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Verbatim Transcription of Jeffery Goines' Theory[edit]

Hello, it's November 2006. The transcription of the Jeffery Goine's theory in the dialouge section has many errors. I am going to correct the transcription.

Jeffery Goines Soliloquy Now Transcribed Verbatim[edit]

Hello, I have now completed a verbatim transcription of this classic soliloquy where Jeffery explains how Dr. knows what he is going to do. Very funny and worth having a verbatim copy of. If you google for a sound clip of this scene, it always starts with - "What's goin' on? Well, see here's my theory on that..." So the preface from other characters and Jeffery himself immeadiatly preceeding this hilarious diatribe are never included, it is the speech itself that is so hilarious and it stands on it's own very handsomely. Anybody wants to play a .wav or .mp3 of this scene and double check that would be great. I am also open to suggestions on the description of his cough, as he was describing a "thorough examination" i.e. an internal body cavity search, but the strength of his cough might even preclude any such description (eg. even someone unfamiliar with the movie might could guess what he is pantomiming). It's a great scene.