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Swing Kids is a film produced in 1993, directed by Thomas Carter and starring Christian Bale, Robert Sean Leonard and Kenneth Branagh. The runtime is approximately 112 minutes. The film is considered as being part of the Lindy Hop revival of the 1980s and 1990s.

Herr Knopp[edit]

  • Isn't it best to know what you're getting into... before you agree to get involved in it?
  • How I envy the young. For them everything is so clear. Things seem to be either one way or another. It is only with a little age that you begin to see life as a series of compromises. But even in compromising one must draw a line.
  • Such a waste. All that passion- for nothing.


  • I'm not a traitor. I just wised up. You will too.


  • What's the matter with all of you? Can't you see what's happening? Are you afraid to look? We are murdering Austrians. Next it'll be the Czechs, and the Poles, not to mention the Gypsies, and the Jews- it's unmentionable! You think that just because you're not doing it yourself, you're not a part of it? Well, I'm sick and tired of doing my part!


Thomas Berger: Arvid! What the hell was that speech all about? The Jews, and the Gypsies? What about the cripples?! You know, that's who you belong with!
Arvid: I would rather belong to anyone... ANYONE, than belong to the Nazis like you do.
Thomas Berger: You know, that's because you have everything backwards. You always said I was the stupid one. Nazis go anywhere they want, do anything they please, and everyone gets out of our way! You know, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about anybody but myself, because we're coming after you next.
Arvid: Quiz time. Got your glasses on.
Thomas Berger: What?
Arvid: It means you don't know who your friends are.

Peter Müller: Yes, you. What the hell was that all about? Those things you were saying?
Thomas Berger: I was saying?!
Peter: I can't believe- you don't really believe all that propaganda, do you?
Thomas: Peter, he's the one that's got his head full of propaganda. Did you hear him? He was actually defending the Jews! You see what that music's done to Arvid? It's perverted his brain. Look at him.
Peter: What? I can't believe this! Arvid's right about you.
Thomas: Oh, you always think it's Arvid. You do, if it's right or wrong, you always pick a side!
Peter: Well, he is right! Listen to yourself! You're turning into a fucking Nazi!
Thomas: Oh, so what if I am? Oh, that's right, I'm sorry; I forgot. Your father was a Jew-lover too, wasn't he?