Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier is a role-playing game released on May 29, 2008, for the Nintendo DS. It is a spin-off based on the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation continuity. The game was licensed by Atlus for North American distribution on April 28, 2009.

Haken Browning[edit]

  • (To Kaguya) Hey, Sleeping Booty. Have a nice nap?
  • (To Reiji) No, Foxy Part II is right, Skunk Scalp. I like getting things over with fast, too. Well, not some things...
  • I think you need some more punishment for that "wannabe cowboy" crack.

Aschen Brodel[edit]

  • (To Suzuka) I will write something insulting on that billboard you call a torso...
  • Something small was under this statue. Please give me a moment to crush this insect.
  • Aww, are your butts all sore from the tremendous ass-kicking we dished out?

Kaguya Nanbu[edit]

  • Er... Yeah, we did blow up a few machines... And some robots... And I didn't make the bed when I left...


  • (To Kaguya) You never change. You're a very positive thinker, but you don't actually think about anything.
  • Men! They're all idiots. All you have to do is wear something tight and wave your ass at them, and they're yours.
  • Heh heh... I find that the tougher the opponent, the more fun it is to make them squeal.

Reiji Arisu[edit]

  • Another day, another world. Let's just do what we came here for and go home.
  • Is this "full potential" something we're going to have to worry about, or is this pointless female posturing?


  • (On Anne Sirenia) That's not just outside the box, that's halfway down the street to Crazytown.
  • Don't make fun of me! My fashion criticisms are helpful and constructive!


  • (Shion...I will return to you, no matter what.)
  • It would be best to put aside any fears, especially if we mean to continue ahead anyway.
  • Hostile actions detected. Releasing restrictions on lethal weaponry.
  • (Whether those of us created by humans are defective or not... It is not up to us to decide.)

Party Interactions[edit]

Kaguya: ...No... I've had enough to eat, thanks...
Aschen: She is obviously dreaming. However, she only appears to be around 170cm tall. That is not very large.
Haken: ...That's not what I meant.
Aschen: If you are talking about her bust, I would estimate it at around 100cm.
Haken: ......!
Haken: ...Aschen?
Aschen: Yes, Captain?
Haken: That's exactly what I wanted to hear.
Aschen: Thank you, Captain.

[The party comes across what appears to be a giant vine that stretches into the sky.]
Haken: What the hell is that? Some kind of vine?
Aschen: Maybe it's a tentacle, molesting the planet itself.

Kaguya: Aschen, turn off your Fun Mode! This is serious!
Suzuka: Yeah, you broken karakuri! Knock it off!
Aschen: Cram it, cow and chicken! I went into Overdrive Mode so I could look around at full power!

Haken: Okay, pilgrim. Welcome to the Endless Frontier.
Haken: Arisu in Wonderland... Heh.
Reiji: If you find any white rabbits, let me know so I can shoot them.

NPC Interactions[edit]

Kaguya: H-Hello!
Lee: Aha! Such a beauty! She looks very scrumptious! Thank you, Captain!
Kaguya: Um... Wh-What!?
Aschen: Please don't take him seriously, Lee. The captain didn't mean that he brought you something to eat.

Kaguya: Koma! There's something really weird going on the world! We need to do some more investigating, so...
Koma: Your taste in clothes is weird. Maybe you should try finding an explanation for that first.
Kaguya: ...Let's kick her ass, Haken.

Henne: You're the ones who interfered with our agent in Mirabilis Castle. ...Looks like her report was right on.
Henne: "Dumbass poser wearing a black trenchcoat, black hat, red bandana, and fingerless gloves."
Haken: What...!? What's wrong with my gloves!?
Henne: "Airheaded, naive, cow-boobed human."
Kaguya: "Cow-boobed"!?
Henne: ..."Eel-looking horned dancer."
Suzuka: What!? How do I look like an eel!?
Henne: And "Bad-tempered robot (I hate this one worst of all! >XD)"
Aschen: That report has too much of a personal bias to be worth trusting.
Reiji: That sounds like the reports Xiaomu writes back at Shinra.

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