Sunday in the Park with George

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Sunday in the Park with George, American musical

  • We lose things, and then we choose things, and there are Louies and there are Georges...well, Louies...and George. But George has George! And I need...someone!
  • Pretty isn't beautiful, Mother. Pretty is what changes. What the eye arranges-- is what is beautiful.
  • I want my glasses!
  • There are only two worthwhile things to leave behind when you depart this world of ours - children and art.
  • I cannot divide my feelings up as neatly as you, and I am not hiding behind my canvas - I am living in it!
  • I am what I do. Which you knew. Which you always knew. What I thought you were a part of!
  • Stop worrying if your vision is new. Let others make that decision- they usually do.
  • Anything you do, let it it come from you--then it will be new.
  • White. A blank page or canvas. His favorite. So many possibilities. [last line]

Finishing the Hat

  • (George) Yes she looks for me. Good. Let her look for me to tell me why she left me. As I always knew she would. I had thought she understood. They have never understood and no reason that they should. But if anybody could. Finishing the hat, how you have to finish the hat. How you watch the rest of the world from a window while you finish the hat. Mapping out a sky. What, you feel like planning a sky? How you feel when voices that come through the window go until they distance and die. Until there's nothing but sky. And how you're always coming back too late from the grass or the stick or the dog or the light. How the kind of women willing to wait's not the kind that you want to find waiting to return you to the night. Dizzy from the height. Coming from the hat. Studying the hat. Entering the world of the hat. Reaching through the world of the hat like a window back to this one from that. Studying a face. Stepping back to look at a face leaves a little space in the way like a window. But to see, it's the only way to see. And when the woman that you wanted goes you can say to yourself "well, I give what I give," but the woman who won't wait for you knows that however you live there's a part of you always standing by, mapping out a sky. Finishing a hat. Starting on a hat. Finishing a hat. Look I made a hat...where there never was a hat!