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Take the Lead is an American 2006 drama musical film.

Directed by Liz Friedlander, Written by Dianne Houston, Produced by Christopher Godsick, Michelle Grace and Diane Nabatoff
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[Rock arrives home to find the refrigerator completely empty]
Rock's Mom: How come you're here?
Jason "Rock" Rockwell: I got fired, Ma.
Rock's Mom: What did you do?
Jason "Rock" Rockwell: Where's the food at? I gave you money for food, Ma.
Rock's Mom: Now you know I tried, Jay. I try, I can't do it all...
Jason "Rock" Rockwell: Oh, come on. I don't wanna hear it.
Rock's Dad: [emerges from the hallway] Hey, hey, hey. What's with all the yelling, huh?
Jason "Rock" Rockwell: [angrily] I'm hungry, Pop!
Rock's Dad: You, lower your voice.
Jason "Rock" Rockwell: Where's the food at? And why am I busting my ass all day while you're here drinking on yours?
Rock's Dad: You know I'm sick.
Jason "Rock" Rockwell: I know you're drunk! You've been like that ever since Ray died! That ain't no excuse. People out there sicker than you still supporting their families. [Rock's Dad backslaps him and Rock furiously pins his drunken father against the wall] You know what? You ain't even worth it. That's why I bust my ass in school every day to make sure I'm nothing like you. [retracts his hand from his father's shirt and looks at his mother, who has remained silent before leaving the apartment]
Rock's Dad: You get out of this house! GET OUT!


  • Antonio Banderas as Pierre Dulaine
  • Alfre Woodard as Principal Augustine James
  • Rob Brown as Jason "Rock" Rockwell
  • Yaya DaCosta as LaRhette
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