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Suketu Mehta in 2019

Suketu Mehta (born 1963) is a writer based in New York City. He was born in Kolkata, India, and raised in Mumbai where he lived until his family moved to New York City in 1977.


  • ...When people move, everyone benefits. The rich countries benefit. And the migrants themselves benefit. And the countries that they move from benefit because the rich countries aren't making enough babies. The migrants improve their standard of living by an average of fivefold...
  • ...I think the difference between alienated writers and sunnier writers—I don’t know if sunnier is a great term—is family. Every time I get alienated, my family comes and visits me. I don’t have the luxury of that French existentialist angst. I have a large extended family and we bicker and fight...

Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found (2004)[edit]

  • A city like Bombay, like New York, that is a recent creation on the planet and does not have a substantial indigenous population, is full of restless people. Those who have come here have not been at ease somewhere else. And unlike others who may have been equally uncomfortable wherever they came from, these people got up and moved. As I have discovered, having once moved, it is difficult to stop moving.
  • At the age of fourteen I had experienced a miracle. I turned on a tap, and clean water came gushing out.

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