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Sweatshop Union is a Canadian hip hop collective, that came together in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2000. The members - Dirty Circus, Creative Minds, Innocent Bystanders, and solo artist Kyprios - create music with a "powerful, distinctive voice". Their music focuses on being "honest" — commenting on material ranging from the War in Iraq, the plight of the poor and working-class, to the negativity and misogyny of mainstream hip-hop.


Natural Progression[edit]

  • [Us] Fuck the news, fuck the critics, and fuck their views, and if you sit and let it happen then fuck you too.
  • [Stolen Memories]Life is so good its like I stole the memories.
  • [Truman Show] We think that we see/ but we can't see the half/ we think we learn/ but we can't do the math.
  • [Better Days]We pave the streets/ To walk between us, we pay for these/ Lock the doors and teach our kids to be neighbourly

United We Fall[edit]

  • [Broken Record] Truth is ain't much has changes /Still seems that Kraft Dinner sucks the same.
  • [Never Enough] A funny thing about the money thing is/ You need a little bit/ Then a little more than a little bit
  • [Never Enough] Take Love/ Any form of the word, many shapes of/ So perfect, Hollywood ending/ All you need is love, go and ask John Lennon/ Love make a man ill, make a man kill/ Make a man take a stand making mountains out of ant hills
  • [Never Enough] Stupid mother fucker asked what do I make/ I make music that makes stupid mother fuckers think straight


  • I apologize for every choice I might have made to hurt your feelings or your health or ever bothered someone else your style of living is your choice and we all want a different kind so please love all your faults I'll do the same with what we find.
  • To be friends you got to be strangers first.

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