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I added the following external link to this page and it was quickly removed without discussion as a "spam link to only marginally relevant page".

 :*Twitter: 'The Best Butter' stream tweets random quotes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I have just created the linked Twitter stream. It is fed by an automated bot that will update once a day with grammatically complete chunks of the text of up to 140 characters (the twitter limit) from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; eventually it should cover the whole text of the book (or at least all of it that makes sense in a 140 character chunk). The Twitter feed came about because I have a pet project trying to create a perl module to do this type of generic splitting of text - that I intend to release to CPAN - and I have been using Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as one of my test texts, it being one of my favorite books.

I do not understand why this link is "spam" and am fairly certain that it would be of interest to people that are interested in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, or at least Twitter users that are. I do understand that with the limited posts (it has only been live for 2 days) and description that are currently on the Twitter page that it may not have been clear what it was.

Anyway, my question is: is this really considered a "spam" link by the wikiquote community?

Mais alors, dit Alice[edit]

Mais alors, dit Alice, si le monde n'a absolument aucun sens empêche d'en inventer un?

Is this actually from Lewis Carroll? I couldn't track the source.----Z, 19 Jan 2013