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I promote peace and positivity.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., better known by his stage name T.I. (born September 25, 1979), is an American rapper.


  • Turn yo stomach to spaghetti when it hit the ground
    Toss the choppers in the chevy then we mashin down
    Camelton, counting all yo Benjamins and Hamiltons
    As far as I'm concerned you just a job for the janitor
    • "Undertaker".
  • I like my beat down low, and my top let back
    Can see me ride 24's wit a chopper in the back
    • "Top Back".
  • I'm talkin to you, sucka nigga you can stunt all ya wanna stunt
    I know you won't bust a gun, yeah punk-I'm talkin to you
    Fuck nigga, you can hate all you wanna hate
    I know you a fake, make no mistake bitch, I'm talkin to you
    • "I'm talkin to you".
  • I give a goddamn if I never sell anotha milla
    I'll take my ass right back to silla hilla billa
    Compounds, come down, every day sell yay
    Just like the old days stack anotha mill up
    • "I'm talkin to you".
  • Money, hoes, cars and clothes, that's how all my niggas roll
    • "24's".
  • Rubberband man, wide as the teleband
    9 on my right, .45 in my otha hand
    • "Rubberband man".
  • You can have Whatever You Like
    Stacks on deck, patron on ice
    can pop bottles all night
    And baby you can have Whatever You Like
    Said you can have Whatever You Like, yeahh
    • "Whatever You Like".
  • Ride wit me nigga, lemme show you where we kick it at,
    Where them suckas livin at, and T.I.P. be chillin at
    Ride wit a G, come and ride wit a G,
    All through the ATL come and ride wit a G
    • "Ride Wit Me".
  • My rubber burnin, turnin corners beatin like a Congo
    You try to jack and pull the strap, it's ASAP pronto
    The King of the South, every hood's head honcho
    I'm West Side certified, go where the fuck I wanna go.
    • "Ride wit me"
  • I'm on top cuz I deserve to be
    So simmer down, calm your nerves at least
    Speak your words with peace
    Before you lay out on the curb deceased.
    • "Told You So".
  • Niggas die everyday, all ova bullshit
    Dope money, dice games, ordinary hood shit
    Could this be cuz of Hip Hop music
    Or did the ones with the good sense not use it?
    • "Dead and Gone".
  • No more stress, now I'm straight
    Now I get it, now I take time to think
    Before I make mistakes just for my family's sake
    part of me left yesterday
    The heart of me is strong today
    No regrets I'm blessed to say that old me dead and gone away
    • "Dead and Gone".
  • You can look me in my eyes and see im ready for whatever
    dont kill me makes me better
    • "Motovation".




  • I'm throwed off slightly bro, don't wanna fight me bro
    I'm fast as lightnin' bro, ya better use your nikes bro
    • "What You Know" (2006)
  • Candy on the 6-4, leather guts and fishbowl
    Fifty on the pinky ring just to make my fist glow
    • "What You Know" (2006)
  • God will take you through hell, just to get you to heaven.

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