Tale of the Mummy

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Tale of the Mummy is a 1998 film about a group that unleashes an ancient mummy.

Directed by Russell Mulcahy. Written by Keith Williams.
The Curse is Legend. The Adventure is Real.  (taglines)

Sir Richard Turkel[edit]

  • Richard Turkel, August 15, 1948, Day: 262. Nine months of digging, finally an entrance has been discovered. My hunch proved correct that along this secluded stretch lie a series of tombs but who would be buried here? A Pharaoh I presume? Hidden Safely from ancient thieves. Today We uncover the truth!

Bradley Cortese[edit]

  • He's waiting in purgatory for the day of his rebirth... which happens to be this Thursday!
  • What sort of respectable mummy snuffs it without leaving a mothercurse on her tomb?


  • The Curse is Legend. The Adventure is Real.


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