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  • I went through what I went through because God said go through it, that's why I went through it.
  • How the hell am I supposed to make my teammates better by goin' to practice?
  • They're targeting guys who dress like me -- guys who dress hip-hop. Put a murderer in a suit, and he's still a murderer. It sends a bad message to kids.
  • I am what I am, it's just self-explaining to it, it's just exaclty what it means. I am what I am. You know.. You're gonna love me or you're gonna hate me. I don't wanna ain't anything between you. You know it ain't anything between with me. I am what I am, this is me, this how I look, this how I dress, this how I act, you know this is my family, this are my friends, this is my life - so I am what I am.
  • You wanna be something, you know everybody always say: "Man nobody make it from here". I had my mom, and my mom made me belive, that it can really happen. "You're gonna be a different kind of person, you're gonna mean something to this world" and I actually belive this.
  • I gotta be whatever I have to be to be a good father. So I'm fine whatever you call me as long as you call me a good father, I dont care.
  • This is a guy that if you have a problem with that guy it's something that you did. I really belive that in my heart.
  • -Steven Smith: What did you wanna be? Who are you?

-Allen Iverson: Me! A human man. Somebody that bleed, somebody that cry, somebody that make mistakes. Somebody that, I mean dawg, I'm real just like everybody else, I'm human man, I'm not perfect. I'm not perfect, I'm not even fifty percent perfect. You feel me? I mean it's, I'm human man. I made mistakes along the way man.