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  • There is nothing that brings more happiness than making peace with your enemies!
    • On mending things with Allen Klein after 30 years of not speaking
  • Is El Topo a good film? I don't know, other people say it is.
  • The best thing about El Topo? Well, after it became a success, I fucked a lot more! I fucked a lot! Women would be all "oh, you're so mysterious, let's fuck!"
  • (on Tarot cards) The Tarot has 84 cards. The standard deck of playing cards has 52. The God cards are removed. Thus all poker games are played without God!
  • "Birds born in a cage think fly is an illness."
  • "Most directors make films with their eyes; I make films with my testicles."
  • “Failure doesn't mean anything, it just means changing paths.”
  • I like violence. I love violence. I hate the weak person who won't do art and say "OH! That hurt me; that image." Huh? Why do you make pictures for that person? They are blind. Poetry is violence. It is reality. They are so much in a violent world--so much, so much that they don't want to see that. I am in the middle of violence. I am in the middle of the screen of television now. There--I am in the middle of the screen of that television who is showing everyday the violence of the world. And the person is saying to me: "Oh, you are violent.""
    • Interview with Jonathan Ross, 1990
  • The film industry is raping you. They are fucking us, and they are killing us. If you go to a picture and you’re already an idiot, you see the picture and have a lot of fun, and you come out as idiotic as you were. Unchanged. Or the film will be using subliminal politics , using you.