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  • In a mad world, only the mad are sane.
  • Man is a genius when he is dreaming.
  • Movie directors, or should I say people who create things, are very greedy and they can never be satisfied... That's why they can keep on working. I've been able to work for so long because I think next time, I'll make something good.
  • With a good script, a good director can produce a masterpiece. With the same script, a mediocre director can produce a passable film. But with a bad script even a good director can't possibly make a good film. For truly cinematic expression, the camera and the microphone must be able to cross both fire and water. The script must be something that has the power to do this.
  • It is quite enough if a human being has but one thing where he is strong. If a human being were strong in everything it wouldn’t be nice for other people, would it?.
  • There is nothing that says more about its creator than the work itself.
  • If a meaningless person says something is meaningless, that’s probably proof that it isn’t meaningless; and if a boring person says something is boring, that’s probably proof that it’s interesting.
  • Perhaps it is the power of memory that gives rise to the power of imagination.
  • I am often asked why I don’t pass on to young people what I have accomplished over the years. Actually, I would like very much to do so. Ninety-nine percent of those who worked as my assistant directors have now become directors in their own right. But I don’t think any of them took the trouble to learn the most important things.