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Suspiria is a 2018 Italian-American horror film about a young American dancer who enrolls at a prestigious dance academy plagued by unusual occurrences. It is a remake of the 1977 film of the same name.

Directed by Luca Guadagnino. Written by David Kajganich.

Susie Bannion

  • It's all a mess: The one out there. The one in here. The one that's coming.
  • We need guilt and shame. But not yours.
  • Death to any other mother.
  • For whom were you anointed? Which of the Three Mothers?

Madame Blanc

  • When you dance the dance of another, you make yourself in the image of its creator.
  • I’ll talk for now, then: Welcome to our little family. Join in as you feel ready, but there’s no rush.
  • It’s a series of energetic shapes written in the air like words forming sentences. Like poems. Like prayers.
  • There is something wrong here. Can you not feel it? We have to stop this.

Helena Markos

  • If you accept me, you must put down the woman who bore you. Reject her. Expel her.
  • This isn't vanity. This is art!
  • Death to any other Mother!
  • We have been on two sides of this for too long now.
  • There will be nothing of you left inside. Only space for me... It is happening! It is happening!

Sara Simms

  • [to Klemperer] It is a dance academy. I appreciate your care for Patricia. But I hope that you won't be back.

Dr. Klemperer

  • She wrote of “Three Mothers” lost to time, predating all Christian invention; pre-God, pre-Devil. They are the source of all energy and chaos: Mother Tenebrarum, Mother Lachrymarum, and Mother Suspiriorum. Darkness, Tears, and Sighs.
  • I am innocent!
  • Markos claims to be one of the Three.
  • Are there guilty men in Berlin? Everywhere! But I am not one of them.

Patricia Hingle

  • [to Klemperer in German] They'll hollow me out and eat my cunt on a plate.


Madame Blanc: You're in a company now, you have to find your right place, you have to decide. What is it you want to be for this company? Is it the spine? The head? The sex? The heart?
Susie Bannion: The hands. I wanna be this company's hands.

Susie: It felt like... what I think it must feel like to fuck.
Madame Blanc: You mean to fuck a man?
Susie: No. I was thinking of an animal.

Sara: You're making some kind of deal with them.
Susie: I don't know what you're talking about.
Sara: [crying] The matrons.
Susie: Sara, whatever is in your head—nothing is wrong.
Sara: How can you know what they'll ask of you?
Susie: Nothing's wrong.
Sara: You just haven't seen the bill yet.

Olga: This is shit! Such shit.
Madame Blanc: Okay, why don't we all break for ten minutes?
Olga: You can't even be bothered to respect your own lies.
Miss Tanner: Miss Ivanova!
Madame Blanc: No, no, no, no, no. It's okay. Let's face this. Patricia is gone, Olga. We don't know where. If she's gone into hiding, she wouldn't have told us, would she?
Olga: She would have told someone.
Madame Blanc: We know that she had dealings with people who are interested in targets. And we know there was another bomb in Kreuzberg last night.
Olga: She wouldn't do that.
Madame Blanc: She wanted to live her beliefs. Who doesn't admire that? And there's so much to change in the world. If she wants to live in a cellar filling bottle with petrol, that's her choice. And who won't be heartbroken if she's shot by police?
Olga: [crying] You manipulate everything. She didn't trust you because you are hypocrites.
Madame Blanc: Will you take Olga to her room please, Tanner?
Olga: [shouting] No, Miss Tanner! Call Olga a cab. She's had enough, and is going to pack her things and get the fuck out of this box of rabies.
[Olga storms out toward the door before turning around to face the room]
Olga: [screams] Védʹmy!

Helena Markos: Who are you?
Susie: For whom were you anointed? Which of the Three Mothers?
Helena Markos: Mother... Mother Suspiriorum!
Susie: I am She.

Madame Blanc: I want this to be pure.
Helena Markos: We all know what you want.


  • Let mother take care of you.
  • The beauty hides the blood.
  • Give your soul to the dance.
  • Darkness binds the gifted.


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