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Support Your Local Sheriff! is a 1969 comic western film.


Jason McCullough: [Relaxing against a tree] Hey Jake! How do you think we ought to split whatever we find? Sixty-forty?
Jake: [With backpack filled with dynamite and equipment on his back and a wet fish in either hand] Sixty for who, and forty for who?
Jason McCullough: There you see? See what gold does to men? We haven't even found anything, and already we're arguing about it!
Jake: Sixty for who, and forty for who?
Jason McCullough: I just wish you could see the greed in your face.
Jake: What you mean is sixty for you, and forty for me!
Jason McCullough: Well thank you Jake. That's very generous of you.

Tom Danby: He didn't throw a scare into you, did he, Pa? (Pa glares at him) I- I didn't mean that the way it sounded! I didn't mean, "did he throw a scare into you", I meant... well, what did he do to you, Pa?
Pa Danby: He maybe made me more thoughtful. He maybe made me realize, that now that we've got a little money for the first time in our lives, and- and got a chance to get a whole lot more... this'd be a dumb time to find out who's the fastest with a gun, us or some show-off who might get lucky even if he weren't good!
Luke Danby: So what are we gonna do about him?
Pa Danby: Ah, there's always some tramp that's good with a gun that can be hired.
Luke Danby: But you always say "the Danbys fight their own battles."
Pa Danby:... Well, maybe I was talking about another branch of the family. (Luke and Tom look confused) Now, I'm gonna take a little trip tomorrow, and I want you two to behave yourselves while I'm gone- I don't want no one to make no martyr out of that sheriff.
Tom Danby:... What's a martyr?
Pa Danby: (sarcastically) Oh, I'm sorry- they didn't use words like that in the third grade, did they?
Tom Danby: How would I know? I never got that far.

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