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Svengali is a 1931 film about a music maestro who controls the singing voice of the woman he loves.

Directed by Archie Mayo. Written by J. Grubb Alexander, based on the novel by George du Maurier.
All Paris desired her, but Svengali owned her!  (taglines)


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  • That might be as well to remember. There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
  • [to Trilby] There is nothing in your mind... nothing in your heart... nothing in your soul... but Svengali... Svengali... Svengali... !


Svengali: Svengali will go to London himself! Where he will be all alone on a platform. And Princesses. And Countesses. And serene Highnesses will fling him their jewels, and applaud, and invite him to their palaces. And he will take you with him. I never look at them. Ah, we could be so happy. Look at me, in the eyes. Open your eyes.
Trilby O'Farrell: Oh, I do love you!
Svengali: Close your eyes.
Trilby O'Farrell: I love...
Svengali: Ah, don't say it! You are beautiful, my manufactured love. But it is only Svengali talking to himself again.

Svengali: Now... what did we do last?
Madame Honori: Don't you remember?
Svengali: I am speaking about music.


  • He hypnotizes! He thrills...! Any woman caught in his spell must obey.
  • All Paris desired her, but Svengali owned her!
  • Weirdest romance ever pictured! With the screen's genius and his new find


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