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Superman: Red Son is a 2020 American animated movie about the DC Comics character Superman. It is based on Mark Millar's 2003 comic series of the same name, with Superman reimagined as living in the USSR.

Directed by Sam Liu. Written by JM DeMatteis.


[saddened by Svetlana dying in his arms, Superman confronts Joseph Stalin about the gulags]
Superman: Millions of people dead. Explain that to me, Premier Stalin. Help me to understand how... Why you could do this?
Joseph Stalin: I tried to protect you, my son. To keep you untainted by the grim realities of governments.
Superman: [angered at the evasive answer] I asked you, why?
Stalin: Because, as much as it breaks my heart... it is necessary.
Superman: How could such atrocities be necessary?
Stalin: What you call atrocities, I call terrible necessities. For our vision of a better world to succeed, we must weed out the insurgents. The weak. The ones whose minds have been poisoned against the State.
Superman: They're human beings.
Stalin: You're like a blind kitten, comrade. [comes to Superman] So good, so pure. [holds his arm] But you just can't see. You must understand. You must believe that everything I've done has been for the ultimate good of the people and the welfare of the Soviet State.
Superman: The State's welfare... Or your welfare?
Stalin: They're one and the same.
Superman: We need to close the gap between our highest communist ideals and the cruel reality I saw today.
Stalin: Then I urge you to try, but you'll quickly find that the only way to achieve that goal is to follow my example. The unpleasant truth, my son, is that certain people must die in order for the system to work.
Superman: [takes note of what he said] Wise words. [fires heat rays at Stalin, who screams as he is vaporized. Stalin's security detail appears but kneel and lower their guns. Superman faces them]
Nikolai Vlasik: [looks up at Superman] What now?
Superman: [teary-eyed at killing Stalin but gives a determined look] Now? Now I save the world.

[The Berlin Wall is built in 1961]
Jack Ryder: This is Jack Ryder reporting from Checkpoint Charlie, where the final reinforced section of the Berlin Wall is being put in place. This veritable Iron Curtain, a massive undertaking of the democratic allies, assures all freedom-loving people of the West that they are finally safe from the cancerous spread of communi... [startled by sonic boom] Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, but the sound of what can only be described as a sonic boom has shaken the ground here...
Superman: Workers of the West, too long have you been deceived by the lies of America. This pitiful wall was created to prevent you from knowing the truth that you live your lives enslaved to the capitalist elite. In the name of peace, in the name of equality for the United States and Western Europe, I open this gate. I tear down this wall.
Ryder: Ladies and gentlemen, from what we've just seen here today, it is only a matter of time, very little time, until all of Western Europe is absorbed, is taken by the Soviet Superman.

[the Green Lantern Marines entrap Superman in a cube but somebody breaks the hold]
Superman: [sees who it is] Diana. I should've known you'd come to back me up.
Diana: [miffed at his smugness] Back you up? In the name of the friendship we once shared, in the name of this planet we both love, I have come to beg you... all of you, to stop this, now. Before the entire Earth is consumed in your insane war.
Superman: Stop? But Luthor -
Diana: Peace is the way, Superman. Let me intercede, let me speak to President Luthor and...
Superman: That monster could manipulate you, convince you to turn against me in a matter of minutes.
Diana: Do you really think so little of me?
Superman: That's not what I meant, Diana, but I can't stop now. Don't you see? He's given me no choice.
Diana: What I see is that the man I once admired is long gone... if he was ever there.
Superman: Then I am truly sorry. [tries to punch Diana, who blocks it]
Diana: You're just another pathetic man, aren't you? [releases block]
Superman: Diana...
Diana: As of this moment, the Amazon nation washes its hands of you. Themyscira will remain hidden to men's eyes for all eternity. Farewell, Superman. We will never see each other again. [leaves]
Green Lantern Marine: Women, right? [Superman knocks him out]

[US President Lex Luthor addresses the public at the Capitol veranda]
Lex Luthor: It is with no small amount of sorrow, and a vast amount of pride that I stand before you today to say farewell to this sacred office and its scared trust. With the death of Superman, the collapse of the Soviet Empire is inevitable. We see it happening even now. But it's not the American way to leave an enemy gasping in the dust. We will reach out. We will give aid and comfort to the Russian people. And with the determination and compassion so unique to the spirit of this nation, we will reinvigorate the Soviet economy. A people that have lived too long in the shadow of oppression will awaken to the true power, the shining glory of democracy. Be assured that, in time, all the Soviet nations will gladly and willingly join us in the formation of a truly global United States. The world we'll build together won't be perfect... but it will be one we can all be proud of, because it will be a reflection of the very best of humanity. My resignation has shocked many of you, but a man has to know when it's time to leave the stage. I leave it in the capable hands of a truly great man who has worked beside me for more years than I dare to count. [gestures left] President James B. Olsen. I entrust that vision not just to President Olsen, but to all of you. And with that, I bid you all a truly heartfelt farewell. [shakes hands with Olsen and leaves waving to the people]
Lois Lane Luthor: Time to leave the stage, huh?
Lex: Well, time to leave that stage.
Lois: What are you gonna do now?
Lex: Oh, I don't know. Write the great American novel, maybe. Find a cure for the common cold. Or maybe I'll just retire to a desert island with the smartest, strongest, most challenging, most beautiful woman I've ever known.
Lois: I kind of like that last option. [they kiss]


  • Jason Isaacs - Superman
  • Amy Acker - Lois Lane
  • Diedrich Bader - Lex Luthor
  • Vanessa Marshall - Wonder Woman
  • Phil Morris - James Olsen
  • Paul Williams - Brainiac
  • Roger Craig Smith - Batman
  • Jim Meskimen - US Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy
  • Sasha Roiz - Hal Jordan
  • William Salyers - Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and Jack Ryder

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