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Aladdin: The Series (1994-1995)[edit]

The following quotes have been removed from the article because they are from the TV series and not the film. Since they are not sourced by episode, they should not be created as a separate page until the sourcing has been done. - InvisibleSun 21:57, 28 January 2009 (UTC)[reply]

  • Genie: [to Mirage] Lady, I'm taking you out. AND I'M NOT TALKIN' DINNER AND A MOVIE!!
  • Mozenrath: You're just in time to witness the destruction of Agrabah!
    Aladdin: I think he needs a girlfriend or something.
    Iago: I think he's married to his work.
  • Sadira: Oh, I’m so sorry. If I had the amulet back I could stop it. (starts crying)
    Iago: Yeah, yeah, you’re a dimwit, okay? No use crying over spilled amulets. Let’s get outta here!
Sorry, I was talking to Jena about that last night and encouraged her to spin them off to separate pages. Why don't we just scrap the pages entirely? We can stand to wait until they get created properly. EVula // talk // // 21:59, 28 January 2009 (UTC)[reply]