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Title card.

Super-Rabbit is a 1943 Warner Bros. cartoon starring Bugs Bunny who is parodying the popular comic book character Superman. Super-Rabbit was the 16th Bugs Bunny entry, and the 47th directed by Chuck Jones.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • Time out whilst I think up some more deviltry.
  • This looks like a job for a real superman! [enters a phone booth and comes out as a Marine] From the halls of Montezu-huma to the shores of Tripoli! Sorry, boys. I can't play with youse no more. I gots important woik to do.


Bugs Bunny: Eh, what are you shootin' at, doc?
Cottontail Smith: Rabbits. I hate rabbits. If there's anything I hate more than a rabbit, it's two rabbits.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny / Cottontail Smith / Narrator / Horse / Texas Rabbit / Observer (uncredited)
  • Tedd Pierce as Observer (uncredited)
  • Kent Rogers as Professor Canafrazz (uncredited)

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