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  • Do not make anyone your enemy even though you consider him harmless and do not turn down a person's friendship even if you think he will not benefit you.
  • The company of the righteous invites you to goodness.
  • Sins which terminate the blessings are: oppression against people, abandoning piety, not commanding good deeds, ingratitude for blessings and favors, and not giving thanks.
  • Who honors himself dishonors worldly things.
  • O Allah, what did he find who lost you, and what did he lose who found you?
  • Some people worship Allah for the purpose of gaining His gifts. This is the worship of the merchants. Some worship Him for the purpose of avoiding His punishment. This is the worship of the slaves. Some worship Him as showing gratitude to Him. This is the worship of the genuine ones. It is the best worship. [1]