][edit]

Turn [6.4][edit]

Trust [6.5][edit]

Spain [6.6][edit]

Shake the Trees [6.7][edit]

Borrowed Time [6.8][edit]

The Hand That Feeds You [6.9][edit]

P.S.L. [6.10][edit]

She's Gone [6.11][edit]

The Painting [6.12][edit]

Teeth, Nose, Teeth [6.13][edit]

Admission of Guilt [6.14][edit]

Quid Pro Quo [6.15][edit]

Character and Fitness [6.16][edit]

Season 7[edit]

Skin in the Game [7.1][edit]

The Statue [7.2][edit]

Mudmare [7.3][edit]

Divide and Conquer [7.4][edit]

Brooklyn Housing [7.5][edit]

Home to Roost [7.6][edit]

Full Disclosure [7.7][edit]

100 [7.8][edit]

Shame [7.9][edit]

Donna [7.10][edit]

Hard Truths [7.11][edit]

Bad Man [7.12][edit]


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