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Super Mario Bros. is a 1993 live-action film loosely based on the popular video game series of the same name. The film stars Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi.

This Ain't No Game.
That Koopa clown... Is one evil, egg-sucking son of a snake. Did I lie?

President/King Koopa[edit]

  • [on Dinohattan] Look at this place. Pathetic! It gets worse everyday. The humans on the other side have a world full of resources. Ready for the taking. Imagine, an endless supply of food, clean air, water. And what are we stuck with? This... pithole of germs everywhere, fungus! 65 million years, we've been exiled here after the meteorite struck! While mammals roam free in the other dimension! Well, not for long!
  • I need the rock, and the Princess Daisy. And I'll finally be able to merge our world with theirs and get rid of the mammals!
  • [when de-evolving Toad] See you later, alligator!
  • I'll kill that plumber!!!


Luigi: [as he drives the van] You know, I read that sea turtles travel thousands of miles on instinct.
Mario: Not in New York traffic, they don't.

Sergeant: Name.
Mario: Mario.
Sergeant: Last name.
Mario: Mario.
Sergeant: [to Luigi] Okay. What's your name?
Luigi: Luigi.
Sergeant: Luigi Luigi?
Luigi: No. Luigi Mario.
Sergeant: Okay, look, how many Marios are there between the two of you?
Luigi: There's 3. There's Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.
Sergeant: Mike! Mike! Help these Marios around the side.

Toad: [sings] Oh, oh, oh.
I'm sittin' here in a cramped detention,
with brothers from another dimension.
Thinkin' 'bout my... [stops] Say, what's another word that rhymes with "Dimension"?
Mario: Yeah, tension, and I'm full of it, so shut up.

[in the squad car, a wanted poster of the Mario Bros. flashes on a TV screen naming them Alien Plumbers]
Luigi: Aliens? We gotta deal with aliens too?
Mario: Luigi, we're the aliens!
Luigi: We are? Wow, cool!

Sergeant: Nobody touches President Koopa!
Luigi: [rubs his eyes in pain] You're Koopa?! But you said you were one evil...
Koopa: evil, egg sucking son of a snake. Did I lie?

Koopa: Now, where's the rock?
[Iggy and Spike look at each other, then at Koopa]
Iggy and Spike: Rock, sir?
Koopa: The meteorite piece that she wears around her neck, and I told you not to forget it!
Spike: That rock!
Iggy: I told you not to forget it!
Koopa: And I told you to remind him! Without that piece, the meteorite lays dormant. I'll not be able to merge the dimensions! Where is it?!
Iggy and Spike: [nervously] The plumbers took it.
Koopa: [whispers] Plumbers? [to Lena] Plumber alert!

[the Marios try to escape in a police car]
Mario: Where's the starter on this thing?
Luigi: I got a feeling about this, Mario-roni.
[types the codes to the strange controls to start the car]
Mario: I didn't know you could do that.
Luigi: Comes from sittin' on my butt all day playing video games. That's what.

Sergeant: Mario Brothers!
Mario: [in his cell with Luigi] Yeah! That's us! You better get a lawyer or get us outta this chicken coop!
Sergeant: You got one.

[the Marios capture Iggy and Spike and tie them near lizards]
Mario: If you two don't start talkin', we gonna leave you to these guys for lunch.
Luigi: Now, where's Daisy?
Spike: No, no, no, no. Where's the rock, scallywag?
Luigi: Where's Daisy, butt breath?!
Iggy: Where's the rock, over-weaning rogue?!
Luigi: Not 'til you give us Daisy, biscuit head!
Spike: Where is the rock?!
Mario: SHUT UP!!


  • This ain't no game!
  • Can two plumbers save the world from going down the drain?

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