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Swiss Miss is a 1938 film about two men who are swindled out of their money in Switzerland.

Directed by John G. Blystone. Written by James Parrott.
Yelps in the Alps!  (taglines)


Cheese Factory Propietor: Now I've an idea.
Stan and Oliver: You've an idea?
Cheese Factory Propietor: I'll buy the whole business for five thousand cool.
Oliver: Why for you're being so generous, we'll throw in our mule.
Stan: You can't do that, Ollie, don't be such a fool.

Stan: I see a monkey.
Oliver: A what?
Stan: A monkey.
Oliver: Well it doesn't surprise me a bit. If you don't quit drinking that brandy, you'll be seeing pink elephants.


  • Yelps in the Alps!
  • They're mousetrap salesmen in the Alps - and are the mice happy!


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