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Taiaiake Alfred (born in Montreal in 1964) is an author, educator and Mohawk activist.


  • We have lost our ability to dream our new selves and a new world into existence. We have mistakenly accepted the resolution to our problems that is designed by people who would have us move out of our rusty old colonial cages and right back into a shiny new prison of coping defined by managed fears and deadened emotional capacities.
    • Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom (2005)

Quotes about Taiaiake Alfred[edit]

  • What better terrain than the field of sf to "engage colonial power in the spirit of a struggle for survival," the warrior ethic that Taiaiake Alfred (Kanien'kehaka) urges Natives to embrace as "thinkers, teachers, writers, and artists"? What better mindscape from which to "look at traditions in a critical way, not trying to take them down, but to test them and to make sure they're still strong"?
    • Grace Dillon Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction (2012)

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