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Susan Johnson (born 30 December 1959) is an Australian author of literary fiction, memoir, short stories and essays.


Hungry Ghosts (1996)[edit]

  • Ah, you see, Rachel, only strivers know about the stealthiness of time. No matter how young they are.
    • Page 42.
  • She was devastatingly cruel about our home town and told an elaborate, embossed tale about how she made good her escape. She referred to it as 'The Planet Brisbane' and ridiculed its unpleasant combination of smug self-satisfaction and provincial defensiveness.
    • Page 46.
  • She walked and walked, daring to be happy, risking the wrath of the Gods. She raised her large smiling face to the sun and when she was not struck down, dared to hope for herself again.
    • Page 145.
  • 'Still got your eyes closed, Rach?' she called. 'You should have stayed in Brisbane where it's safe!'
    • Page 346.

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