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Sumalee Montano (August 3, 1972–) is an American actress and voice actress.


  • For live action projects, I like getting “dressed up,” getting my hair and make-up done, and working on a set, opposite other actors. On a recent TV gig, I was in awe of all the design and detail that went into creating the physical space where my scenes took place. And working on a live set that’s buzzing with crew, other actors, craft services, and everyone around — it has its own magical vibe to it! And for voice acting, I feel a different kind of joy from slipping on the headphones and seeing all the action unfold in my mind’s eye. I get to move my body as much as I want to, and I can make silly faces while I perform. And no one ever sees that, well, except for the people in the recording session. I guess I like the anonymity you feel during voice acting, as much as I enjoy acting in front of a camera that sees everything you do. I know my creative soul is happiest being able to work on both types of projects.

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