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Then why has there been so many Iskcon Hare Krishna Guru’s self-appointed by the head and thankfully dead A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and continuing to this day that physically, mentally, sexually tortured and abuse kids. Yes, let’s chant, meditate and listen to the Hare Krishna fairy tales as we convince parents to chant, chant and chant some more until their minds turn to mush so they can send their young innocent kids all alone (while only seeing them once or twice a year) to schools and temples to get tortured and sexually abused by the Iskcon hare Krishna movement. Let’s throw in some mind control and manipulation that takes place to allow parents to give up their kids to be mercifully abused. Or how about we allow our young kids to go off to college to be recruited by Iskcon to be brainwashed into religious robotic fanatics to give up any semblance of their former life, family, and friends to be controlled by Iskcon a group of perverted con men who want to use you, their robots for slave labor to sell BS books and recruit other unsuspecting members. FU, A victim