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SP Singh

Surendra Pratap Singh, also referred to as S.P. Singh, (4 December 1948 – 27 June 1997) was a leader among Hindi-language journalists. He was a founder and editor of an influential Hindi-language weekly newspaper Ravivar in the 1970s and 1980s, and, in the 1990s, he was the founder and anchor of the Hindi-language news bulletin Aaj Tak, which first appeared on public television before it became an independent, Hindi-language television news channel.


Parrot Under the Pine Tree[edit]

  • From the pagans of the pre-Vedic period to the faithfuls of the post-Vedic era, only the Sun God hasn't lost its eminence in the daily lives of the human beings. Both the believers and the atheists hold it in reverence. Heliolatry has persisted from the prehistoric times.
  • From behind the snow-capped mountains, hidden under the veil of brume, the sun prepared to rise. It took time to climb those lofty peaks with precipitous gradients. In the valley below lay a sleepy little town.
  • Like any other day, Kausani with every passing minute emerged out of the darkness, tree by tree, house by house, street by street.
  • Parting hugs and kisses filled their eyes. But misgivings remained in many a heart.

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