Takin' Over the Asylum

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Takin' Over the Asylum was a six part BBC Scotland television drama about a hospital radio station in a Glasgow psychiatric hospital. It was written by Donna Franceschild, produced by Chris Parr and directed by David Blair.


Campbell: "Inspired is when you think you can do anything. Manic is when you know it."

Campbell: "You've just gotta say (faux American accent) 'I'm not gonna take anymore 'a dis Crapola"
Rosalie: "I can't do that!"
Campbell: "How no'?"
Rosalie: "I'm not American"

Campbell: "I don't have to conform to vagaries of time and space...I'm a loony for god's sake!"

Campbell: "I'll introduce you to the loonies later. They're watchin' Neighbours at the moment. It's the high point of the patient's day. And eating I suppose. Two high points; Eating and watching Neighbours. And sleeping. Three high-points! It's a wonder the patients aren't exhausted from the excitement, aye?"

Campbell: "They tried to get it going a couple of years ago. Rumour has it that the next morning, 122 patients told their shrinks they were hearin' voices. And they prescribed them 6,000 pounds' worth of tranquilizers before they realized it was the hospital radio. So it had to be stopped." [incredulously] "I don't believe it myself. I can't believe that 122 patients could no' be watchin' television at the same time".

Campbell: "We are loonies, and we are proud!"

Campbell: "Aye, but a singin' lunatic!"

Campbell: "Sometimes you just have to look somebody in the eye and tell the truth that should be instead of the truth that is."
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